A Dream Realized, Elisa Fuliano Signs with Reebok Europe

November 30, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Instagram @_fulix_
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The first Italian woman to ever compete at the CrossFit Games as an Individual, Elisa Fuliano ended the 2023 season in Madison in 20th place, taking home a 2nd place finish on Test 3: Inverted Medley. With this being her second appearance at the Games, (in 2022 she was cut and finished in 35th place), the competitor has made giant strides and has shown that she’s steadily rising to the top, while hanging with the big girls. 

Some background: A very active, athletic and driven child, Fuliano spent her childhood dedicated to gymnastics and had aspirations of making the Olympic team from a very young age. Life had other plans for the athlete, and due to an injury, Fuliano retired from gymnastics and moved onto track and field. After spending time training the 100 meter, 200 meter and pole vault, she then began CrossFit in 2019. Having found the sport that allowed her to become professional and train full time, Fuliano feels that she has achieved what she has wanted her whole life. 

  • “When I’m doing sports, I feel like myself. I feel completely free and completely like me,” said Fuliano. “This is the life I love. I’m so happy.” 

The difference maker: Last month marked one year since Fuliano transitioned to her life as a full-time athlete, having resigned from her job as a UX Designer in October of 2022. Up until one year ago, Fuliano worked during the day at her office, and was only able to train at night, thus unable to keep up with her competitors, who were training multiple times a day, dedicating themselves completely to fitness.

As she has spent the last year so differently, she shares that living and training full-time takes a toll, and isn’t without sacrifice and stress, financially and otherwise. As Fuliano is from Genova, Italy, where her family currently resides, she lives and trains in Turin, which is quite far, and keeps the athlete from visiting home but three to four times per year. Additionally, her social life isn’t typical, compared to many of her friends, but the life that she has built is exactly the life that she envisioned, as a 6-year-old, dreaming of a trip to the Olympics. 

One of the biggest supports for Fuliano has come in the form of a new partnership, between the athlete and Reebok Europe. As a young woman, starting out in the sport, Fuliano reflects that she always wore and supported Reebok. 

  • “I always wore their shoes and loved their brand. I looked to the other athletes, sponsored by them, and I thought, I wonder if one day will come that I’d have a chance to be like them, sponsored by someone like Reebok. And now, I’m here. I’m one of them. I’m so honored,” said Fuliano. 

As she is not a coach, doesn’t offer training programs or have any means of income now that she has resigned from her job, Fuliano is all the more grateful for the financial support that Reebok lends. 

  • “This has allowed me to train, have no stress, and I don’t have to worry about things every day like paying my rent,” shared Fuliano. 

The 2024 season: After such a jump in the leaderboard over the last two years, Fuliano knows her performance is trending upwards. 

  • “Taking 35th at the CrossFit Games in 2022, then taking 19th in 2023, it means I’m working in the right direction. With my coach, we are going to now aim higher, and it’s all about the details. Those are the things that make all the difference,” said Fuliano. 

This next season is all about focusing on weaknesses, and pursuing less competitions leading up to the 2024 CrossFit Open. Less is more and it’s all about intention for Fuliano and her coach Matteo Agnello. Agnello trains alongside Fuliano each day, using his Demantur Program. Fuliano looks to the Dubai Fitness Championship as possibly her only off-season event, and one that will serve as a valuable mid-season check-in. 

Her main goal, driving her each day in training, is to arrive at the 2024 semifinals in the best shape possible. 

The big picture: Fuliano admits that her shift away from her UX Design career, and her ability to pursue CrossFit full-time, was only made possible by the support of Reebok. In order to compete with so many of the other women in the field, she knows she needs to dedicate her life to the sport and Reebok has facilitated that not only monetarily, but by their confidence in her as an athlete and as a human. 

Fuliano: “With Reebok, I’m not just a number. It’s such a personal connection and we all receive the right attention. It’s such a strong collaboration that Reebok has with all their athletes and there’s always good, very close communication. They value me.

“I’m just so honored to be part of this (Reebok) family. They have given me such a hand and so much help. They are helping me to live and I’m so grateful to be a part of it all.”

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