Brooke Wells Signs with Macrostax, Focuses on Nutrition as Final Piece of Preparation for 2021 Season

March 15, 2021 by
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It’s been a year of change for longtime Games veteran Brooke Wells. Yes, athletes everywhere have faced lockdowns and restrictions due to the global pandemic; but, for Wells, changes have also included a move, new training partners, new coaching, and a big partnership with Macrostax, all to help set up what she hopes will be her best competitive season yet. 

A quick look back: Wells is a six-time CrossFit Games® veteran approaching her ninth Open season. Last year, she placed fifth at the Games in Aromas, where she won event three — the Handstand Sprint. She’s now approaching the 2021 season with a fresh start, boosted by several recent life changes fueling what she’s calling “her most exciting season yet!”

  • A new nutrition program: Wells is the latest athlete to sign with Macrostax – an all-in-one nutrition app focusing on macro-counting and sustainable eating. “There are lots of nutrition apps out there, but in my opinion, the majority of them are telling people to under eat! Macrostax asks a series of questions in order to find out your lifestyle, body type, etc. along with your goals & helps you reach them for each unique individual,” she said. “Without restricting you as others would, they give you a sustainable set of macros to reach your goals. And there’s always someone available to answer any questions you may have.” 
    • Macrostax, who also works with three-time Games athlete Amanda Barnhart, provides custom macro plans based on personal settings, activity, and goals, including macro-friendly recipes AND a food logging tool to make sure clients can stay on track.
  • A new home: Last July, Wells made the move to Nashville, TN, to begin training out of CrossFit Trivium. 
  • Some new training partners: “I have never enjoyed training as much as I do now because I have been training with Tia-Clair Toomey, Alec Smith, Will Moorad, and Streat Hoerner,” she said. 
  • A new coach: Wells recently made the switch to Shane Orr’s coaching under PRVN Fitness. Orr – well known for being the coach and husband of Fittest Woman on Earth Tia Clair-Toomey, runs PRVN alongside coaches Nic Johnston and Dwight Upshaw.
  • A new outlook: “I can see myself improving and become a better athlete every single day. I have never been more excited for an upcoming season. I feel like everything has just aligned amazingly for me this year. It’s going to be good,” Wells said.

Now that the foundation for a stellar season has been laid and the training for the Open completed, Wells is focusing on the factors she can control to ensure the best performance possible this competition season.

Her nutrition: The team at Macrostax prides itself on offering a different kind of service and support to its clients. Their team of nutrition and performance specialists developed a higher-calorie and more long-term sustainable macro-based program compared to other similar apps on the market, whose lower calorie targets often cause skepticism and poor athletic performance. 

  • Macrostax is focused on making sure athletes are eating enough, which can be difficult in a world revolving around performance and aesthetics. “It goes beyond just losing fat and looking better. It can honestly repair peoples’ relationship with food and help them build nutritional awareness. We really want to connect with those people who are completely diet-fatigued and give them something that is way beyond the quick-fix 30-day type of diet, and instead something that they can carry and use the rest of their lives,” said Vanessa Cohn, one of the nutrition coaches at Macrostax. 
  • “Where Macrostax takes it even one step further is helping clients solve the ‘What do I need to eat to hit my macros?’ question. Macrostax-original recipes are provided, as well as custom-calculated by the app’s Fill Macros tool to help fit a client’s specific macros. The app does all the heavy lifting for you.”

Wells credits her work with Macrostax as being the final cog in the wheel that ensures her training, lifestyle, and diet all align. “They take the guesswork out! I don’t have to think about how much I should be eating, when I should be eating, or what I could eat. That way, I can just focus strictly on performing during the Open and giving my all with no distractions.”

So what does the 25-year-old eat in a day when preparing for competition?

  • A big bowl of oatmeal with granola, protein powder, and fruit for breakfast.
  • Lunch is rice and chicken or eggs and potatoes. 
  • Overnight oats for a snack. 
  • Dinner is some sort of carb source like sweet potatoes, a protein (either salmon or chicken) and avocado.

Wait, did you say carbs? “I, like most others, went through the ‘strictly paleo’ diet when I first started doing CrossFit® workouts and ate barely any carbs, and if I did they were typically strictly vegetables,” said Wells. “I was always tired, couldn’t push myself in the gym and overall just didn’t feel like I was doing what I could to meet my potential. Once I started incorporating carbs, I was actually the leanest I had ever been and I haven’t looked back since. I will forever eat a diet full of carbs, athlete or not.”

One big thing: Wells’s partnership with Macrostax marks an important milestone in her career as a full-time professional athlete. In addition to ensuring her performance and stamina are maintained through proper nutrition, being sponsored by Macrostax and others, enables Wells to focus 100% on doing what she does best: Train.

Through this partnership, Wells now has an additional opportunity to expand her career goals and focus her sights on what’s important. “Being a professional athlete is extremely difficult because the majority of the athletes have to source their income from other outlets which can be distracting and stressful. I am very picky with who I work with because I have to genuinely believe in the company and trust them. Macrostax has made that very easy, and I am very thankful for their support,” she said.

For more information on how you can feed and fuel yourself for your goals, check out Macrostax. Use code “BROOKEMACROS” to save 50% off and get the yearly subscription for only $4.99 a month (paid upfront)!

This article is a paid partnership with Macrostax.

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