The Fit Dad Father’s Day Shopping Guide

May 31, 2023 by
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It’s time to celebrate all the Dads out there (and their bad jokes). Whether you are shopping for a gift for your own Dad, another Dad in your life, we’ve got all the gift ideas for you!

Father’s Day Shopping Guide

Exclusive Father’s Day 26 oz Ice Shaker Grill Masters Club Membership Shibumi Shade YETI Tundra® 35 Hard Cooler Father’s Day ButcherBox Reebok NanoX3 Born Primitive Flex Stretchy Jort Haven Athletic Organized Backpack Compete Every Day Flag 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games® Authentic Athlete Jerseys Dad Vibes Leather Patch Classic Snapback Hat Element 26 6mm Knee Sleeves

Exclusive Father’s Day 26 oz Ice Shaker

Price: $39.99

Shake things up this Father’s Day with a custom Ice Shaker®! Your Dad might recognize this bottle from Shark Tank (don’t worry Mark Cuban invested), known for it’s patented, noise-free twist on agitator designed to blend up protein powders with ease so he isn’t drinking clumps of protein powder. That also means no more losing a blender ball! Acknowledge his great jokes or look at their other custom Father’s Day printed options.

Grill Masters Club Membership

Price: $45

Dad is the master of the grill. Now give him the tools to enhance his mastery. Grill Masters Club has multiple membership options for all different durations of deliveries. Give the gift that benefits the whole family, all the spices and sauces for him to experiment with. He gets to grill, you get to eat!

Shibumi Shade

Price: $270

It’s beach season, and that means beach workouts. When Dad wants to get his push-ups and sit-ups in the sand, but not in the sun, then the Shibumi Shade will be his new favorite. This contraption works with the wind to provide you with shade throughout the day. The Shibumi provides shade for up to 6 people, so really it’s also a gift for you.

YETI Tundra® 35 Hard Cooler

Price: $275

He’s always wanted a YETI cooler. Go in with your siblings to get him the cooler of his dreams! He can store water, FITAID, brews or his prepped meals in this massive cooler. This cooler comes in five colors and is the perfect cooler for a small crew for the day. Don’t forget, YETI says it fits nicely in an inner tube as well. #priorities

Father’s Day ButcherBox

Price: $135.00

While you might not be able to grill these up for him since he’s the official King of the Grill, the least you can do is get him some quality meats to grill up this Father’s Day. Grab the Father’s Day ButcherBox for a spread of meats for the grill master to have some fun with. The Father’s Day Box includes:

  • 2 x 10oz NY Strip Steaks
  • 6 5.x 3oz ButcherBox Burgers
  • 1 x 2.8lbs rack of St. Louis Ribs
  • 2 x 16oz packs of Italian Sausage
  • 1 x 10oz pack of ButcherBox Bacon

Reebok NanoX3

Price: $150

If your Dad has to reach into his gym back to pull out running shoes when he sees a 400 meter run in a workout, he needs the Reebok NanoX3s. Finally, there is a training shoe that you can run in. The all new Lift and Run Chassis System makes for smooth transitions going from inside the gym to out the door. Don’t fear the barbell though, because the dome shaped heel piece compresses under load and creates a stable platform. He will be telling you all about how he ran laps around everyone in his new X3s.

Born Primitive Flex Stretchy Jort

Price: $55

Add to his “Dad” aesthetic with a pair of jorts that he can actually squat and workout in. That’s right, these jorts by Born Primitive might look like denim, but they are called Flex Stretchy for a reason. They are made of stretchy, breathable fabric that he’ll be able to hit a squat in at any given time (because Dads love embarrassing us, right?). Because remember, it’s not a Dad Bod. It’s a Father Figure.

Haven Athletic Organized Backpack

Price: $279

If your Dad has a stinky, unorganized gym bag then you will literally change his life with a Haven Athletic Organized Bag. Nothing is worse than not being able to find your grips, knee sleeves, or belt when you only have a few minutes during class to grab them. That’s why Haven Athletic made their organized bags, to give all of their customers the gift of organization. Change his workouts and help him get organized this Father’s Day!

Compete Every Day Flag

Price: $30

He is the hardest worker you know. That’s why he needs this flag by Compete Every Day hanging in his home gym or in his office to remind him of that every single day. The flag measures 3 feet x 5 feet and comes with grommets for easy hanging wherever he wants to display it!

2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games® Authentic Athlete Jerseys

Price: $65

Get your Dad his favorite athlete’s jersey so he can match his heroes! Not only will he look like a pro, but the purchases of jerseys support the athletes. He gets a gift, and you get to help support his favorite athlete. Not to mention, it’s NOBULL, so you know the material is quality and super soft.

Dad Vibes Leather Patch Classic Snapback Hat

Price: $37 $33.50

He’s giving Dad Vibes, and so is his new favorite hat! Get him a gift he will cherish. DadBod also makes this same design in a trucker hat if the flat bill isn’t his style. He will rock this hat all summer long. Just make sure he pairs it with high white socks and white sneakers when he goes to the beach for the full Dad effect.

Element 26 6mm Knee Sleeves

Price: $79.99 $39.97

Is he really a Dad if he doesn’t groan when he sits down or talk about how much his knees hurt? Get him the ultimate knee compression to avoid injury and stay strong in the gym. He won’t feel old when he sees all the young guns wearing Element 26 knee sleeves too. These sleeves have the support of a thicker 7mm thick knee sleeve with the flexibility of a 5mm sleeve. Aka he can have support and can move!

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