Toomey, Davidsdottir and Wells Featured in NOBULL’s “More Than Influencers” Campaign

August 19, 2020 by
Photo Credit: NOBULL
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On Friday, August 21, NOBULL will debut their “More Than Influencers” Collection featuring arguably three of the most popular athletes in the sport of CrossFit. Tia-Clair Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir and Brooke Wells will not only get their own line of signature shoes but also clothing that represents who they are as athletes, as well as who they are as people and what they represent.

“More Than Influencers”: The name of the campaign addresses that each are more than just professional athletes who are trying to sell brands and their sponsors products. That they believe in what they align themselves with, that those products are a part of their success and they believe in them.

  • With a combined 4.5 million Instagram followers each one of the athletes have a huge fan base in which to share their athletic and personal journeys. This campaign was created to highlight that and debunk the terms “Instagram model” and “social media influencers”.
  • “The More Than Influencers campaign celebrates the lifelong journey of these three athletes,” said Todd Meleney, Vice President of Marketing for NOBULL. “Brooke, Tia and Katrin come from different countries all over the world, but equally embody the mentality of our brand through humility, hard work and high character.”
  • NOBULL traveled to each of the athlete’s homes, in Oklahoma, Australia and Iceland where they interviewed their families, and observed what makes them who they are. That led to the production of the film “Who I’ve Always Been” to showcase their story.
  • “The project has been in the works since June of 2019,” said Meleney. “We have asked a lot of each of them and they have been fully committed from the start. We spent a week in each of their hometowns, with their family, and friends to really dig into their backgrounds.”
  • The NOBULL design team took all of this material and worked with each athlete individually to design a shoe and clothing that represents each one of them.
  • “Marketing, content and product design all worked hand-in-hand and we’re excited and proud of how everything turned out,” added Meleney.
Photo Credit: NOBULL
  • Toomey’s line was inspired by the coastal blues of the Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland, Australia. Her childhood adventures in the outdoors filled with sunshine, beaches, and farmland, she grew up embracing her environment.
  • Her inspirational quote is “Nothing was given to me. I had to work for it.” A reminder for what she needed to do to become the reigning three-time “Fittest Woman on Earth”.
Photo Credit: NOBULL
  • “This campaign has been such a special journey for me,” said Toomey “I have been able to show the world a tiny snippet of my upbringing and I have been able to relive so many incredible moments I had when I was younger. It was these moments that shaped me into the person I am today. I have always dreamed of having my own product line and NOBULL has made that become a reality, in such an authentic way. I am so proud and excited to share it with the world.”

Give everything you got.

  • Davidsdottir’s line was inspired by the landscape of Iceland, where the population lives amidst volcanoes, lava fields, and glaciers. Darker colors represent the shortest days of winter, while the icy blues showcase the stunning views of glaciers observed during some of the longest summer days on the planet.
  • The spacing of her print illustrates the sparse population spread across her country’s landscape.
  • Her quote is a constant reminder to her that success happens when you, “Give everything you got,” which helped her to back-to-back “Fittest Woman on Earth” titles.
Photo Credit: NOBULL
  • “It’s been really special getting to work with the whole NOBULL team on this line,” said Davidsdottir. “I love having an involvement with the brands that I work with and this one was close to my heart.”

This is when it counts.”

  • Wells has been a part of NOBULL since 2015, the first year of production for the shoe company. The font used in Well’s signature line is the original font used to create NOBULL’s branding of which she was and still is a huge part of.
  • Well’s quote of “This is when it counts” is the personal mantra she tells herself when things get tough for the six-time Games qualifier.
Photo Credit: NOBULL
  • “Working with NOBULL over the past five years has been one of the highlights of my career and this campaign and product collection is a perfect example,” said Wells. “Every detail was considered and the result is something that Tia, Katrin and I absolutely love. Getting to spend time with both of them throughout this project has made it even more special.”

The bottom line: In the world of professional sports having a shoe line named and designed for you is a sign of validation. Michael Jordan is the most popular example of this. In the sport of CrossFit Rich Froning’s signature shoe for Reebok and Mathew Fraser’s shoe for Nike are the closest examples of that. For NOBULL to create not just one but three different signature shoes as well as clothing lines for their athletes is another example of the worldwide appeal of CrossFit athletes and the company’s innovative marketing campaigns. NOBULL deciding to create a campaign with women athletes is also relatively unheard of in professional athletics but unlike other sports, CrossFit is unique that male and female athletes are provided the same opportunities when it comes to prize money, sponsorships and treatment. By doing this NOBULL is raising the bar amongst the fitness shoe spectrum.

  • “Celebrating their story is a visual way for us to explain our brand belief that there are no shortcuts to accomplishing your goals,” said Meleney.

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