Cutting Ties: Brands, Sponsors and Personalities Disassociate Themselves From CrossFit

June 8, 2020 by
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The fallout from CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman’s comments and actions continued with companies, brands, sponsors, and media personalities condemning, admonishing and cutting their ties to his company. As of Monday evening over 50 organizations and individuals announced through various social media channels their immediate disassociation with CrossFit.

One big thing: The actions by these companies and individuals will be a big hit in Glassman’s and CrossFit’s bank account as the company has seen it’s revenue stream from seminars strained from the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly 400 gyms have announced they are disaffiliating over the last 24 hours.

The List: Here is a list the Morning Chalk Up has compiled of companies, brands, sponsors, coaches, programmers and media personalities who have ended their partnership with CrossFit.

  1. OutWOD
  2. Reebok
  3. Woddity
  4. Joy and Claire
  6. LRX Apparel
  7. Rogue Europe
  8. Below Parallel
  9. Mentality WOD
  10. Btwb
  11. Armen Hammer
  12. The Barbell Physio
  13. Wykie Etsebeth
  14. Sidekick
  15. Unbroken Magazine
  16. Reyllen Fitness
  17. Barbell Shrugged
  18. We Are Blue House
  19. FITAID
  20. Beam
  21. Tactic Nutrition
  22. Gymnastics Course
  23. ROMWOD
  24. Chris Hinshaw
  25. Grown Strong
  26. MPGA
  27. Street Parking
  28. Caribbean Fitness Community
  29. Mads Jacobsen
  30. Competition Corner
  31. Zevia
  32. The Training Plan
  33. Jami Tikkanen
  34. Masters HQ
  35. Burgener Strength
  36. Bear Komplex
  37. JST Train
  38. Loud And Live Sports
  39. Training Day Media
  40. WIT Fitness
  41. MisFit Athletics
  42. Russ Greene
  43. Carl Paoli
  44. Anthony Tom Photography
  45. Born Primitive
  46. Matt O’Keefe
  47. Clydesdale Fitness and Friends
  48. Talking Elite Fitness
  50. SugarWOD
  51. Training Think Tank
  52. TRAIN
  53. CompTrain
  54. Deka Comp
  55. Teen & masters Championships
  56. Team Ritchey
  58. Big Dawgs

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