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CrossFit Games OGs Headline the Masters 35-39 and 40-44 Leaderboards

April 1, 2021 by
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The 2021 CrossFit Open came to a close with 21.3 and 21.4, resulting in some prominent names atop the (unofficial) leaderboard. Jeffrey Adler holds the top spot in the Men’s division after finishing fifth in the 2020 CrossFit Games while four-time champion Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr continues her reign of dominance. 

The Masters divisions also feature several prominent names, many of whom have found success as individual Games athletes. 

Why this matters: There is a flurry of young athletes making a name in the individual division, but veterans with Games experience are still putting on a show. Names such as Dan Bailey and Kyle Kasperbauer sit in the top five on the 35-39 men’s side while Rebecca Voigt Miller and Joey Kimdon headline the 40-44 women’s division. Together they join a stacked list of competitors that are making noise in 2021. 

Women Ages 35-39: Of the five athletes sitting atop the Open leaderboard, four have considerable experience at the CrossFit Games. There is a perennial Affiliate Cup competitor, an athlete that has previously represented the masters division, and two that are considered legends in the sport. 

  • Kristin Holte sits in first after three weeks of the Open, a surprise to no one. Holte is a seven-time Games athlete who has finished in the top 10 three separate times, including second place in 2019. She nearly reached Aromas in 2020 but ended one spot below the cutoff line. 
  • Mandi Janowitz finished the Open in second place after scoring 55 points and taking fourth in 21.3. Janowitz is also a Games veteran with three appearances to her name, two with a team. She won the Affiliate Cup in 2017 as a member of Wasatch CrossFit and finished third in 2015 as a member of Ute CrossFit. 
  • Samantha Briggs is one of the biggest names in CrossFit after winning the Games in 2013. She has continued to find success as an individual athlete and has competed at the Games ten times, adding two fourth-place finishes to her gold medal. She took second place in the masters division in 2018 but returned to the elite category in 2019 and 2020. 
  • Meg Garrett has not reached the CrossFit Games during her career, but she registered some impressive performances during the Open. She finished fourth in Canada in both 2019 and 2020, marking an improvement from a ninth-place finish in 2018. 
  • Corrin Lemieux rounded out the top five in the 35-39 category, continuing her run as a force to be reckoned with in the division. Lemieux has two Games appearances on her resume, both in the 35-39 division. She finished 18th in 2018 and 10th in 2019. 

Women Ages 40-44: The women’s division features several big names, including four that have previously competed at the CrossFit Games in a variety of divisions. The list also includes one of the most popular and consistent athletes of all time. 

  • The woman atop the Open leaderboard, Rachel Green, does not have any Games experience on her resume. However, she has finished in the top 50 in the United States in the past three Opens. Her performance in 2021 featured a fourth-place finish on 21.1 and the eighth-best 21.4 score (202 pounds). 
  • Rebecca Voigt Miller is a familiar name to longtime CrossFit fans. She competed in every CrossFit Games since 2008 until COVID-19 disrupted the 2020 season. Miller took third place in 2011 and added two third-place finishes in the masters 35-39 division in 2017 and 2019. Overall, Miller has five top-11 finishes in her career. 
  • Joey Kimdon, the current third place athlete on the Open leaderboard, does not have as many Games appearances on her resume, but she has been a dominant force in her career. She took second place in 2017 in the 35-39 division before finishing third in 2018 in the 40-44 division. 2019 was Kimdon’s best season yet as she won the 40-44 division. 
  • Jenn Ryan, who finished the Open in fourth place, is no stranger to the CrossFit Games. She joined CrossFit Invictus for the 2017 and 2018 Games, helping the team to sixth and 32nd-place finishes, respectively. Ryan joined the 35-39 division in 2019 and secured an eighth-place finish at the Games. 
  • Jenna Larson rounds out the top five, setting herself up for another run to the Games. She previously competed in the 35-39 division in 2017 and 2018, finishing 20th and 15th. Larson moved on to the 40-44 division in 2019 and finished in fourth place overall. 


Men Ages 35-39: The men’s 35-39 division is full of talent. There are veteran Games athletes with several appearances to their names, as well as hungry men looking to make their first trip to Madison. One, in particular, is a fan-favorite who previously won a prestigious award.

  • Stas Solodov of the Russian Federation finished the Open atop the leaderboard after turning in a dominant performance. He finished 21.1 in fifth place and then secured back-to-back victories in 21.2 and 21.3. Now he will try to reach the Games for the first time in his career. 
  • Kyle Kasperbauer is a familiar face to CrossFit fans. He’s made six trips to the Games, including three as a masters athlete. Kasperbauer finished on the podium in 2012 (third place) after winning the North Central region for the first of three consecutive times. Kasperbauer has found even more success since joining the 35-39 division, winning the gold medal in both 2017 and 2018. 
  • Third-place finisher Julian Serna has made a string of appearances at Regionals, including a career-best 10th-place finish in 2014. He competed as an individual until 2016 before switching to the team division in 2018. Serna joined CrossFit Soul Miami and helped the team secure an eighth-place finish. Now he is starting his season off with a strong Open performance. 
  • Dan Bailey is one of the most popular men in CrossFit Games history. The former Division-I sprinter from Ohio University has five appearances at the big show on his resume, including a career-best fourth-place finish in 2015. Bailey won Spirit of the Games with this performance and capped off a season in which he also won the California Regional. 
  • Michael Laverriere rounds out the top-five with another strong performance during the Open. The native of Canada has competed in the 35-39 division since 2017 and finished first in his country two separate times. Laverriere represented his country at the Games two separate times (2018 and 2019) and posted a career-best fifth-place finish. 

Men Ages 40-44: The men’s 40-44 division has no shortage of CrossFit experience. Of the top five men, two have reached the Games while the other three have found varying levels of success in the Open and at Regionals. One even stood on the podium in the 35-39 division. 

  • Guido Trinidad finished atop the 40-44 leaderboard after three weeks of the Open and an eighth-place finish in 21.3. Trinidad has previously competed at the Games, once as an individual (2012) and once in the 35-39 category (2017). He posted a career-best seventh-place finish in 2017 and just started his season off in a positive manner. 
  • Alexandre Jolivet is one of the more successful men in the masters category. He won the worldwide Open (40-44) in 2020 and finished second worldwide in 2018 (35-39). Jolivet has competed at the Games three times in the 35-39 division, posting a second-place finish in 2018. He turned in another strong performance in 2019, finishing fourth. 
  • Josh Petlowany doesn’t have the Games experience of the other men on the leaderboard, but he has been a mainstay on the Open leaderboards since 2014. Petlowany has made three appearances at the South Regionals, primarily competing on teams. He joined Urban WarFit for a 26th-place finish in 2015 and then Power In Motion CrossFit for a 16th-place finish in 2018. 
  • Brian Stites sits in fourth place on the Open leaderboard after scoring 194 points. His first three finishes were in the 60s. However, he posted 295 pounds in 21.4, fourth-best in the division. Stites previously competed as an individual at the North Central Regional before switching to teams. He joined On Track for four seasons (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018) and helped the team post a sixth-place finish in 2015. 
  • Fernando Gonçalves rounds out the top five after winning 21.3 with a time of 8:51. The Brazilian posted 230 points, topping Ryan Bretag. Gonçalves has steadily risen up the worldwide Open leaderboard over the past six years, going from 21,937th in 2015 to 78th in 2020. Now his fifth-place finish is another major step. 

Bottom line: Given the amount of talent and experience in the masters division, there are high expectations as the CrossFit season kicks into high gear. Some of the sport’s biggest names will have the opportunity to face off once again while bringing an extra level of excitement to the 35-39 and 40-44 divisions. Having athletes such as Miller and Bailey will only create more intrigue. 

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