Gym Owners Save Time, Refine Content Creation with ChatGPT

January 16, 2024 by
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When ChatGPT was released to the public in November 2022, reactions were a mix of both excitement and fear about what the chatbox driven by AI technology could do to help, or hinder, the way of the world.

Fourteen months later, ChatGPT—and other large language models, such as Google’s Bard—have quickly become somewhat mainstream, nothing-to-be-feared tools in many people’s lives, including the lives of some gym owners.

Gym owners who were early adopters of the technology say ChatGPT is making their lives easier, not by replacing what they used to do, but by enhancing their content creation and communication.

What gym owners are saying: First and foremost, ChatGPT-using gym owners told Morning Chalk Up it saves them valuable time, time they can then put toward higher-level tasks to build their business.

  • Victor Zamudio, the owner of South Gate CrossFit in South Gate, CA says ChatGPT saves him “at least eight hours per week.”
  • Similarly, Jeff Thompson, the owner of CrossFit Buckhead in Atlanta, GA says it saves him “several hours” each week, while Brian Strump, the owner of CrossFit Steele Creek in Charlotte, NC says it gives him back a handful of hours each month.

How they’re using ChatGPT: While it’s certainly possible to use ChatGPT to write a blog or social post from scratch, gym owners using the technology say it’s better used as a refining tool.

At South Gate CrossFit: Zamudio, who has been using ChatGPT for a year, uses it to help him “polish my writing” on his social posts, newsletters and emails. 

  • “You can give it generic instructions to write from scratch, but it’ll miss the mark and you have to edit,” he said. But even as a copyeditor and writer’s assistant, though, so to speak, ChatGPT adds value to Zamudio, as it always speeds up the writing process, which motivates him to write. 
  • “It helps me get started on writing when I would procrastinate and drag it out [before],” he explained. 

Further, Zamudio uses ChatGPT to help him write WOD explanations. He provides ChatGPT an outline of what he needs, as well as details such as the intended stimulus and how it is achieved, and then ChatGPT takes it from there. 

At CrossFit Steele Creek: Long-time gym owner Brian Strump turns to ChatGPT if he’s “struggling on a particular topic” or if he’s “running low” on content. 

  • “It quickly gives me a framework if I’m struggling to get started on something. I’ll know what I want to write about, but I just can’t get it out…Then I’ll use ChatGPT to get a good framework for an email or blog,” he said.

At CrossFit Buckhead: Thompson, who has an IT background, was quick to adopt ChatGPT to help his business at the end of 2022. Today, he uses ChatGPT not only for proofreading, but also for helping him draft certain elements in contractual documents, and as an educational tool to help explain his programming. That being said, like Zamudio and Strump, Thompson says he has found ChatGPT to be most effective at “refining” his work rather than at building it from the ground up.

  • “Chat GPT does its best work to process, evaluate or improve the things you give it. The model is more challenged when it comes to generating original content. If you get it started and give it guardrails, it does well,” he said. “It has become indispensable for my daily work.”

At Swift River CrossFit: Finally, Aimee Moller, the owner of Swift River CrossFit in Conway, NH, has also been turning to ChatGPT to improve both her blog and social media posts. When she first started using it, she “would just take what it gave me word-for-word,” she said. But after using it for a while, she realized it was better to use it “as a guide and inspiration,” to improve her communication. 

  • “I will use what it spits out as a jumping off point, and change things around and put in my own voice and my own thoughts as a coach,” she explained, adding that it’s also useful to help with brevity, such as her whiteboard announcements. 
  • “I’m usually very wordy with them, so I will ask ChatGPT to use bullet points and make it more concise,” she said. 

Worth noting: Even seasoned writer, published author Chris Cooper—the owner of Two-Brain Business—says he uses ChatGPT for content creation help. It has been so valuable to him that Cooper put out a guide—The Clickable Step-by-Step Guide to AI Mastery for Gym Owners—for gym owners.

Cooper told Morning Chalk Up the best way to use ChatGPT is to get really good at prompting it to give you what you need. 

  • “The real skill when using AI is writing good prompts. Practice re-writing prompts (and) give ChatGPT feedback to help it improve, and your content will get better as you go,” he said.

Cooper also recommends asking ChatGPT to “write as if for a 12-year-old,” as this will help keep concepts simple for your audience.

  • “This helps you get past the technician’s curse of assuming everyone has your expertise,” he said. 

The bottom line: There’s always fear when a new technology is introduced, and this was certainly the case when ChatGPT was released at the end of 2022, the fear being that this robot might take over our ability to write, and to communicate authentically. But early gym-owning adopters have found the technology is practical, helps them save time, and actually helps them write, and ultimately communicate, more effectively.

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