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Managing Some of CrossFits Biggest Stars

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • After a year of COVID, the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is set to kick off an in-person race and event week in 2021.
  • Snorri Baron manages Sara Sigmundsdottir and BKG among many others. We sat down and with him and gathered his thoughts on key topics of the day,
  • Through CrossFit, Sara Vogler found a path to possibility.

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  The In-Person Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is Back and Ready to Benefit the Youth of Kauai 

The In-Person Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is Back and Ready to Benefit the Youth of Kauai

On September 18, hundreds of people will descend upon Kauai to participate in the eighth annual Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. The 2020 iteration was entirely virtual due to COVID-19, but Aaron “Uncle Hoffy” Hoff is bringing back the in-person event. Once again, avid CrossFitters and supporters alike will be able to embrace pain together to raise money for the Keala Foundation.

Remind me: Hoff is a native of Kauai and someone that experienced firsthand the drug addiction problems that exist in the tropical paradise. He lost a decade of his life to drugs and alcohol but has since been sober for more than 20 years. He founded the Keala Foundation to help the youth of the island and then co-founded the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run to raise money for those in need.

  • “I got sober when I was early. So I saw it for what it was and started to create safe environments,” Hoff said. “For years before I even got to CrossFit, I had kids and friends that would come around me and hang out. And I would just show them the way of life that’s sober, you know, just show them how to do it, show them how to, like, deal with the issues and stuff.
  • “My goal has been to always create an environment that produces healthy kids that will be able to survive the drug problem over here. There’s all the environments that we that I grew up in were uncles, and Auntie’s, and, and there was really no structure. And you know, there’s drugs and alcohol was always intermixed with everything, there’s never been a really solid, sober environment. And nobody ever understood it
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Can a Mouthpiece Actually Improve Performance?

Can a Mouthpiece Actually Improve Performance?

Research says YES.

The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece has been tested and perfected across over 15 years of research and development conducted with elite athletes and cadets at the Citadel.

AIRWAAV widens your airway during exercise by directing your tongue down and forward, resulting in increased endurance, heightened strength, and improved recovery times.

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  • Sydney Wells is the newest NOBULL athlete.
  • Friday night at the Granite Games will be “Flashback Friday Night” and the events will all be throwbacks. The first of them will be “One-Rep Max Snatch”:
    • For Load:
      One-Rep Max Snatch
      Time Cap: 6 Minutes
    • The Granite Games is releasing one workout per day, in advance of its Semifinal event, at 12 PM ET on Instagram.
  • Individual event three at the Torian Pro is “Hann“:
    • For time:
      100ft Handstand walk
      6 Rope climbs 15ft
      100ft Double kettlebell lunge 24/16kg
      100ft Handstand walk
      4 Rope climbs 15ft
      100ft Double kettlebell lunge 24/16kg
      100ft Handstand walk
      3 Rope climbs 15ft
      100ft Double kettlebell lunge 24/16kg
      Time cap 12 minutes
    • The Torian Pro is releasing one workout per day, in advance of its Semifinal event, at 12 PM ET on Instagram.
  • The 2022 CrossFit European Masters Championship: In Masters competition news, here’s a new collaboration. The winners of the 2021 Norwegian CrossFit Throwdown RX division will receive an invitation to the final of this year’s Madrid CrossFit Championship. And in turn, the winners of the Masters 35+ division at the Madrid CrossFit Championship will receive an invitation to the European CrossFit Masters Championship 2022.
  • The newly-crowned 2021 Miss UniverseAndrea Meza, from Mexico, is a CrossFitter.
  Five Thoughts with Iceland’s Snorri Baron, CrossFit Manager to the Stars 


Five Thoughts with Iceland’s Snorri Baron, CrossFit Manager to the Stars

He may be one of the sport’s most recognizable characters (outside of the athletes of course) as the Icelandic manager handles some of the biggest names in the sport including Sara Sigmundsdottir and Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson.

Barron, who first got his start in advertising, works with 12 CrossFit athletes on a full-time basis, and another 20 on the side. He is often seen at events looking like a security guard or bouncer, but it turns out the tattooed powerlifter is one of the most cerebral minds in the business. Here’s five thoughts from the gentle giant as CrossFit gears up for the final part of its 2021 season:

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  Sara Vogler: How CrossFit Helped her Open Her Mind to “What is Possible” 

Sara Vogler: How CrossFit Helped her Open Her Mind to “What is Possible”

Growing up, Sara Vogler got used to being chosen last for any athletic activity she tried. She got used to feeling like there were just things she couldn’t do, like she just didn’t fit in.

That’s because Vogler, now 35, was born in Krakow, Poland with a severe form of a rare genetic disorder called TARSA syndrome. The condition means she was born without a radius bone in either forearm, causing her mobility in her hands and arms to be severely impaired.

Vogler’s condition led her family to immigrate to the United States so she could undergo what ended up being 17 surgeries to lengthen her arms and increase her mobility so she could live an independent life.

For years, Vogler perceived her disability as “a hindrance,” she explained, one that prevented her from having confidence in her physical abilities.

Enter CrossFit

Three  years ago, encouraged by her sister who owns a CrossFit gym in Denver, CO, Colfax Strong Strength and Conditioning, Vogler decided to give CrossFit a try.

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