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74 Years Young: CrossFit’s Oldest Competitor

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The AGOQ wrapped yesterday, we have some quick takes and first thoughts this morning.
  • O2 and the Morning Chalk have partnered to celebrate the first-ever Gym Appreciation week, May 10-15.
  • Meet 74-year-old Dan Contreras, the oldest athlete to tackle the AGOQ

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  Age Group Online Qualifier: 10 Key Takeaways 

Age Group Online Qualifier: 10 Key Takeaways

The final round of online qualifiers (Quarterfinals, Team Quarterfinals and AGOQ) came to a close on Sunday afternoon and for the masters and teen athletes competing this weekend, the stakes were high as they qualify directly from the Age Group Online Qualifier to the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

With more analysis to come this week, here are ten key takeaways at first glance of the yet-to-be finalized leaderboards from this weekend’s AGOQ:

The Teen Divisions

  1. The back-up plan:

Mallory O’Brien, Emma Lawson and Olivia Sulek have not taken their impressive Quarterfinals performances for granted and know they have much work to do to punch their tickets to the 2021 Games. The three athletes finished 1-2-3 in the girls 16-17 division, securing an appearance at the Games in the process albeit not in the much-coveted individual division. At least not yet.

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Here are the top five men and women in each Age Group Division, see the full AGOQ leaderboard:

  • Teens 14-15
    1 — Isaiah Weber (14) | Olivia Kerstetter (12)
    2 — Brode Beckwith (33) | Lucy McGonigle (28)
    3 — RJ Mestre (34 | Trista Smith (42)
    4 — Gustavo Pusch (35) | Emily Meyer (47)
    5 — Caden Pusche (56) | Jenna Michelotti (53)
  • Teens 16-17
    1 — Nate Ackerman (10) | Mallory O’Brien (7)
    2 — Rokkvi Gudnason (37) | Emma Larson (17)
    3 — Omri Meller (73) | Olivia Sulek (20)
    4 — Alexander Blazo (74) | Paulina Haro (28)
    5 — Elias Simbuerger (77) | Sophia Shaft (58)
  • Masters 35-39
    1 — Nick Bloch (94) |Alessandra Pichelli (45)
    2 — Stas Solodov (103) | Aneta Tucker (117)
    3 — Kyle Kasperbauer (108) | Briana Gaipa (128)
    4 — Shawn Bostick (138) | Alethea Boon (142)
    5 — Adrian Conway (141)  | Michelle Palmer (153)
  • Masters 40-44
    1 — David Johnston (76) | Rachel Green (20)
    2 — Caine Haynes (99) | Kelly Friel (30)
    3 — Alexandre Jolivet (102) | Delaina Snider (78)
    4 — Heath Moody (105) | Stephanie Roy (97)
    5 — Ryan McCarthy (112) | Lizzy Carson (110)
  • Masters  45-49
    1 — Giulio Silvino (55) | Janet Black (55)
    2 — Mike Kern (68) | Annie Sakamoto (66)
    3 — Alan Bates (85) | Jennifer Dieter (72)
    4 — Jason Grubb (90) | Lynn Cassotis (99)
    5 — Michael Orlov (94) | Heather Wood (134)
  • Masters 50-54
    1 — Greg Merkac (81) | Kylie Massi (49)
    2 — Bob Ruano (99) | Dee Dee Hoffman (51)
    3 — James Grundler (112) | Tia Vesser (53)
    4 — Bernard Luzi (113) | Julie Rappaport (69)
    5 — Kevin Koester (119) | Kristi Lunny (88)
  • Masters 55-59
    1 — Ron Ortiz (88) | Laurie Meschishnick (38)
    2 — Dion Walmsley (94) | Joanne McCullough (63)
    3 — Jody Clements (135) | Karen Lundgren (72)
    4 — Rob Bernet (141) | Ann Marie Hubbard (92)
    5 — Perry Siplon (158) | Lasara Magnani/Linda Elstun (94)
  • Masters 60-64
    1 — David Young (48) | Susan Clarke (17)
    2 — Will Powell (56) | Patricia McGill (24)
    3 — Jeffrey Christy (61) | Patricia Failla (35)
    4 — Gus Vandervoort (66) | Lynne Knapman (39)
    5 — Christian Galy (85) | Bianca Williams (61)
  • Masters 65+
    1 — Thomas Ackerman (37) | Shaun Havard (19)
    2 — David Hippensteel (51) | Lidia Beer (21)
    3 — George Koch (55) | Mary Schwing (50)
    4 — Donald Brignac (65) | Patty Bauer (53)
    5 — Ken Ogden/Walter Russel Brown (77) | Consuelo Cruz (55)

Here are a few additional Speed Reads:

  • On Friday, CrossFit Training announced that the Level 1 Certificate Course is now available online and in the in following languages: English, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, German and Italian. More languages will be released soon.
  • Still available: The Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Early Bird tickets for the families of Team Division athletes will remain available.
    • In an Instagram post, the MACC wrote: “As we wait for the TEAM invitations to be released by CrossFit, please be assured that each team athlete will be allowed either 2, 3 or 4 tickets. The tickets must be grouped together to ensure social distancing protocols. ⁣⁣TEAM athletes will be receiving an email this upcoming week on discounted pricing for families.”
  • Fun Fact: Continent Representation by Semifinal.
  • This week on the Clydesdale Fitness and Friends podcast,Emily Rolfe discusses growing up as a national-level gymnast in Canada and how nutrition may have attributed to stunted growth and not getting her period until the age of 22.
    • Emily said,“I grew when I quit, so when I was 22 I shot up…They (the coaches) were all like, don’t eat too much cause you are going to be too heavy, you aren’t going to be able to flip around kind of thing. No sugar, no fat; I remember they used to say that. I definitely didn’t eat enough, I know that for a fact…and again, yeah no period, like I said, [I was] 22 that’s when that came.”
  O2 and Morning Chalk Up Partner to Celebrate Gym Appreciation Week 

O2 and Morning Chalk Up Partner to Celebrate Gym Appreciation Week

The past year has presented immense difficulties for many gyms, but through it all, owners and staff members have continued to give back to their members and the community.

O2 is partnering with Morning Chalk Up to say thank you to the gym owners and staff that have worked hard to bring normalcy and fitness to their communities throughout the COVID pandemic. Starting on Monday, May 10 through Saturday, May 15, Gym Appreciation Week will serve as a way to recognize gyms for their dedication.

How you can participate: Through O2’s Gym Appreciation Week webpage, gym members can submit a short thank you video that will be sent to your gym to show your appreciation.

  • Every thank you video that is submitted will enter your gym into an $8,000+ Ultimate Gym Upgrade giveaway that includes prizes from Yeti, Assault Fitness, and Hyperice.
  • The winner will be announced on May 20.
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  74-Year-Old Competes in Age Group Online Qualifier, Oldest Athlete to Hit Competition Floor 


74-Year-Old Competes in Age Group Online Qualifier, Oldest Athlete to Hit Competition Floor

As the Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) kicks off, the stage is set for some of the youngest and oldest athletes in the sport. This is the final group of athletes to compete in this stage of the CrossFit Games season before the Individuals take on Semifinals.

The details: For the teens, ages 14-15 and 16-17 will compete, and for masters, the divisions range from 35+ up to 65+. But that isn’t stopping some masters athletes over the age of 70 from throwing down.

Meet Dan Contreras. At 74, he is the oldest age group athlete to qualify for the next stage. He’s just one of five male masters athletes in the 65+ category over the age of 70, with the majority of the competitors in his age group in their mid-60’s. A Vietnam Veteran in the United States Air Force, he’s been doing CrossFit for the last seven years after being inspired by his sons.

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