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The First Cut is Always the Deepest: Read This Before Event 2 Individuals

Aug 1, 2019 by

If you want a detailed scoreboard, go here.

The kickoff event at the 2019 CrossFit Games put athletes through four rounds of running, legless rope climbs and snatches. For many of the elites, 185/130 pound snatches made for light weight. 

The real challenge: legless rope climbs. Packed into a 20 minute time cap over four rounds, the three legless rope climbs (12 total) proved to be the toughest part. 

Some surprise names were sent home after the first cut.

  • Men: Josh Miller, Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire, Streat Hoerner, R. Paul Castillo, and Tim Paulson.
  • Ben Smith finished 8th despite competing in the first heat and having no time gauge for how the rest of the field would do. 
  • Hunter McIntyre finished 46th, two snatches shy of completing under the time cap.
  • Sigmundsdottir struggled a little more than expected most likely from going out a little too hot, finishing 40th. 
  • How many finished? 31 male and 4 female athletes.

One thing is certain: The champs are looking very, very good. 

Mathew Fraser finished 35 seconds ahead of 2nd place Chandler Smith. 

  • Fraser Splits: R1-2:52, R2-3:26, R3-4:06, R4-4:43.
  • Vellner Splits: R1-2:52, R2-3:32, R3-4:39, R4-5:27.

Tia-Clair Toomey finished 1:20 faster than 2nd place Kari Pearce. 

  • Toomey’s Splits: R1-3:02, R2-3:46, R3-4:48, R4-5:20.
  • Pearce’s Splits: R1-3:30, S2-4:00, S3-5:20, S4-5:26

Event 2 will cut the field down from 75 to 50 athletes.

Second Cut
800-m row
66 KB jerks 16kg / 12kg
132-ft. handstand walk
Time cap: 10 minutes

How the scoring adjusts: The points per placement remains exactly the same as in event 1. 

  • 100 points is awarded to first. The points reduce by two every place until 28th place when it reduces by only 1 point. (Ex. 1st – 100 points, 2nd – 98 points, 3rd – 96 points…28th – 47 points, 29th – 46 points.) 
  • Full scoring chart here.

Who’s close to the line.

  • Men: Lukas Hogberg, Alex Vigneault, Hunter McIntyre, Eric Carmody, Dean Linder-Leighton, and Nick Bloch.
  • Women: Mekenzie Riley, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Michelle Merand, Rachel Garibay, and Camilla Salomonsson Hellman. 

Patrick Vellner | Mathew Fraser | Tia-Clair Toomey | Sara Sigmundsdottir

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