How One Navy SEAL Continues to Impact Lives

May 27, 2019 by
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Some background.

Glen ‘BUB’ Doherty was one of the four Americans killed in a terror attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 12, 2012. He grew up in Winchester, MA and joined the Navy at 25, becoming a SEAL.

Honoring his spirit and service.

After Glen passed, his sister and a few friends from high school started the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation as a way to honor Glen’s memory, his sacrifice, and his never-ending desire for self-improvement.

One of the ways they do that is by providing scholarships to current and former special ops professionals, from all military branches, to help them transition into civilian life.

Taking it a step further.

Sean Lake, a childhood friend of Doherty, sits on the board of the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation. One day, his wife brought home collagen protein for Sean, to help him recover from his perpetual surfing, running and CrossFit. Later, his friend TJ Ferrara came over, saw the collagen on the counter, and a conversation ensued.

And along came BUBS Naturals.

Sean Lake and TJ Ferrara decided they would make their own line of collagen. They wanted one that would be super clean, encourage digestive health, support stronger hair and nails, aid in joint health and assist in recovery so they could get back out there again, faster.

But they set a few parameters. First, they decided off the bat that 10% of every sale would go to charity, and what better charity than the Glen Doherty Memorial Fund. “We are doing what no other company in the supplement/health wellness space is doing by dedicating this much of our bottom line to helping others,” said Lake.

BUB was Doherty’s call sign. So, BUBS was born.

A product that gives back.

And they mean it. Their website reads, “Helping yourself and helping others goes hand in hand. That’s how we see it. Our BUBS Collagen Protein is designed to make a better you. And YOU can help make someone else’s life better in the process. 10% of every sale of every item we produce goes to charity. BUBS isn’t about getting rich, it’s about having a rich life….and paying it forward.”

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