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How are 2018 Games Athletes Performing in the 2019 Open After Week 4?

March 19, 2019 by
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Four weeks down, one to go. And unless Dave Castro introduces a two part workout, there will only be one more scored event for athletes to jump up the leaderboard.

Here’s how 2018 CrossFit Games athletes are faring this year.

A few observations.

  • Not good for athletes outside top 50: No athlete from outside the top 50 after week 4 has
    finished in the top 30. If we use that as the cutoff, these athletes won’t be qualifying as individuals through the Open:

    • Men: Zeke Grove, Lukas Esslinger, Alec Smith, Royce Dunne, Noah Ohlsen, Marquan Jones, Rasmus Andersen (Team), Nicholas Urankar, Brent Fikowski, Mitchel Stevenson, Khan Porter, John Coltey, Ethan Helbig, Alex Anderson, Pablo Chalfun, Cody Anderson, Craig Kenney and Ben Smith.
    • Women: Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter, Justine Beath, Chloe Gauvin-David, Jennifer Smith, Ehea Schuerch, Brista Mayfield, Chyna Cho, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Stephanie Chung, Rebecca Voigt, Bethany Shadburne, Oddrun Eik Gylfadottir, Paige Semenza, Lauren Fisher (Team), Emily Bridgers (Retired), and Dani Horan.
    • But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen, it’s just never happened before.
    • Here are the hard numbers: For example, 30th place for the men has 411
      and 50th has 592 points (-181 points) and that is a lot of points to make up considering there are 19 other athletes also trying to make up points.
  • Over the past 4 years, 86% of the athletes who are in the top 30 after week 4 finished in the top 30. However, 30 may no longer be the cutoff as the cutoff has dropped to 28th for the men, but extended to 32nd for the women.
  • Games athletes dominate the upper portion of the leaderboard.
    • For the women, 11 of the top 13 position are held by 2018 Games veterans. The only two rookies are Dani Speegle and Karin Freyova.
    • The men are a little less dominate, holding only five of the top 12 spots.
  • Who’s this Lefteris Theofanidis? Sitting only 7 points behind Mathew Fraser for the number one spot overall is the 29-year-old Theofanidis from Greece. Here’s a look at his past performances:
    • Finished 164th in the 2018 Open, and 135th in the 2017 Open.
    • Competed at Regionals three times as an individual, placing 26th, 23rd, and 36th.

[chart title=’2018 CrossFit Games Male Athletes vs the 2019 Open (19.1 + 19.2 + 19.3 + 19.4)’]

Name2018 Open2019 Open19.119.219.319.4Country RankCountry
Mathew Fraser11593121United States
Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson12352134211Iceland
Cole Sager448902347465United States
Scott Panchik13122201717237United States
Frederick Aegidius46122012551901Denmark
Lukas Högberg9022544502741Sweden
Tim Paulson925711613912016United States
Saxon Panchik492728081212314United States
Logan Collins8283816101313United States
Dean Linder-Leighton313612093681712Australia
Patrick Vellner538194226695Canada
Elliot Simmonds3693930156462491United States
Alexandre Caron6405938325676Canada
Willy Georges34413724302601France
Zeke Grove485340812973174Australia
Lukas Esslinger69571022212391092Switzerland
Adrian Mundwiler14858602811071Switzerland
Sean Sweeney142642206332113429
United States
Alec Smith1126652258218432United States
Royce Dunne38970137354262173Australia
Noah Ohlsen2574792318336United States
Marquan Jones1539038119619020045United States
Rasmus Andersen348100522102484403Denmark
Nicholas Urankar161166023526631657United States
James Newbury2651193071571386527Australia
Brent Fikowski18412012014041260611Canada
Mitchel Stevenson1381277613353420063United States
Khan Porter53137905232195626Australia
John Coltey9613810571027616164United States
Ethan Helbig911551024245592076United States
Alex Anderson611974083771365388United States
Pablo Chalfun851453156720851191905Brazil
Cody Anderson564814070256364202United States
Craig Kenney17035921207232973266521709United States
Ben Smith405708206851628346912182689United States
Josh Bridges197
Rogelio Gamboa24
Brandon Luckett32
Jared Enderton116


[chart title=’2018 CrossFit Games Female Athletes vs the 2019 Open (19.1 + 19.2 + 19.3 + 19.4)’]

Name2018 Open2019 Open19.119.219.319.4Country RankCountry
Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir211654241Iceland
Annie Thorisdottir5232417182Iceland
Amanda Barnhart27481312452United States
Brooke Wells653915463United States
Jamie Greene967461331New Zealand
Kristin Holte15665111551Norway
Kari Pearce2088218324United States
Tia-Clair Toomey1298912771Australia
Mekenzie Riley1110291043555United States
Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault161170446241Canada
Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir813552338503Iceland
Alessandra Pichelli532582103134761Italy
Camilla Salomonsson Hellman513319017251581Sweden
Kristi Eramo543837821169718United States
Courtney Haley3134035114434963Australia
Laura Horvath18531675991041Hungary
Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter15559545534024United States
Justine Beath235949149111945Australia
Chloe Gauvin-David7667413255381155Canada
Jennifer Smith49693787726412732United States
Ehea Schuerch115721142854119637United States
Madeline Sturt4180203795371269Australia
Brista Mayfield708559512213812439United States
Chyna Cho288555308435145United States
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet49295615183141United States
Stephanie Chung12010654520011128647United States
Rebecca Voigt5013211487813827559United States
Bethany Shadburne84138956372743656United States
Oddrun Eik Gylfadottir391799561644211725Iceland
Brenda Castro351821377164791241Mexico
Paige Semenza9418974310881711881United States
Lauren Fisher16627322294671202119United States
Emily Bridgers1311277859467107336543United States
Dani Horan12413475595206125731977011United States
Kara Saunders21321261074441263181219631117427914Australia
Michele Fumagalli112
Whitney Gelin144
Meredith Root106
Margaux Alvarez137
Tennil Beuerlein62


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