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A Look at the Cognitive Adaptive Athletes Landscape

Morning Chalk Up

June 22   |   POWERED BY

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Is the professionalization of CrossFit upon us?
  • Tommy Marquez tackles the Semifinals, part two
  • Justin Medeiros vs Patrick Vellner, a breakdown
  • What is the landscape for cognitive adaptive athletes?
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  The Professionalization of CrossFit is Here  

The Professionalization of CrossFit is Here

Before Kate Burton founded Fittest PR in 2020 to work directly with CrossFit athletes when it comes to public relations and marketing, she had an entirely different career.

Burton, who hails from the UK, was working in private banking for Merrill Lynch in San Diego, CA in 2011, and was introduced to CrossFit like most regulars are.

“One of my colleagues, who when I first met her, I was instantly in awe at how ridiculously strong and toned she was,” said the 31-year-old Burton. “And she started telling me about a CrossFit ‘box’ she was opening in Del Mar–CrossFit Del Mar.  I had zero clue about what she was talking about and thought it all sounded bizarre, at the time I was just a regular cardio gym bunny. I went along to the opening day, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming.”

Burton got her feet wet and when she went back to the UK in 2018, she started attending CrossFit Wandsworth in London, and was officially hooked on the sport. However, where most people stop (by simply doing CrossFit), Burton had bigger, more ambitious plans in mind.

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In case you missed it: Team athletes from CrossFit CLT and Shoofly CrossFit Storm Squadron failed their drug tests following the Semifinal round of competition.

In case you also missed this: Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line, spoke to Chris Hinshaw about how to build a CrossFit Games engine.

Big deal: Mondelez International, the Cadbury maker is reported to be buying energy bar maker Clif Bar & Company for $2.9 billion to “expand its global snack bar business.”

Star power: CrossFit Games team competitor Alison Scudds will be at the newly minted and owned CanWest Games in Port Coquitlam, BC from July 15-17.

Cancer and exercise: Yet another study has shown that people who exercise are at a lower risk of getting cancer, and exercising after a diagnosis can also help (paywall).

  Tommy Tackles Semifinals: Year Two  


Tommy Tackles Semifinals: Year Two

The second season of Semifinals qualifying has come to an end and the collective CrossFit community has (hopefully) had some time to wind down from a whirlwind four weeks of live competition. I was fortunate to travel to three events in-person including one overseas in Europe, and now that the jet lag has finally worn off I wanted to share some observations and takeaways from the Semifinals and my time in the sister cities of London and Knoxville.

I tried to spread things out between direct competition results and themes that apply to competition past, present, and future, so if you brought your Semifinals BINGO card with you, you might be in luck.

Common Event Comparisons

New to the live event Semifinals this season were two workouts programmed for both individuals and teams by CrossFit. Similar to Regionals programming of the past, it allowed for some comparisons of performance across events as well providing a semblance of consistency across testing, particularly with the strength events.

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  Tommy Tackles Semifinals: Year Two  

VIDEO: Medeiros vs. Vellner—Who Wins?

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  The Current State for Cognitive Adaptive Athletes  

The Current State for Cognitive Adaptive Athletes

The first page of the CrossFit Level 1 manual reads: “From the beginning, the aim of CrossFit has been to forge broad, general, and inclusive fitness.” CrossFit has spread across the world by teaching general fitness, and this wellness has been spreading to adaptive athletes. One example of adaptive athletes is those who are neurodivergent (e.g., Autism, Down Syndrome). Of interest, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has grown in prevalence drastically since the year 2000 (from 1 in 150 being diagnosed to 1 in 44).

Are coaches prepared to bring wellness to these adaptive athletes?

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Skipping Water For Hydration

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  • Congratulations to Amber from Unfiltered CrossFit in Orlando, FL on the 260 pound/118kg hang clean from blocks.
  • Chase Ingraham pulls a lifetime PR 500m row in only 1 minute, 20.7 seconds.
  • Mattie Rogers split jerks 331 pounds/150kg from the rack.
  • Jacob Heppner clean and jerks 315 pounds/143kg on a “fat bar”.
  • 👩🏻‍⚕️ Congratulations to Coach Hannah Metheny from CrossFit Ridgeback in Commerce City, CO for earning her selection as a Physician Assistant (PA) candidate on the most recent Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) board.
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