Mat Fraser Launches Program to Prepare Elite Athletes for Semifinals, CrossFit Games

November 28, 2021 by
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“This is what I did. This is what worked for me. How I have this knowledge is through experience.”

Five-time CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser, in partnership with HYBRID Performance Method, is launching programming on December 6 aimed at Semifinals and CrossFit Games level athletes. 

HWPO PRO is for anyone looking to train three to four hours a day, six days a week. It will essentially follow the competitive CrossFit season, preparing athletes for the Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Games. And is effectively based on how Fraser trained during his time at the top of the sport. 

“This is what I did. This is what worked for me. How I have this knowledge is through experience,” Fraser said, adding that three or four of the days will involve two training sessions a day, with one low impact day and one complete rest day. “That’s the schedule I carried through, basically the last five years of my career,” he said. 

The window to sign up for the inaugural HWPO PRO is between November 29 and December 6’s official start date. 

The Road to HWPO PRO

Fraser’s relationship with HYBRID Performance Method, which offers training, nutrition, and education to its athletes, started close to three years ago. Fraser wanted to start offering coaching and programming but said handling logistics memberships and creating an app “was really intimidating to me.”

“I want to partner with (people and companies) so I can focus on what I’m good at, what I”m passionate at, and that’s coaching and programming,” he said. 

Partnering with HYBRID would allow him to do just that: focus on what he does best, while they would “handle everything else,” Fraser explained of how their official partnership came to be in February 2021 after Fraser announced his retirement from competition. 

The first program Fraser released was the flagship HWPO program last April. It is designed for people who have two hours a day to commit to training, with each piece having a very specific intent and purpose, Fraser explained. 

‘I’m willing to put money on it…You can do this program and get to Semifinals,” he said. 

That being said, when the flagship program was released, some people found it was too much volume and too time-consuming, while others were asking for more volume, Fraser explained. 

So Fraser began working on the HWPO 60, a condensed version of the flagship program designed for people with busy schedules who only have 60 minutes a day to train, which was released last month in October, and the HWPO PRO.  

Currently, there are more than 10,000 athletes around the world following the HWPO and the HWPO 60. 


Fraser explained that the HWPO PRO will be similar to his flagship program but with way more volume, as well as more Games-specific training, including more high skill training, odd objects, and swimming, the goal being to prepare athletes “for what they’re going to see at Semifinals and the Games.” 

“We’re trying to give a program that is applicable to as many people as possible, but as anyone knows there’s a big difference between a generic program and a personalized program,” Fraser explained.

In light of this, in order to give each individual athlete what they need within the broader program, certain training sessions will have athletes “choose your own path,” Fraser explained. This will ultimately help athletes select movements they’re weak at and need more work on.

Beyond the program itself, one of the most valuable aspects of being part of Fraser’s crew are the monthly Zoom calls he answers questions, provides feedback about the intent of each training session, and ultimately helps prepare them for every stage of the competition season.

Not only will Fraser host monthly Zoom calls, just like he did last year with his two other programs, but he also films a ton of videos providing additional information, coaching, and feedback about things many athletes might not have ever thought about before. For example, Fraser said he used to actually practice changing the weights on a barbell to be as efficient as possible should he have to do it in competition. 

“That’s what differentiates (Fraser’s program). He truly does want to give so much value on the coaching side and (provide) feedback,” said Kandace Hudspeth, the CMO of HYBRID Performance Method.

Beyond the Elite Athlete

Though Fraser said he’s excited to start working with more elite athletes, he is adamant that he’s as interested in coaching lifestyle athletes just looking to improve their fitness for life. 

“I just want to help people progress on whatever journey they’re on.”

I look forward to working with more and more athletes who aren’t even top tier…I enjoy working with top-tier athletes…it’s so much fun…” Fraser said, but it’s as rewarding watching a lifestyle athlete willing to “dedicate time and energy” to self-improvement.

“If I can just help people achieve their goals…I love seeing people talking about being in the program and PRing and feeling better…I want people to see results but I. also want people to have longevity in the sport, Fraser said. 

He added: “I just want to help people progress on whatever journey they’re on.”

If you’re preparing for a competitive season, training for a local competition, or just want to discover your own performance potential, HWPO has a program for you.

Discover which track is right for you and sign up to be coached by Mat Fraser.⁠⁠

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