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Morning Chalk Up

November 19   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. In his first town hall event after buying CrossFit LLC, CEO Eric Roza announced that his goal is to have 500,000 athletes register for the CrossFit Open in 2021. Tommy Marquez looks at the history of Open participation over the years. And, Emily Beers highlights some tips for gym owners who might be looking to sell their business.

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  Eric Roza's Lofty Open Goal, The Path To 500,000  

Eric Roza's Lofty Open Goal, The Path To 500,000

During his first few months at the helm of CrossFit, Eric Roza has repeatedly stated that his goal for the 2021 CrossFit Games Open is to get registration to the 500,000 mark. Breaking the half-million participant threshold would be a record, and one that seemed unavoidable a few years ago, but sweeping changes to the sport under former owner Greg Glassman has left the Open malnourished after once being a powerful participatory genesis to the season.

2020 is barreling towards its contentious denouement which means soon we’ll have the 2021 season structure in hand. Preparations will be underway for the pandemic-tinged sequel that the CrossFit Games team will tackle head-on with information gleaned from the end of last season, but the question still remains.

How does CrossFit get the Open back on track?

For starters, promotion needs to start as soon as possible. Even though CrossFit did not have a specified marketing department in the past, there was a select group of individuals dedicated to promotions and marketing within the framework of the CrossFit Games media team.

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  Selling a Gym: Profits Possible, Valuations Complicated, Say Former Owners  


Selling a Gym: Profits Possible, Valuations Complicated, Say Former Owners

While other industries, such as engineering or architectural firms, have at least somewhat established business valuation norms, evaluating and selling an affiliate has proven to be the wild wild west.

  • Steve Libs sold CrossFit Tribe in Los Alamitos, CA three years ago for three times annual gross revenue, for example, whereas Garth Cooke, sold Forge Valley Fitness in Vernon, B.C. in 2019 for three times his annual take home pay. A third former gym owner from New York (who wished to remain anonymous) sold his 200-member gym in 2019 for one year of business profit. And Marty Priest, who has sold five gyms through the years, said all five were valued very differently.
  • Further, Wes Kimball sold CrossFit Austin in TX in 2017 and valued his business based on owner discretionary income, which included net profit, a portion of his salary and other personal benefits. Finally, Matt Michaud, the current owner of Everproven CrossFit in Dover, NH and a man who has purchased four affiliates and sold one, bought an affiliate in the suburbs of Boston for just $5,000. “She could have sold the equipment for more than that, but she was just so burned out and done,” he said.
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  Ten Thousand Hosts Another $5,000 Workout Just In Time For The Holidays  

Ten Thousand Hosts Another $5,000 Workout Just In Time For The Holidays

Back in October, men’s activewear company Ten Thousand debuted their first-ever one-workout online competition. With a prize purse of $5,000 for just one workout, the event drew hundreds of athletes competing for the top spot. At the end of thirteen grueling minutes, Lazaar Đukiç, the 5th place finisher at the  2019 Dubai Fitness Championship took home the top prize. Six weeks later, they’re back for more.

One big thing: “WORK” will make its return to gyms across the country as athletes fight once again for a $5,000 prize purse.

  • The second round of competition begins on December 7th (registration is currently open) with the release of the workout.
  • Athletes will have until December 16th to complete the workout and submit their scores to see how they stack up on the leaderboard.
  • The event is free to register and open to any and all skill levels.
  • The last event saw 526 athletes register for the online competition and they hope to bring in even more athletes this round to compete for the $5,000 purse.

Why it matters: Nearly a year has passed since the start of this pandemic and in the last nine months, the functional fitness community has continued to find more and more ways to continue to be connected despite the distance that separates them. As we enter what would usually be a busy competition season filled with Sanctionals and local throwdowns, many event organizers have found ways to keep the community together online through events like this and other events, like the Filthy 150 Twelve Days of Filthy.

  Ten Thousand Hosts Another $5,000 Workout Just In Time For The Holidays  

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  Kalis Games Gears Up for Online Competition  

Kalis Games Gears Up for Online Competition

On December 5 and 6, the Kalis Games will join the ranks of competitions going virtual, broadcasting their Finals live on Facebook and YouTube.

Remind me: Since 2018, the Kalis Games has been hosted annually in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. They call themselves more than a competition — a movement — “committed to bringing back and being true to the essence of the Asian core values of excellence, hard work, respect for one another, and valuing relationships.”

  • The Kalis Games qualifiers are open to any member of the CrossFit community.
  • The event held qualifiers for their 10 divisions — RX Male, RX Male Masters 35-39, RX Male Masters 40+, RX Female, RX Female Masters 35+, Intermediate Male, Intermediate Male Masters 35+, Intermediate Female, Intermediate Female Masters 35+ — from late August to September.
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Andy Workman's Journey Back to "Army Shape"

This video profiles Andy Workman, an athlete from CrossFit Round Rock in Round Rock, TX who is also a veteran of the U.S. Army and the National Guard. Following an injury during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2013, Workman became dependent on prescription medications and began to live a sedentary live. When he decided to make a change, he walked into the gym at 263 pounds.




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Justin LoFranco Talk About Breaking the Glassman Story

On this episode of OPEX Fitness's Back Room Talk podcast, Morning Chalk Up Editor-in-Chief, Justin LoFranco joins hosts Carl Hardwick and Georgia Smith to discuss what it's like breaking big news in the CrossFit world and what he thinks the future landscape for the affiliate community looks like.



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Chalk Up Highlights is our section dedicated to celebrating our community’s wins in the gym. Follow @ChalkUpHighlights and submit your highlight to [email protected] or tag us in #chalkuphighlights for a chance to be featured.


Our community round-up today focuses on a couple of upcoming fundraisers and an interesting choice by a leading fitness brand:

  • Park City Turkey Trot: In its ninth year, the Park City Turkey Trot will run differently — due to the pandemic, runners will complete the race on their own and can register through the Strava app. Participants can donate non-perishable food items around the city including at Park City CrossFit, owned by Chris Spealler.
  • National Rugby Player in Need of Heart Surgery: The British Virgin Islands Rugby Football Union (RFU) has collaborated with Castaway CrossFit to host a fundraiser event aimed at raising $15,000 for a local national rugby player who is in urgent need of heart surgery. Kenrick ‘Jimmy’ Thomas recently received a medical diagnosis that he has a hole in the septum between his heart’s lower or upper chambers. The fundraiser which is slated for the Brandywine Bay beach will consist of three categories of events of beach rugby which will all have teams of six players each. The event will run from 9 am to 5 pm on Sunday, November 22.
  • Peloton to Skip Black Friday: The popular at-home cycling fitness brand has decided to forego Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals due to current long wait times. New customers are being offered complimentary access to the Peloton App while they wait for their bike to arrive.
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