Wodapalooza Announces Qualifier WODs, Teams Can Complete Remotely

November 2, 2021 by
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Wodapalooza team online qualifier WODs have been revealed, but there’s still more than enough time to register and compete before the November 10 deadline.

Remind me: On November 1, the qualifiers started for the Wodapalooza team online qualification process, including Elite, Rx, scaled, and beginner divisions. 

  • Same sex teams of three have until November 10, the submission deadline, to complete the seven qualification tests. with qualification for the presigious Wodapalooza in Miami, FL in January 2022 on the line.
  • The top athletes will qualify for the Elite, Rx, or Intermediate competition, with those who don’t qualify also having the opportunity to register for the scaled or beginner team divisions on a first-come, first serve basis.

One big thing: Each workout in the online qualifier has been designed to accommodate teammates who might not be in the same physical location, so workouts can be completed individually, at different times, and in different cities, states or countries. 

The Workouts

Elite/Rx Workout 1 ‘Meet us at the bar’: The first workout involves three individual workouts for cumulative time. 

  • Athlete 1 must complete 27-21-15 of deadlifts (225/155 pounds) and pull-ups.
  • Athlete 2 must complete 21-15-9 of front squats (185/125 pounds) and chest-to-bar pull-ups. 
  • And athlete 3 must complete 15-12-9 of shoulder to overhead (165/115 pounds) and bar muscle-ups.

Elite/Rx Workout 2, 3, 4 ‘Trinity 2.0’: This workout will be completed on a 20-minute running clock and includes three separately scored tests. 

  • In the first two minutes, each athlete will perform as many reps as possible of toes-to-bar (test 1).
  • Then each athlete must complete a 2 km row for time (test 2).
  • In the remaining time, athletes must each complete a one-rep max snatch (test 3).
  • The sum of the three athletes’ scores will be the team’s score for each part of this three-part workout.

Elite/Rx Workout 5 ‘Pick Your Poison: This workout involves three individual workouts with an 18-minute time cap per workout.

  • Athlete 1 must complete 20 rounds of: 1 Devil Press, 2 DB Thrusters, and 3 Burpees
  • Athlete 2 must complete 10 rounds of: 2 Devil Press, 4 DB Thrusters, and 6 Burpees
  • Athlete 3 must complete 5 rounds of: 4 Devil Press, 8 DB Thrusters, and 12 Burpees

Elite/Rx Workout 6 ‘Chutes and Ladders’: Each team member must complete the following within a 16-minute time cap.

  • Athletes must complete: 15 Alt DB Snatches, 50ft Single-arm DB OH Walking Lunge, 30 Alt DB Snatches, 100ft Single-arm DB OH Walking Lunge, 45 Alt DB Snatches, and a final 150ft Single-arm DB OH Walking Lunge with either 50 pound or 35 pound dumbbells.
  • Then complete the same work again but with 70 pound or 50 pound dumbbells.

Elite/Rx Workout 7 ‘Three By Three’: Each team member completes three rounds of a three-minute AMRAP for total reps.

  • Each athlete has a 99 Double-under and 33 Wallball (10ft/9ft) buy-in.
  • Then in the Remaining time: Max Double DB Step Overs with either 50 pound or 35 pound dumbbells.
  • Rest 1 minute and repeat.

More details about the online qualifier, as well as information about scaled and beginner divisions, can be found here.

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