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Crayons, Coloring and CrossFit?

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Happy Thursday Morning Chalk Up readers! Let’s fitness 👊🏼.

  • Juicy News: Three parks along Lake Monona are reserved for the CrossFit Games. Could it be for the swim and paddleboard event?
  • How to hook, line and sink a potential new member, today.
  • It’s your last chance to win an exclusive Reebok Nano X1 Adventure bundle.
  • Plus, have you seen our new CHALKFIT shirts? Available for pre-order until tomorrow.
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“We only have one body and it's important to treat it with respect. When you do this, your body will be perfect, just the way it's supposed to be. I just want you to grow up to be strong. Not strong like me, but strong like you.” - Annie Thorisdottir, to her daughter, Freyja

  Madison Approves Three Parks for Games’ Use Along Lake Monona up to 5 Miles Apart 

Madison Approves Three Parks for Games’ Use Along Lake Monona up to 5 Miles Apart

In a June 9, 2021, Madison Board of Park Commissioners meeting, the CrossFit Games received approval for the use of three parks according to a monthly Report of Events Administratively Approved by Staff. The three parks are Quann, Olin and Olbrich on Lake Monona for the dates of 7/29-8/1.

What this could mean for event one: For years, CrossFit has programmed off-site events the first day of the Games as they’re generally tough to spectate in person and there are fewer on-site fans earlier in the week.

  • CrossFit’s Manager of Sport, Dave Castro, teased on Instagram that the first individual event would be a long swim and even longer paddleboard.
  • Quann Park is just outside the Alliant Energy Center, the main venue for the CrossFit Games.
  • Olin Park is about a mile from Quann, leading right into Lake Monona.
  • Olbrich Park is just under five miles from Olin if you were to walk the perimeter of the lake, meaning, it’s probably shorter if you were to swim, but not by much.

But the dates don’t match: Even though the approved dates of 7/29-8/1 don’t match the official Wednesday, July 28 start date of individual competition, it’s more likely that the paperwork was filed before CrossFit staff knew the full extent of their Games plans.

By the way, this is nothing new: CrossFit has sought approval for the past several Games to use the Olin Park Boat Launch. However, due to COVID-19, park use permits that would usually go to committee are being fast-tracked by staff.

  • Morning Chalk Up accurately predicted a Sunday water event at the 2019 Games after reviewing permits filed with the city of Madison.
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  • Can Roman Khrennikov get a visa? Manager Snorri Baron signaled hope for Khrennikov’s perpetual visa challenges after qualifying for his fourth CrossFit Games:
    • Baron: “He has the support of CrossFit HQ who are doing everything they can…it feels like there are enough things in play to get his visa approved this time around.”
    • Flashback to 2019: Khrennikov sat down for a lengthy interview discussing why he’s never been able to obtain a visa to travel to the U.S.
  • Must read: 10 questions with Caroline Conners, CrossFit Games rookie who qualified by taking fifth at the Granite Games.
  • Oink oink? Director of Sport Dave Castro teased a return of the pig in individual event two. The Rogue Pig made its CrossFit Games debut and only appearance back in 2015 during the Soccer Chipper, which included a 100-yard pig flip weighing 560/395 pounds.


  • RPM finalizes series A funding round: After hitting its funding milestone, the company plans to double its size in Northern California, adding more than 30 new employees by the end of the year.
    • Shane Rogers, CEO: “It’s been a long-time vision for the brand to be able to deliver all the products our community would expect from us in order to be able to train for their next adventure. With the additional horsepower behind us, we can finally put that vision in motion.”
  • LIFEAID is hiring: They currently have more than 12 openings including sales team members, accountants, and media marketing positions.


  • Product drop! Podium, the supplement company created by Mat Fraser and the Buttery Bros, dropped their first product, “FUSE,” a pre-workout.
  • Out of coffee, call a buffalo: In what might be the most hilarious ad spot to date, Rich Froning launches Buffalo Brew Coffee delivery, a monthly re-occurring whole bean coffee company from the eight-time Games champ.
  Beyond “I Need to Think About it:” Sales Experts Reveal How to Close a New Member 


Beyond “I Need to Think About it:” Sales Experts Reveal How to Close a New Member

So you have just spent an hour of your time with a new member or personal training client. You’re feeling good about the consultation, and then they say, “let me think about it and I’ll get back to you.”

“That usually means no, and the person is trying to protect (your) feelings. The chances of the person calling (you) back with a yes or a no after a waiting period is pretty small,” said Greg Mack, a sales coach who has spent 30 years in the fitness industry working with hundreds of CrossFit and functional fitness gyms.

This is why Mack teaches gym owners and coaches to structure their introductory with a prospective client in a way that encourages a yes or no answer at the end.

Continue Reading...
  A CrossFit-Focused Coloring Book Teaches Kids CrossFit Movements 

A CrossFit-Focused Coloring Book Teaches Kids CrossFit Movements

Coming to the rescue of every functional fitness loving kindergarten teacher, babysitter, and parent out there who feels like the entertainment options for kids that focuses on health are few and far between, “The Fittest Coloring Book on Earth” features drawings of athletes doing CrossFit movements like quarts, handstand walking, and rope climbs. 

The coloring book was also created by Anabel Avila, whose Spanish-only CrossFit-focused vlog has more than 120,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

The big picture: Fitness-focused children’s books is a small, but growing trend we’ve been tracking for the last year. On top of the three books we’ve profiled in 2021 alone, we’ve been sent several others either already published or in the works. 

Why it matters: Monkey see, monkey do. On top of seeing their parents doing WODs and many times joining in the fun, kids now have books that highligh functional movement. 

  • With 35 unique drawings related to CrossFit movements, you may even consider turning it into a game where once your kid colors the picture, they complete the movement. 

Go deeper:

  A CrossFit-Focused Coloring Book Teaches Kids CrossFit Movements 

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The Rocking Chair Fault In Your Olympic Lifts

Do you find yourself rocking back and forth in your pull? By not keeping your whole foot grounded, you're losing a ton of power and unbalancing yourself during a crucial part of the lift. Check out this demo from Sage Burgener to help keep everything moving in the right direction.




A CrossFit Games Viewing Party for Your Gym

While everyone won't be able to head to Madison, FITAID wants to give gyms something to celebrate. As the Official Recovery Beverage of the 2021 NoBull CrossFit™ Games, FITAID is stocking three lucky gyms with product and swag for the ultimate viewing party. All you have to do is tag your gym in their latest Instagram post.



The World's Greatest Stretch

Sometimes the answer to "what feels tight?" is "everything." That's when you need the World's Greatest Stretch in your back pocket ready to go. Check out this demonstration and make sure you're getting both portions correct to feel the full benefit.



A Pair of Reebok's for $10

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Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa

This cilantro lime grilled chicken recipe by itself is a winner. But the fresh avocado salsa topping it off is an absolute game-changer. Low-carb, high-protein, and can go from fridge to plate in under 30 minutes. This is going to become a go-to summer recipe.


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