The Most Purchased CrossFit-Related Products of 2023 Christmas

January 8, 2024 by
Photo Credit: Austin Heaton
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Now that the 2023 Christmas season is officially over we have some pretty awesome data to share when it comes to analyzing the most popular CrossFit/Fitness products of the holiday.

A couple of weeks ago we discussed how creatine gummies were currently ranked as number two on the top 25 best-selling products on Amazon in December, but were they able to retain their position during Christmas?

In this post, we will be highlighting which products and brands in our space did the best in terms of brand growth and overall sales, according to Google search volume as well as website and social media traffic.

Let’s dive in.

Massage Guns


According to the data by Exploding Topics, massage guns as a search term were receiving about 673K monthly searches on Google, which was a growth of 178% over the previous three-month period.

If we dive a little deeper and see where most of that interest stemmed from, we get some pretty cool insights below:


As we can see from the data above, massage guns exploded in popularity on TikTok, while YouTube was a near second, Facebook was in third.

On December 22nd alone, Google had 130K searches for massage guns, and 157K searches on December 29th.

TheraBody, the company behind the extremely popular Theragun massage gun seemed to have led the charge in this category:

TheraBody Search Data | Source:

What is incredibly interesting to note here, however, is the complete difference in activity when it comes to specific social media platforms.

As we noted before, massage guns as a whole were popular on TikTok and YouTube, but here we can see that TheraBody can credit most of its growth to Instagram and LinkedIn of all places.

While massage guns are not specific to the CrossFit space alone, massage guns such as the Theragun have already been popular among the Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting communities for many years now.

Cold Plunge Tubs

Here we can see that the idea of ice baths as a whole dramatically grew in popularity compared to the previous three months, which directly led to the increase in cold plunge tubs.

To no surprise, Instagram and TikTok were the primary generators of interest for cold plunge tubs, thanks to the viral videos of people all around the world jumping into cold water.

It is surprising, however, to see that YouTube was not the leader in this growth, because many top athletes and podcasters had been pushing the benefits of cold water immersion for most of 2023.

Born Primitive 

Veteran-owned fitness apparel brand Born Primitive absolutely crushed on Instagram this year and managed to rack up an average of 110K Google searches per month in the last quarter of 2023.

As we can see from the data above, all of their marketing focus was on Instagram and it looks as if their plan worked to perfection.

What’s even cooler about seeing this growth is knowing that Born Primitive was grown out of the CrossFit space back in 2014.

Thanks to this growth, they happened to be one of the top 10 most popular fitness brands online in terms of search volume increase for Q4 2023.

Other Notable Products

  • Hoka Athletic Shoes: 2.74M volume/mo in Q4
  • Infrared Sauna: 201K volume/mo in Q4
  • Garmin Smart Watch: 135K volume/mo in Q4

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