WODProof App Launches Artificial Intelligence Powered Content Creation Feature

August 31, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Concept2
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Two years ago, WODProof was acquired by Israeli tech company, Sency, allowing it to add revolutionary motion analysis capabilities for real-time feedback. Since then, WODProof has remained at the forefront of the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the fitness space, allowing athletes to utilize cutting-edge technology to analyze their movement.

One big thing: This year, the WODProof app will continue to push the capabilities of technology and artificial intelligence development in the functional fitness space with the launch of Workout Highlights 3.0 and several other new features.

Remind me: For the past several years, the WODProof app has continued to develop its capabilities, releasing several updates to their app to incorporate new artificial intelligence technology.

  • Last January, WODProof launched their WODProof Bionic program. A program that was able to track and analyze athletes in real-time in order to develop unique mobility plans for users.
  • Since then, elite athletes like Danielle Brandon have utilized the app to improve their mobility.
  • This past September, WODProof continued to add to their AI tech stack with the launch of their AI rowing coach, which analyzed and compared athletes’ movements on the rower to the “Gold Standard” of rowing, which was created in collaboration with Anna Mühle, a certified Concept2 coach.

The details: Today, WODProof will launch several new features in their app that will continue to improve the user experience for athletes, particularly those in the competitive space.

Private Cloud Storage: With the launch of their new private storage cloud, athletes can record and back up their videos without having to worry about losing an important qualifier workout due to a lack of phone storage space.

  • This added feature is pivotal for athletes who need to record and save multiple longer workouts throughout an online qualifier season, but may not have the storage capacity on their phone to save the workouts.

Shareable Workout Links: Athletes can now easily share their workout uploads with shareable links. WODProof also allows athletes to complete uploads in the background rather than having to keep the app open to wait for the upload to complete.

Workout Highlights 3.0: Perhaps one of the most exciting new features of the launch, Workout Highlights 3.0 utilizes AI technology to analyze videos and create 20 second highlight reels ready for sharing to social media.

  • With their new Workout Highlights 3.0 feature, athletes no longer need to waste precious time curating and editing workout highlights.
  • Instead, WODProof’s motion intelligence algorithm is able to detect and splice together the most exciting moments of the workout into a 20-second highlight reel that is ready for sharing on social media.

“The algorithm aggregates data for every frame of the workout and analyzes the movements based on their speed, repetitions, and probability of being an exercise,” said WODProof app founder Adam Grinker.

  • “At the end of a workout, the algorithm chooses the highest-ranked movements and creates the Highlights reel,” Grinker continued.
  • Grinker also noted that athletes worried about safety and privacy need not be concerned.
  • “It’s important to note that the algorithm only ‘sees’ the code behind the video, and keeps the video private only for the eyes of the athletes,” Grinker concluded.

The same incredible features: While WODProof will launch three new features today, they will still retain all of the incredible features they previously had that made the WODProof app so incredible.

  • Features like seamless heart rate and Concept2 connections will still remain available to athletes, as well as their AI mobility technology.
  • WODProof has also continued to commit to their promise to keep the app affordable for the broader CrossFit community.
  • While in the past, computer-based motion analysis was often costly, time-consuming, and only available to elite athletes, WODProof has made their technology accessible for all.

The big picture: While it might seem like we are living in the future with the current capabilities of artificial intelligence, we have really just scratched the surface. WODProof’s continuous pushing of its technological capabilities is something that will benefit athletes long term, not only in the elite space but all the way down to your everyday athlete.

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