Coaching Beyond the Whiteboard- Squat Analysis of a Seasoned Athlete

March 22, 2023 by
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In community-based fitness facilities like CrossFit gyms, the potential for impact is contingent on coaches/instructors having the technical and tactical skill sets to deliver high impact coaching experiences to their members. 

Enter – Invictus University for Coaches. 

Over the past two years, I’ve synthesized the principles, methods, and lessons from our experienced and diverse coaching staff at CrossFit Invictus into a 5-week online curriculum with weekly virtual sessions to share and explore our coaching styles and skills with our GPP coaches interested in honing their craft and “moving beyond the whiteboard” as we like to say.

Moving Beyond the Whiteboard – Squat Analysis of a Seasoned Athlete

Here’s a deeper dive into what “moving beyond the whiteboard” means using a new Invictus member as an example. Lee might be a new member at our gym, but he is not new to weight training – he has years of experience in the traditional bodybuilding and strength training, making him a pretty “typical” member in that although he generally ‘knows what he is doing’, he has developed some habits over the years that are less than ideal for his body and for maximizing his training. Sometimes a more seasoned athlete is one of the harder to coach because of this. Here’s our approach to his situation and how we plan to move him forward in his training.

Drop it like a squat?

This video is a recording that was taken from one of the weekly Zoom sessions in our previous cohort of Invictus University. The next coaching cohort begins May 1st. The self-paced curriculum follows a 5- week timeline, with 1x/week opportunities for communal learning, special topics, and at-home-coaching assignments via interactive Zoom lectures (this is not just meant to be a solo learning endeavor).

This curriculum is beneficial for gym owners, coach managers, or anyone that has at least 1-2 years of coaching experience up to veteran coaches and coach-owners that need to  refresh their methods. See you in class!

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