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And the 2020 Games Athlete with the Best Love Story is…

September 18, 2020 by
Courtesy of Emily Beers
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Four years ago, rookie CrossFit Games athlete Adam Davidson took to Facebook asking if someone could pick him up from the airport in Victoria, BC.

  • “He posted saying he needed someone to pick him up in an hour. I live about an hour from the airport, so I was like, ‘Ok, I guess I’m leaving now,” said his now wife Kelsey, who was a stranger at the time.
  • “But my proposal to him was that he needed to return the favour and drop me off at the airport on Friday,” Kelsey told the Morning Chalk Up Friday, just after filming Adam do ‘Friendly Fran.’

Hold the phone: OK, so there’s a bit of a back story. According to Kelsey, Adam had a habit of adding attractive women to Facebook.

  • “When he (friend requested me), I noticed we had like 20 mutual friends and they were all my hot, single girlfriends, and I was like, ‘Oh, I see what you’re doing.’ He was almost using Facebook like a dating app,” Kelsey said.

Back to the plot: On the way to the airport, Kelsey, a wedding photographer self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic,” said she was attracted to Adam’s “cute face” from his pictures and admits she was hopeful this airport pick-up might lead to something bigger.

  • “I definitely just had a feeling,” she said.

Then things get weird: Kelsey scooped Adam and drove him home, but when they got there he realized his car was parked at the gym and he didn’t have his car keys.

  • “So I asked her to come up to my apartment and wait for my roommate to get home to give me my keys,” Adam remembered.
  • “We get up there and he says, ‘I just got off this long flight. Is it OK if I have a shower?’ And I’m like, ‘Sure, I guess.’ Then all of a sudden he darts across the hallway. I don’t even know if he was naked or wearing a towel, and I’m a little scared so I call my mom to let her know I was in a strange man’s apartment and he’s in the shower,” Kelsey said.

An “hour later,” Adam reemerged clean as a whistle and asked Kelsey how she found him on Facebook.

  • “I was like, ‘Bitch, you added me. What is this?’ But honestly, he legit forgot he added me because we would add so many women,” Kelsey said, laughing.

Things get serious: With an obvious connection between the two, Adam suggested they go for ice cream.

  • “We went to this mom and pop ice cream place and walked and talked by the ocean for four hours and it was amazing,” Adam said.

One problem: When they met, Kelsey wasn’t into CrossFit.

  • “She thought it was the same thing as Parkour,” Adam said.
  • “I remember Adam saying he did Olympic weightlifting, and I was like, ‘What, you competed at the Olympics?’” Kelsey said, laughing.

A few months into their relationship, to try to get her excited about trying CrossFit, Adam bought Kelsey a gym bag.

  • “It had lifters and booty shorts in it, and I was like, ‘You want me to wear that to workout?’” Kelsey said.

Four years later: Kelsey is an avid CrossFit enthusiast who helps Adam run CrossFit LoLo in Victoria, B.C.

The wedding: As per everything these days, COVID-19 led Adam and Kelsey to postpone their wedding from September 5, 2020 until May, 2021. They were determined to become official Mr. and Mrs. Davidson in 2020, however, so they had a small ceremony with a few family members and exchanged candy ring pops. Though the excitement of their wedding will have to wait a few months, there’s plenty of excitement for the newlyweds this weekend with Davidson competing in his first CrossFit Games, and Kelsey feverishly running around filming Adam’s every move on his journey.

Without her, Adam said he wouldn’t be competing this weekend.

  • “I wouldn’t have been able to qualify without her. There’s no way. Not a chance,” said Adam, lying on the couch at his gym just moments after finishing the one rep max front squat event. “I think a big reason is because we both really understand we’re on the same team. It’s not like it’s just me or just her on the team. It’s both of us and whatever benefits one person benefits the team…And, you know, Kelsey’s just really hot. It’s crazy to meet someone who has it all.”
  • He added: “Yeah, it’s kind of crazy. Who knew a ride from the airport could lead to all this?”

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