Eric Roza on His First 100 Days

August 21, 2020 by
Courtesy of Eric Roza (
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The first thing Eric Roza told his team when he acquired CrossFit LLC was a story about his late mother.

  • Roza’s mother started CrossFit at the age of 75, and other than her grandchildren, CrossFit was the “most important thing in her life” in the final year of her life, he explained.
  • “She texted me…a month after starting and said, ‘I just deadlifted 100 pounds.’ And I was like, ‘In what kind of a universe does a 75-year-old woman who has never touched a barbell in her life and didn’t know what one is, is…bragging to her son about a deadlift in a text. It made me so happy,” Roza said, tearing up as he told the story in an exclusive interview with The Morning Chalk Up.
  • He added: “I just wanted people to know, ‘I”m a real person, and I’ve had these same moments like you all have.”

On what he wants to accomplish in his first 100 days:

  • One of Roza’s first priorities is team building. “Building-team to fill out functions and capabilities that didn’t exist before within CrossFit, and that’s going extremely well,” he said. Just prior to the interview, at the Town Hall, Roza introduced several new members of the X Team (leadership team) and others, including a GM of International, a GM of Affiliate Growth, a Chief Analytics and Research Officer, and a leader of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • A second major priority is to push initiatives to help CrossFit’s 14,000 affiliates get through COVID-19. “There are a lot of programs and so on that we’re putting in place right now that we’re going to be rolling out and announcing to them within the next 60 days.” Again, during the preceding town hall, Roza talked about guiding affiliates with best practices, hiring an infectious disease specialist and creating a “COVID Rx” fund.
  • A third priority is “being able to keep eyes on the prize” through the pandemic and stay focused on the long-term, he said. This has meant spending time “thinking more and more about how we can (get) members back into the boxes…but also how we think more and more outside the box and how we help people be happy and healthy and fit,” he said.

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