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2019 Split Triplet vs 2021 IE11

July 31, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Athlete’s Eye
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Individual Event 11 at the 2021 CrossFit Games featured a peg board, a dumbbell, and some double unders. Although the dumbbell movements and quantity of double unders were quite different, this workout had a familiar feel of the Split Triplet from 2019.

The other unique thing these two workouts share is that they were the first workout after the final round of cuts. In 2019, there were only ten athletes remaining for both the men and the women at that point in the competition, this year, there are 20. 

14 of the 20 men who made the final cut this year competed at the 2021 CrossFit Games, but only five of them made the cut. For the women, 15 of the remaining 20 this year were also at the 2021 Games, and six of them made it to the final cut. 

Here’s a quick side by side of the men, and then the women, for reference:

There are a couple of data points worth taking note of here: 

  • Cole Sager, who was one spot outside the cutline in 2019, and was on the cutline in 20th this year, did not get to compete in the Split Triplet in 2019, and won IE11 this year.
  • Danielle Brandon, who was one spot outside the cutline in 2019, placed second to Tia-Clair Toomey on IE11 this year (who also won Split Triplet in 2019), after being unable to compete in Split Triplet in 2019.
  • Noah Ohlsen, who was second place of the remaining ten men in 2019 on Split Triplet, placed 11th on IE11 this year. Six of the men who beat him this year had already been cut in 2019 and did not get to compete in Split Triplet.
  • Katrin Davidsdottir, who was third of the remaining ten women on Split Triplet in 2019, placed 13th on IE11 this year. Five of the women who beat her this year on IE11 had already been cut in 2019 and did not get to compete in Split Triplet

Big Picture: The cuts are controversial for several reasons, and people have opinions on both sides of the conversation which are valid. All we want to do here is acknowledge that several very capable athletes on this particular triplet missed out on the opportunity to show that prowess a couple of years ago; and none more so than Cole Sager (who by the way, moved from 20th all the way up to 10th in one event following the final round of cuts). 

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