January is Coming: Are You Ready?

December 2, 2022 by
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Owning a gym in January is a bit like planning a wedding: Exciting, but with a dose of overwhelm.

It’s the time of year where your members are looking to make changes, especially nutritional changes, which can be especially overwhelming if you don’t have a streamlined nutrition program in place, let alone the confidence to deliver results.

You’re just not sure what to do, but you do know one thing…

Short-term Nutrition Challenges have proven unsuccessful in the past when it comes to both ROI and long-term client success.

But, on the other hand, starting an ongoing nutrition business sounds daunting.

So how do you earn some nutrition revenue this January?

Meet Zach Lewandowski.

Lewandowski is a personal trainer and nutrition coach, as well as the owner of Fortified Strength & Nutrition, and he used to be in exactly this position. 

He knew his personal training clients wanted nutrition coaching, so he started offering meal plans and macro counting, with weekly text check-ins and bi-weekly zoom calls for just $160 a month, in what became a cumbersome and energy-draining process.

Lewandowski even had his degree in nutrition and dietetics, but that didn’t mean he had a seamless way, let alone the systems or confidence, to roll out a nutrition business. Nor did he really know how to dig deep with his clients and help them successfully achieve long-lasting results. 

“It wasn’t very organized,” he admitted and it was “very time-consuming” for not a whole lot of ROI. 

Today Zach has 33 Nutrition Clients and is Making $13k/month

Last year, Lewandowski went through the Prosper Nutrition Certification, and today he’s generating $13,000 a month from his 33 nutrition clients, including five high ticket ones who paid $2,950 for their initial six-week onboarding process. And the best part is that his clients are seeing better results, and with the resources and systems he’s implemented he’s now a way more efficient coach.

Want a copy? Download your Free Checklist

Your 6 Step Nutrition Coaching Guide 

The idea behind these six steps—steps that Lewandowski followed—is to lay the groundwork to put a nutrition coaching business into practice in a way that reduces the feeling of overwhelm, so you can quickly get yourself on the path to generating prosperous recurring revenue and long term success for your clients.
Inside the FREE GUIDE, we’ll show you how to build out the infrastructure for a successful nutrition business, whether you choose to offer nutrition coaching with a team of coaches inside of a gym, or work with clients on your own as a solo coach.

But don’t listen to us, take it from Lewandowski

Lewandowski finished the Prosper Nutrition Certification and followed the six-step process, and he has been able to build a nutrition coaching business in just one year, and is on track to generate $200,000 in revenue in 2022 with little to no overhead costs for his ongoing nutrition program. 

Best of all, he’s loving it.

“The enjoyment level I get from coaching nutrition is a lot higher than it used to be. It’s so much more fun,” he said. 

“If you’re struggling, this takes it to the next level and made me feel more comfortable and confident in charging higher prices and getting clients results.”

Start serving your clients and increasing your revenue before the new year!

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