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On Monday, the NSCA suffered another blow in their years-long battle with CrossFit, Inc. after a California federal court shot down their request to dismiss a second lawsuit brought by their own insurance company, Insurer National Casualty Co.

Remind me.

CrossFit Inc. and the National Strength and Conditioning Association have been locked in a legal battle for the past several years over a false study published which claimed that CrossFit was dangerous.

The lawsuit hasn’t gone well for the NSCA.

  • In 2016, the court ruled that the “NSCA fabricated the injury data” and the study was published “with the intention of protecting [NSCA’s] market share in the fitness industry.”
  • By failing to comply with court orders on multiple occasions — including lying under oath and withholding documents — they were required to pay seven figures to hire a forensic accounting firm to comply with their court’s request.
  • In May 2017, the court awarded CrossFit $400,000 in attorneys’ fees.
  • Then in June 2017, the NSCA’s own insurance company — Insurer National Casualty Co. — brought a lawsuit to remove them from the liability of covering the NSCA any longer, which further exposes the NSCA to legal costs and liabilities.

So what’s next?

If the NSCA loses their battle with their own insurance company they’ll be on the hook for whatever they’re ordered to pay in damages to CrossFit.

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