Age is Just a Number: Sam Briggs Matches Her 15.1 Clean and Jerk in the 21.4 Complex

March 29, 2021 by
Photo credit: CrossFit LLC
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The 2013 female CrossFit Games Champion has long been a staple in the CrossFit Games community. Not only has Samantha Briggs spent the last 9 years impressing the common man with her unbelievable feats of fitness, it seems that she only gets fitter with age.

One big thing: At a point in a professional athlete’s career when one would expect her performance to begin fading, Briggs is heading in the opposite direction and last week, during the CrossFit Open 21.4 announcement, she put up the same weight she did for the clean and jerk in 15.1a in 2015 in a far more difficult complex that added a deadlift and a hang clean to the movement.

  • Despite being six years older and eight years out from her title of fittest on earth, Briggs continues to get bigger, faster, and stronger, keeping up year after year with an ever-advancing field of elite athletes.

Her performance in the 21.3 and 21.4 announcements is made only more impressive by the workout she performed the day before the announcement, involving 85 back squats.

The workout:

5 Rounds

  • 1 back squat at 85% of your 1RM
  • Immediately followed by 20, 18, 16, 14, and 12 back squats at a lighter load each round

Despite the immense squatting volume, Sam Briggs was able to put up a time for 21.3 that would have earned her a top 50 spot on the women’s leaderboard (she has since redone the workout for a faster time).

  • She was also able to match her 2015 clean and jerk for the complex, which she performed at 84% of her listed one rep max clean and jerk (220 lbs).

Samantha Brigg’s performance in the 21.3 and 21.4 announcement are truly a testament to her unparalleled ability to continue improving her fitness as she ages.

  • At 39 years old, Briggs is well on her way to becoming the Fittest 40-Year-Old in History, a title promised to her by CrossFit this season if she returns to the CrossFit Games for her 10th time in the elite category this year.
  • “I wouldn’t bet against Sam,” said Vice President of Sports and Partnerships Justin Bergh on Brigg’s quest to become the fittest 40-year-old.

More impressive statistics behind Samantha Brigg’s 12-year CrossFit career include:

  • Briggs has competed in 10 CrossFit Games, 8 of which she competed at over the age of 30.
  • In 2013, she took home the title of Fittest Woman on Earth at age 30, the oldest woman has ever won the CrossFit Games.
  • She has won the CrossFit Open twice in the elite category and three times in the 35-39 division. She has also been the UK national champion since 2016.

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