Five Favorite Coffee Break Conversations from 2022

December 22, 2022 by
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This fall we re-introduced Coffee Break Conversations—a weekly, approximately 30-minute live interview with an industry expert, deep diving into a particular topic within the CrossFit world. Hosted by Preslie Hirsch with an emphasis on keeping these chats tangible and focused, we’ve been able to deliver exceptional tips, takeaways and value every Friday with 17 different guests thus far.

While we’re on break for the holidays, we encourage you to look back and tune in to any of these sit-downs you may have missed. As a jumping off point, here’s a few of our favorites over the last few months. And, a friendly reminder that these interviews are not public-facing on our YouTube page, because Coffee Break Conversations are exclusive to our Rx subscribers; a tier of membership we offer (only $1/month for the first three months) that packs exclusive content, discounts and more. 

1. How to be Smarter About Your Finances with Jason Khalipa: August 26th

Bringing it back to where it all started, our first episode was with none other than 8x CrossFit Games athlete, father, author, philanthropist, host of the Effort Over Everything podcast, and founder of NCFIT, Jason Khalipa. Utilizing his extensive business and gym management experience, we dove into the real costs of running a gym, implementing scalable solutions in your affiliate and making wise financial decisions. 

2. Adding More Aerobic Training to Your Affiliate with Chris Hinshaw: September 16th 

The king of Aerobic Capacity himself, Chris Hinshaw, joined us for an in-depth conversation about how to improve major endurance-related benchmarks, how to add more aerobic training into your affiliate or a class setting, and how to thoughtfully train your engine year-round. 

3. Building Community in a Gym of 400+ Members with Kirsten Ahrendt: October 7th 

Years of being a competitive athlete herself, coupled with being the coach of coaches as the Director of Coach Development and Education at Invictus, informs the way Kirsten Ahrendt is able to talk about successfully leading classes. If you’re leading groups, programming for an affiliate or running a gym, you don’t want to miss this one. Packed with tips on helping each member feel seen in a large class setting, setting up gym events and even the language you use at the whiteboard brief; it’s a must-listen. 

4. How to be a Better Weightlifting Coach with Aimee Anaya Everett: November 4th 

This year was one for the books for many reasons — one being that Aimee Anaya Everett teamed up with the powerhouse HWPO Training team and launched HWPO Lift. As the first-ever female Olympic Weightlifting coach at the olympics, a long-time lifter herself and a coach to some of the fittest, strongest athletes in the world, Anaya Everett spoke to a few key points for coaches and weightlifters (or aspirational ones) alike. 

5. Try These Tips to Improve Your Rowing with Shane Farmer: December 9th

Shane Farmer, founder of Dark Horse Rowing and subject matter expert, took us through tangible ways to improve our rowing, and coaching others to do the same. For ways to work rowing drills into a class setting, practical ways to improve mechanics, and increasing your efficiency on everyone’s favorite erg, it’s a top-five favorite for sure.

That’s just a taste of all that’s packed into these interviews — check out all 17 here. If you particularly enjoyed one of these installments, send it to a friend and encourage them to listen in. And, if you have a guest or topic in mind you think would be fantastic for 2023, send us a note

Thanks for joining us every Friday for the last several weeks. We’ll see you next year as we continue the conversation, coffee in hand.

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