CrossFit Inc. Announces Regional Affiliate Representatives in the United States

June 18, 2020 by
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CrossFit Inc. will be rolling out affiliate representatives in the United States in the upcoming weeks.

The purpose of creating a regional representative system is to “facilitate communication between affiliates and CrossFit Headquarters,” CrossFit reported in a post on Instagram on Wednesday.

Reps to represent regions: “Affiliates representatives will support collectives of affiliates in various districts across the U.S.,” the post added.

  • “They will work together with local affiliates to engage in community outreach, supporting grassroots initiatives that allow affiliates to effect positive change at the local level. They then work with other teams at HQ to promote these initiatives and share them with the greater CrossFit community.”

How to nominate a rep: Send a message to [email protected] with your nomination.

The race is already on in Florida: Both Monique Ames and Chris Thorndike, both affiliate owners in FL, have already thrown their names out there.

  • “This gets me excited. It takes change to make change and this is a great start. I’d love to be a part of reshaping the future of CrossFit with affiliates. Please send a quick email to [email protected] to nominate me to speak for Florida affiliate owners,” wrote Thorndike, the owner of Factory Forged in Gainesville, FL, in the CrossFit Affiliate Owners Only Forum on Facebook.
  • “Also throwing my name in for FL,” added Ames, the owner of CrossFit Evolution in Longwood, FL.

Already in practice internationally: Many countries around the world already have Country Managers, explained Daniel Chaffey, the owner of two affiliates in France — Reebok CrossFit Louvre in Paris and CrossFit Louvre II in Villenave-d’Ornon. He has also been the Country Manager of France’s affiliates since 2017.

France was the first to have a Country Manager appointed by CrossFit Inc., Chaffey explained.

  • Then the project got extended to Germany, Italy, Spain and Brazil. All communities where there was a distinct language barrier for the community,” said Chaffey, adding that other countries have since brought on an official Country Manager in recent months.

Antoine Bourgois, the owner of CrossFit Portus Itius in Saint-Martin-Boulogne, France, said having a regional representative has been very helpful for him as a gym owner. French affiliates communicate regularly with each other and with Chaffey.

  • “We are exchanging a lot. And this is the best thing to do if you want to create something strong,” Bourgois said.
  • “And I can say that CrossFit France is something pretty strong because of Daniel and his crew. He is doing a lot for us and is always here for a phone call or giving advice,” he added.

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