Last week, the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival announced the official dates for their online qualifiers next season.

With that announcement, we now know all the important dates for Wodapalooza next season including the adjusted finals dates, which were moved to account for the Super Bowl also taking place in Miami during that time frame.

But the qualifier dates weren’t the only nugget of information released for 2020. Wodapalooza also announced a multitude of changes for next year via their website that will affect athletes in all divisions.

The deets: Here’s a rundown of all the change for Wodapalooza 2020:

  • The teams of 3 division is now gone. All team competition will be co-ed teams of 4, and the total number of team athletes competing will increase.
  • The online qualifier has been simplified, and rather than selecting a division for it, all athletes will compete in one big division, and your overall finish will dictate which division you’re in for Miami. You can get the full break down here.
  • A new beginner division will be created for individual and teams so newcomers to the community can dip their toes in the competitive waters for the first time.
  • More masters athletes will be added to every division, bringing the total number of masters athletes competing from 135 in 2019, to 210 in 2020.

In Short: A simpler qualifier structure, more divisions, more athletes, and a team competition more in line with the rest of the CrossFit Games season. All good news.

Check out division standards here, and a break down of who is eligible to receive invites here.


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