Jason Khalipa’s NCFIT Programming Outlook Reveals What’s to Come in 2024

December 18, 2023 by
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Jason Khalipa holds an esteemed role as one of the CrossFit greats, not only for his title as the 2008 CrossFit Games champion or his eight subsequent Games appearances, but also as the owner of NCFIT, an affiliate with two California locations that exemplifies top-notch coaching, programming, and community building. 

Some background: Khalipa, along with NCFIT, began selling affiliate programming, welcoming gyms into the NCFIT Collective in 2017. Since then, NCFIT has worked with countless affiliates worldwide, learning from extensive feedback from owners and coaches, continually tweaking and improving the affiliate programming they offer as a subscription.

In 2019, NCFIT began releasing its Programming Outlook each year. This is for members (and potential members) of the NCFIT Collective to see what lies ahead for the upcoming year and what changes have been made. 

Just last week, the 2024 Programming Outlook was sent out, and we got a glimpse of how NCFIT Collective affiliates will be training in the upcoming year. 

Programming Outlook: The document opens with a personal note from Khalipa and Chief Fitness Officer Matt DellaValle, expressing gratitude for the community and their commitment to the development of their coaches. 

  • “This isn’t just a bundle of workout and bullet-point tips – it’s a comprehensive system we’ve painstakingly designed to level up your coaching game, community engagement, and ultimately, your bottom line,” the Programming Outlook states. 

The year 2023 is recapped in the document, with what worked and what didn’t, and the changes the NCFIT team looks to make in 2024. This was based on a year’s worth of feedback from those using the programming, as well as the NCFIT team themselves. 

  • “We are always looking to improve and evolve our programming, coaching tools, and complete offering overall. Our process for building our workouts and class plans involves constant collaboration, feedback, and testing with our team,” Khalipa said. 
  • “Weekly, our team meets to discuss the previous week’s workouts and the upcoming week’s workouts. Every workout is tested by a coach and then a class plan is offered based on our best suggestion on how to bring that workout to life. We also have several times during the year in which we look back at major trends, any biases, and take ownership of any areas in which we can improve.” Khalipa continued. 

Four programs: As an NCFIT Collective member, affiliates are given four programs from which to choose, and offer to their members, based on what works best for them and their community. 

  • The different offerings include the “NCFIT Workout,” program which is essentially CrossFit workouts designed for group classes, and “Compete,” which is made up of additional workouts for hard-charging athletes and pairs seamlessly with the “NCFIT Workouts.” Additionally, the “Flex” and “Go” programs offer bodybuilding and functional strength regimens, and workouts for those with access to minimal equipment, respectively. 

Four phases: Regardless of the program an affiliate chooses to use, the year is broken into four distinct phases, with multiple strength cycles throughout. Benchmark and holiday WODs are included, as well as NCFIT-exclusive virtual competitions. 

The details matter: By becoming a member of the NCFIT Collective, not only do affiliate owners and coaches receive access to the NCFIT programming, but they can also access the class plan and coaching videos. For the “NCFIT Workout” programming,  “Performance” and “Fitness” versions are provided, in order to deliver a customized experience for every athlete. 

The bottom line: Khalipa, along with the five other coaches, directors and fitness professionals designing, writing, executing and editing the year-long programs, has given affiliates a well-rounded and researched package that will help gyms and athletes, throughout the world, grow and thrive. When an affiliate joins the NCFIT Collective, they become part of a greater community and one of support and accountability. 

  • “(This Outlook document) is not only an opportunity for us to plan the entire year forward but take inventory of the previous 52 weeks of workouts. We are always open to feedback from owners and coaches in the Collective. Our team regularly engages with owners and coaches over calls and email. Over the years these conversations have been invaluable in helping to improve our offering,” said Khalipa. 
  • “One thing that’s important to remember is that we use these same exact workouts and class plans in our own gyms. So, we are getting real time feedback from our own coaches and members daily. Plus, since we are using these tools ourselves…the product has to be the best,” said Khalipa. 

To take a look at the document, visit their website to request a copy.

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