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2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open

Feb 16 - Mar 6, 2023 | Online

1 Jeffrey Adler 107
2 Tola Morakinyo 219
3 Colten Mertens 367
4 Tyler Christophel 375
5 Roldan Goldbaum 526
Full Men's Leaderboard >>
1 Mallory O'Brien 115
2 Paige Powers 136
3 Emma Lawson 187
4 Arielle Loewen 244
5 Alex Gazan 274
Full Women's Leaderboard >>
1 CrossFit East Nashville PRVN 6
2 CrossFit Mayhem Independence 9
3 CrossFit Zarautz TRAINCULT 22
4 CrossFit Invictus 25
5 CrossFit Torian Mayhem 43
Full Teams Leaderboard >>

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