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Champion Aiming for First Games Visit

Morning Chalk Up

May 28   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • CrossFit announces new “Official Airbike.”
  • Meredith Root takes on hormonal birth control.
  • VIDEO: Khan Porter Discusses his Open Letter on Mental Health and the Torian Pro | The Bottom Line
  • John Champion seeks first Games appearance out of Torian Pro.
  • And, Zack George’s Workout of the Week.

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“To all the athletes out there - let the task be the task. It’s difficult enough, don't add false narratives in your mind surrounding your ability. Let the process dictate the success.” - Paul Knowles, Nine-year affiliate owner of CrossFit Cohort

  CrossFit Announces New “Official Airbike”: Assault Bike Out, Rogue Echo Bike In 

CrossFit Announces New “Official Airbike”: Assault Bike Out, Rogue Echo Bike In

Last week, CrossFit LLC announced the Rogue Echo Bike is now “The Official Air Bike of CrossFit.”

Why this matters: This marks a changing of the guard, as the Assault Bike has had a stronghold on CrossFit competitions since it was introduced at the CrossFit Games in 2015.

  • The Assault Bike has been a feature at the Games every single year since 2015, and it was also used at Regionals from 2016 to 2018.
  • When asked to comment on the matter, Assault Fitness president Roger Bates said: “It’s all about the mighty dollar. Pay to play is the new CrossFit way apparently…We never lose sight (of) the community…We love the community and will continue to support them in any capacity we can.”

CrossFit responds: “When the world’s best CrossFit athletes collapse in exhaustion next to their gear, the name they see is Rogue. Extending that partnership to the Rogue Echo Bike as the Official Air Bike of CrossFit was a seamless and natural next step, and I’m looking forward to creating some pain and suffering with it in future events,” commented CrossFit’s General Manager of Sport, Dave Castro.

One big thing: To make matters worse for Assault Fitness, it has allegedly been given a cease and desist order on their treadmills — the AssaultRunner Pro and the AssaultRunner Elite — from Woodway USA, the company that holds patents on self-propelled curved treadmills.

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  • Day one of the Torian Pro has wrapped, we’ll have a full recap soon.
  • The Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge kicks off today at 10:50 AM PT.
  • The Fittest in Cape Town Semifinal event, which will be held in Cape Town, South Africa on June 4-6, released all of its remaining workouts yesterday. Here are a couple of the individual tests:
    • Individual Test 1, “3-2-1-GO“:
      For Time:
      3000m Bike Erg
      30 Burpee Box Jumps Overs (30 Inches)
      2000m Bike Erg
      20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (30 Inches)
      1000m Bike Erg
      10m Sprint to Finish
      Time Cap: 27 Minutes
    • Individual Test 5, “The Double Tap“:
      For Time:
      50/35 Calorie Assault Bike
      15 DB Box Step Overs
      Move DB to Next Box, then
      15 DB Box Step Overs
      Carry DBs Over Finish Line
      Time Cap: 8 Minutes
  • For Memorial Day, O2 is offering a 50% discount Military discount with the GovX app.
  Hormonal Birth Control and Exercise Performance 


Hormonal Birth Control and Exercise Performance

One thing that CrossFit has always done particularly well is to create an inclusive and empowering environment in which women compete on a playing field that is level with male athletes.

Prize money and accolades have been distributed equally and, in some cases, women compete with the same loads and standards as men, often beating the guys in the event. Just look at Kari Pearce’s 2019 finish in Mary compared to the men’s field or Emily Rolfe’s finish in the Ruck event, where women carried the same loads for the same distance as the men.

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  Hormonal Birth Control and Exercise Performance 

VIDEO: Khan Porter Discusses his Open Letter on Mental Health and the Torian Pro

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  “Patience and Persistence” Set Australia’s John Champion Up for First Games Appearance 

“Patience and Persistence” Set Australia’s John Champion Up for First Games Appearance

On May 28-30, the top athletes from the Oceania region will face off in Brisbane at the Torian Pro Semifinal. Only the top three in each division will book a trip to the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games, and John Champion has every intention of being among this group. He has put in the work at Legion Strength and Conditioning, and he is ready to put his patience and persistence on full display.

Remind me: Champion competed in the 2018 Regional as a member of the LEGION team, who finished 16th. Champion has continued to test his skills against other athletes, including at the Australian CrossFit Championship Sanctional. Now he is heading to Semifinals after finishing ninth overall in the Oceania Quarterfinals.

A consistent presence: Champion has made a steady rise up the leaderboard throughout his career, placing 5333rd in Australia in 2016 and reaching 34th in Oceania in 2021. Champion has made this progress with the help of his coach, who he has worked with for eight years running.

  • “Cem Duru is his name, and he was the first coach I ever had from doing CrossFit,” Champion said. “I’ve stayed with him and stayed with Legion since I first started. He’s a smart dude, and it’s working.”
  • “He’s got a sign posted above the leaderboard every time we do a brief in the workout. And it’s just two words: ‘patience and persistence.’ I think, training-wise, that’s probably one of the biggest things I’ve learned. You need to know how to come in and do the boring stuff and do things that you’re bad at.”
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  Zack George's Workout of the Week 

Zack George's Workout of the Week

Every Friday, we’re bringing you an exclusive workout challenge programmed by a CrossFit Games athlete or coach that you can take on at home or the gym. You can post your times or scores in the comment section.

Today’s workout of the week is programmed by Zack George.

EMOM 20 Minutes
Minute 1: 20/15 Cal Assault Bike
Minute 2: 10 Wall Balls + 10 Burpees
(20/14 lbs or 9/6 kgs)

Some advice from Zack: “I have completed this workout and it’s very tough, I aim to finish the assault bike around 50 seconds and then the wall balls and burpees aiming to finish slightly quick around the 45-second mark and then maintain that same pacing all the way through.”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note. 

  Zack George's Workout of the Week 

Final Day...


The Tall Jerk

Getting the weight from the floor to your shoulders but then everything goes wrong? Jerks are hard. Use this drill from The Barbell WOD to work on driving your body down into the jerk catch position rather than bringing the bar up to meet you.




A Better Night of Zzzzzzz's

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The RDL Wobble

RDL's are great for two things. 1. Strengthening your hamstrings, glutes, and core. 2. Making you feel like you're about to topple over any second. Use these tips to create a stronger base with your foot and stop those wobbly knees.



Design Your Own Nike Metcons

With eight fully customizable areas -- from the sole all the way down to the Nike swoosh -- you'll be able to design a pair of shoes that are uniquely yours. We're thinking of a light blue and white mix. Not sure why...?



Sheet Pan Sausage and Peppers

Wait? A sheet pan recipe that isn't chicken? Sign us up. Put away the chicken breast for a night and give this recipe for Italian sausage and peppers a try. Healthy, simple, packed with protein, everything you need for a perfect weeknight dinner.


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