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Hannah Black Makes Waves on Moving Day at North America West Semifinal

May 27, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Enrique Villasenor (@evillmediasports)
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It was moving day at the North America West Semifinal in Pasadena, CA as the individual women took on some of the most exciting events of the weekend, including Semifinals Linda and some heavy snatches. Most notably it was Hannah Black’s 215 snatch that stole the show in event 4. 

Two-time Games veteran Arielle Loewen will be your leader heading into the final day of competition. Games veteran Katrin Davidsdottir sits in second place (behind by just one point) and 2022 Games rookie Alex Gazan will move into third. We will enter our final day on Sunday as athletes look to punch their ticket to Madison, WI. A reminder that only the top 10 women will make it to the Games from the event. 

Test 3:  The teen phenom Olivia Kerstetter took Semifinals Linda by storm placing first place in the event. She was one of only five women to finish under 13:00 at the North America West Semifinal. Aex Gazan and Dani Speegle weren’t far behind with second and third place finishes, respectively. 

  • Kerstetter ended up finishing the Semifinals take on Linda in 12:13, roughly 13 seconds ahead of Gazan and 30 seconds ahead of Speegle. 
  • Canadian athlete Gabrielle Spenst got 10th place in the workout. She currently sits in 22nd place. 

Test 4 and 5: It was Hannah Black who came out with an event 4 win with a 215 pound snatch, out lifting Madison McElhaney, Olivia Kerstetter and Dani Speegle. She took a last second attempt at 230 and almost had it but ultimately lost it behind her. 

  • Black has had three top ten finishes thus far and will be an athlete to watch as she continues her elite career.
  • Emily White wins event 5 with a time of 3:17, her best placement of the weekend heading into Sunday. Her performance in that workout brought her up into the top ten. 
  • McElhaney hit 210, while Kolenbrander, Kerstetter, and Speegle hit 205. Davidsdottir had an impressive finish for event 5 with a time of 3:19, which put her in second for the event. 
  • Notably, Rebecca Fuselier hit a 175 pound snatch PR in event 4. 

Who is in qualifying position after Saturday: 

  • 1st – Arielle Loewen (370 points)
  • 2nd – Katrin Davidsdottir (369 points)
  • 3rd – Alex Gazan (344 points)
  • 4th – Christine Kolenbrander (343 points)
  • 5th – Bethany Shadburne (331 points) 
  • 6h – Hannah Black (328 points) 
  • 7th – Olivia Kerstetter (328 points) 
  • 8th – Kelly Baker (315 points) 
  • 9th – Emily White  (313 points)
  • 10th – Kloie Wilson (304 points) 

The big picture: Moving day on competition weekend is one, if not the most important days during a Semifinals event. It’s the day when athletes can make some jumps up or down the leaderboard and solidify their spot at the Games. 

As we head into the final day of competition, athletes to watch on the bubble include Abigail Domit, Stacy Lerum, Emily Rolfe, Dani Speegle, Zoe Warren, Lauren Fisher, among others that might make leaps.

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