Beyond Breathing: Five Other Benefits AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece Delivers

December 31, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Renato Macassi @furyphotography
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If you have been around CrossFit for a while, you have probably heard of AIRWAAV, known for their performance mouthpiece that helps you breathe more efficiently, and all the cool kids are using it.  

We’re talking the Rich Fronings of the world. The ten-time CrossFit Games champion was an early adopter and has been vocal about how it has improved his breathing and ultimately his performance. 

How it works: AIRWAAV’s performance mouthpiece directs your tongue down and forward, so when you bite down, it creates an optimal airway for more efficient breathing. 

  • AIRWAAV offers two performance mouthpieces—the HIIT and the Endurance–depending on the athlete’s preference. The HIIT is a more relaxed fit, making it easy to pop in and out of your mouth if need be, while the Endurance offers a snugger, tighter fit. 

 And while breathing has been the main reason CrossFit athletes like Froning, Dallin Pepper and Abbie Domit have turned to AIRWAAV, the company’s researchers say it offers various other benefits well beyond improved breathing efficiency. It also provides an edge when it comes to endurance, strength, recovery, mobility (yes, mobility) and even sleep. 

 The Benefits Explained 

 Endurance: As mentioned, when you bite on the mouthpiece and your tongue is directed down and forward, your airway becomes more open, which means you can breathe easier, which means your respiratory rate decreases by as much as 20 percent.  

  • This results in less lactic acid and lowered perceived exertion as you’re working out, which means less muscle fatigue, so you can go harder for going longer. 

 Recovery: Peer-reviewed research also shows that using the mouthpiece while training reduces cortisol production after a workout by as much as 50 percent, and cortisol is, of course, highly linked with recovery.

  • Two-time CrossFit Games athlete Pepper even suggested the mouthpiece helps reduce DOMS, saying, “When you’re deep in that pain cave, by limiting that [feeling] you’re not going to be as sore.” 

Strength: Biting down on the mouthpiece also helps align the jaw and accelerates neuromuscular response, which inhibits neuronal overexertion and reduces the body’s natural tendency to limit muscle use.  

Still following? 

All you need to know is this means an increase in muscular force (aka you can lift more weight when you’re biting down on the mouthpiece). 

  • CrossFit Games Athlete, Abbie Domit said this: “It’s nice to be able to bite down on something when you need to feel strong, powerful, and dig deeper. AIRWAAV gives me an edge I need to push just a little bit harder without messing up my teeth and jaw.”

Mobility: Believe it or not, wearing AIRWAAV’s mouthpiece can even help your mobility a little bit, as it allows your muscles to relax, freeing you up to go a bit further into positions, especially when it comes to movements that involve rotation in the neck, shoulders, hips and trunk. 

Sleep: Most recently, AIRWAAV released the RECOVERY mouthpiece, designed to be worn at night and keep your airway open when you’re getting your zzz’s. RECOVERY is designed with patented Reflex Technology, strategically placed bumps that trigger the tongue’s natural response to move forward and out of the airway during sleep.  

  • Those who wear it at night say it helps them feel more rested and recovered in the morning. 

The big picture: Whether you’re looking for help to become a more efficient breather, or you’re looking to last a little longer during endurance workouts, you’re hoping to hit that PR on your back squat, or your sleep could use a bit of help, it might be worth considering AIRWAAV.  

I mean, if it’s good enough for Rich Froning…

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