From NFL to CEO: Momentous Founder Jeff Byers Looks to “Democratize High Performance”

August 3, 2023 by
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CrossFit HQ inked a multi-year contract with Momentous this spring, naming them the Official Supplements and Sport Nutrition Sponsor of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games. 

As the wellness company is quickly gaining traction amongst the CrossFit community and signing elite athletes like Annie Thorisdottir, CEO Jeff Byers continues to forge ahead and build a brand about so much more than selling supplements. Byers and Momentous are on a mission to “democratize high performance.” 

Some background: Hailing from Colorado, Byers grew up an active child, involved in sports and competition, which eventually led him to football at USC, where he was a member of the 2004 National Championship team, and held the role of captain for two years, concurrently earning his Master’s in Business Administration. He then went on to the NFL, where he played for the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers over the course of four years. 

Upon his retirement from professional football in 2014, Byers sought a finance career, where he quickly realized that it far from fulfilled his creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. He transitioned to an early-stage biotech, where what is now known as PR Lotion was created. He and his co-found then acquired the rights to PR Lotion and built the brand we know today as Momentous: a wellness company committed to finding health solutions for athletes of all calibers.

Byers works with distinguished doctors, scientists, athletes, nearly 200 professional and collegiate sports organizations across the country, and military personnel. His prior experience in professional sports serves as a personal asset and a key contributor to the growth and success of the brand.

  • “When I played in the NFL, I had all these incredible resources at my disposal, and I realized after I was done playing how there was a gap in the market that could be filled from an education perspective.” 
  • “I think this unique vantage point I had definitely put us in a position to really work to stand out in a crowded space and build a genuine level of trust with our consumers and the amazing group of advisors and experts we’ve brought into the fold along the way,” said Byers. 

Why this matters: The most significant component that sets Momentous apart from its competitors (besides the quality of its products, ingredients and rigorous testing protocols) is the emphasis on educating the consumer. 

  • “The nutrition and supplement industry broadly is very saturated, and as someone entering into the space as a consumer, it can be overwhelming, and oftentimes, you can be getting advice from people who aren’t providing you with information that is best suited for you, your lifestyle, or your individual wellness goals.” 
  • “Outside of delivering best-in-class products, we aim to build a robust library of content that helps individuals understand the best way to utilize supplements as part of a broader wellness routine. No one product is a silver bullet, so understanding how best to use them next to other healthy habits is important to us,” said Byers.  

Another factor setting Momentous apart is its commitment to women’s health. Women’s physiological needs greatly differ from males’, so they strive to deliver the best-in-class supplements and resources that align with their female demographic. 

In addition to the brand’s mission to encourage self-education and advocating for one’s health and performance, there is the assurance that all Momentous products are safe for athletes competing in sports that require drug testing. Momentous tests all their products using multiple certifications, a substantial financial commitment and a very taxing process. However, as Byers says, “We’re a better brand because of it.” 

  • “It goes back to building authentic trust. If athletes and organizations see our commitment to vetting our products, they know it’s safe for them to use,” said Byers. 

Momentous in CrossFit: With the signing of Annie Thorisdottir, joining the Momentous roster alongside Lauren Fisher and Sam Briggs, their partnership with Invictus athletes, and their official partnership with CrossFit HQ and the CrossFit Games, Byers is thrilled to be a part of the fitness space. 

  • “The CrossFit community authentically aligns with our brand. CrossFit has evolved so much as a brand over the years, becoming more inclusive, and we feel like we’re doing the same thing in the nutrition and supplement space. It’s a great partnership, and this is just the beginning,” said Byers.

The big picture: When Byers and his business partner founded Momentous, they envisioned creating the next high-performance company but had no idea where that dream would take them. 

  • “We have worked very hard to always be at the forefront of high performance, meaning working with the best, asking hard questions, being humble, and always looking to the future; that core underlying statement has driven us to where we are today.”  
  • “The growth our company has experienced in the last year and a half makes it hard to imagine we’d be where we are as quickly as we’ve gotten here several years ago. It’s a testament to our team and our amazing group of advisors and experts who have helped us think about how we live up to our mission of democratizing high performance and delivering best-in-class products to our customers,” said Byers.

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