Sleep and Recovery Tips from Beam Sleep Expert, CrossFit Games Athletes

October 14, 2022 by
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When Lauren Kalil first came across Beam’s CBD recovery and sleep products, she was suspicious.

But after she saw enough CrossFit athletes on social media recommending Beam, she took the plunge and couldn’t believe how it transformed her sleep and recovery.

“At night, my mind tends to race thinking of all the things I want to accomplish the next day, but Beam helps me fall asleep faster, so I’m not sitting up for an hour waiting to fall asleep,” said the Morning Chalk Up’s Bottom Line host, a long-time CrossFit athlete, who is now a whole-hearted believer.

CrossFit Games athletes Amanda Barnhart and Haley Adams agree. Beam’s Dream Powder, which contains CBD, melatonin, magnesium, reishi, and L-theanine, say the product has been a game changer.

“I take Dream Powder to help me fall asleep and stay asleep so I can wake up ready to train the next day feeling rested and ready to go,” Adams said. 

“At night, my mind tends to race thinking of all the things I want to accomplish the next day, but Beam helps me fall asleep faster, so I’m not sitting up for an hour waiting to fall asleep.”

Barnhart added: “Dream helps me have a consistent sleep schedule and allows me to get deeper sleep every night which significantly helps improve my recovery between training days.”

What is Beam?

Beam was founded by two former professional athletes, now avid CrossFitters, who were searching for a recovery product, which eventually led them to create their own.

The result was Beam, known for their functional wellness supplements—containing 100% THC-free Nano CBD—for better sleep, energy, recovery, and mood. And while other products on the market use a hemp isolate, Beam is different as it uses a broad spectrum Nano CBD, which improves absorption in the body.

Beyond CBD: Recovery Tips

While sleep plays a huge role in recovery, especially for high level CrossFit athletes, there are plenty of other things you can do beyond taking CBD before bed, explained sleep expert Dr. Carleara Weiss.

“Keep a regular schedule. Set a consistent bedtime and wake-up time,” she said, adding that she also recommends avoiding light exposure for at least one hour before bed.

“This supports our biological clock and the natural cycle of melatonin,” she explained.

It also helps to set a specific time and schedule for “winding down,” Weiss said, suggesting a warm shower, meditation or journaling as three great options to include in your wind down routine.

Further, after a tough workout, Weiss recommends hydrating immediately to replace the fluids you lost, and taking a cold shower for muscle regeneration. And to keep energy levels high and consistent, Weiss suggests avoiding coffee and sugar and sticking to energy-boosting beverages and ingredients that won’t cause a crash.

Further, “take mini exercise breaks to get the blood flowing,” she added.  

As for Adams’ and Barnhart’s top tip, it’s simple: Eat more.

“Make sure you’re eating enough to support your training, “ Adams offered.

Barnhardt added: “Eat enough food. Fueling your body properly will help you recover and give you enough energy to perform well in the gym.”

And then, of course, get a good night’s sleep.

Try Beam’s Dream Powder today so you can get your best night’s sleep tonight.

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