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Another Team Disqualified for PEDs

Morning Chalk Up

July 12   |   POWERED BY


Welcome back to Monday Morning Chalk Up readers! The good news, there are only two more training weeks until we see our favorite Games athletes throwing down in Madison, WI for the CrossFit Games.

So how will the final athletes who made it through the Last Chance Qualifier fare on the field? And who are the masters athletes we should be keeping an eye on? Let’s find out 😎.

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  Evaluating The Last Chance Athletes at the Games 


Evaluating The Last Chance Athletes at the Games

The 2021 CrossFit Game field is set (for now), as the Last Chance Qualifier (unofficially) gave us the final four qualifiers for Madison later this month. Last week we covered the history of the Last Chance Qualifier and success at the Games that the first batch of athletes had thereafter.

Now we have a new batch of athletes whose performance earned them the ticket to the Games, but a bigger prize – and further validation of the LCQ – would be to parlay that ticket into success on the floor in Madison. Here’s how the two men and two women could fare when they take the competition floor in just two weeks.

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Sweat is a Slippery Business

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  • 🔥🔥🔥 Failed drug test: Team Ocean State’s Finest has been disqualified from the CrossFit Games after Ray and Ashleigh Fleser tested positive for banned substances. Ray admitted to taking banned substances but claims that his wife Ashleigh, is innocent.
    • Ray: “I truly believe Ashleigh is taking the blame for a mix-up of samples…I’m owning up what I took but they’re pinning it on my wife…my wife didn’t take anything, I know she didn’t take anything.”
    • CrossFit has sent an invitation to sixth place finishing team, 12 Labours Lions. Team Captain, Jeff Milam told us they plan to accept the invitation to compete at the CrossFit Games.
  • Emma McQuaid is in the states: Irish Games athlete Emma McQuaid finally received visa approval from the US embassy to travel to Madison, WI for the CrossFit Games. McQuaid took first place at the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown but wasn’t able to travel to the US until CrossFit helped secure travel exemptions for international athletes.
    • The Belfast Telegraph reported that a letter from CrossFit to the embassy said, “from a field of over 264,000 athletes, Emma distinguished herself as one of the best in the world during the CrossFit Open this year and went on to finish first in the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown semifinal.”
  • From Last Chance Qualifier to the Ranch. Just as Christine Kole was ready to hang up her NOBULLs after her season came to an end through the LCQ, she checked her e-mail to find she was invited to the Ranch to help test Games workouts.
  • Also at the Ranch: Warrior Fitness Team athletes CPT Rachel Schreiber and SGT Jacob Pfaff. Both were invited to be on the Games Testing Team being put through possible workouts that will show up in Madison.


  • Ding, ding ding! Jacob Heppner got in the ring for his first sparring match over the weekend as he prepares to box Josh Bridges in Las Vegas in September. On a scale of 1 to blood, there was minimal blood…for now.


  • Rogues Suitcase Challenge: This one is going to blow up the forearms and test your grip strength. The challenge is a max barbell weight held in both hands for a minimum of 30 seconds. The athlete with the heaviest weight between the barbells wins. You can register now for the competition on Friday, July 16.
  Former Games Athletes To Watch In The Masters Division This Year 

Former Games Athletes To Watch In The Masters Division This Year

After all the age group divisions were canceled last year due to major changes made to the CrossFit Games due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several former individual and team athletes are set to compete, making the masters lineups look similar to the days athletes were at the StubHub Center.

Men 35-39: With two of the biggest names in the sport of fitness’s history on the leaderboard, James Hobart and Dan Bailey, the men’s 35-39 division is a testament to the early days of competitive CrossFit.

  • Adrian Conway (two-time team champion, one time individual athlete)
  • Dan Bailey (five-time individual CrossFit Games athlete)
  • James Hobart (three-time teams, two time team champion and one time individual)
  • Kyle Kasperbaur (three-time individual athlete, two-time masters champ)

Women 35-39: Including five women with previous experience in the individual women and team division, this is arguably the most stacked roster out of all the masters divisions. With 13 years of CrossFit Games experiences under their belt, these ladies will be the ones to watch during the masters competition.

  • Alethea Boon (three-time individual, one-time masters athlete)
  • Whitney Gelin (three-time individual athlete)
  • Cheryl Nasso (one-time individual, one-time team)
  • Chelsey Hughes (one-time individual athlete)
  • Kelley Jackson (two-time individual, one-time team athlete)

Men 40-44: Here we have two notable names. Nuno Costa has two finishes in the top ten in the team division with CrossFit Invictus before taking fourth overall in the 40-44 division in 2019 in his first masters appearance.

  • Nuno Costa (four-time team, one-time masters athlete)
  • Guido Trinidad (one-time individual, one-time masters athlete)

Women 40-44: After ten years of individual competition and two years competing in the 35-39 division, Rebecca Voigt-Miller continues her dominant reign in the 40-44 division this year as she enters the 13th year of her career.

  • Rebecca Voigt-Miller (Ten-plus CrossFit Games Athlete)
    • Between her individual and masters appearances, Voigt-Miller is the definition of Veteran CrossFit Games athlete through and through. Her best finish was third place in 2011 as an individual and third place twice as a masters in 2017 and 2019.

Why it matters: As big name, fan favorite individual and team athletes transition into the masters division, we will continue to see its growth and expansion, not only in difficulty and competitiveness, but also in recognition.


Good News is our weekly round-up of positive stories around the affiliate community. Are you opening a new gym, expanding a current location, offering new classes, or is your box running a fundraiser? Send us a tip to be featured.

  • 11th Anniversary for Affiliate: CrossFit Indestri celebrated its 11th anniversary earlier this week. The Collingwood, Ontario gym owned by Chris Stoutenburg, Jennifer Nichol and Stephanie McKean opened in early July 2010.
  • New Gym: Sunshine CrossFit in Bedford Hills, NY opened its doors this month. The gym offers Crossfit, Kids CrossFit, Prehab/Rehab, 30-Minute Sweat, TRX/PSM, and Olympic Lifting classes.
  • Joggin’ the Goggins Challenge and Fundraiser: Three CrossFitters from Fundy CrossFit in St. John, New Brunswick, Drew Carleton, Christian Goldie and Rob Pearson are in the midst of completing the David Goggins challenge. The challenge and fundraiser benefits the Make-a-Wish Foundation and while they’ve already exceeded their initial $5,000 goal, they are approaching the $10,000 mark, which will allow the foundation to grant one wish.
  • Vanessa Guillén WOD: For the second year in a row, North Dallas CrossFit held an event to honor Vanessa Guillén and other survivors of assault and/or harassment in and out of the military. 100% of every donation during the event went to the organization “Protect Our Defenders,” the pre-eminent national human rights organization dedicated to ending sexual violence, victim retaliation, misogyny, sexual prejudice, and racism in the military and combating a culture that has allowed it to persist.
  • RS3 Fit Fundraiser for The Brain Tumour Charity: RS3 Fit in Norwich, UK will host a 24-hour WODathon on July 17-18 to raise awareness and funds for the Brain Tumour Charity. Gym member Darren Whittock will be hosting the CrossFit workout from noon alongside another member Annie Draper, whose father Mark was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in 2018. Learn more and donate.
  Putting in the Work: 15-Year-Old Delaney Wade Manages Type 1 Diabetes, Qualifies for the CrossFit Games Teen Division 

Putting in the Work: 15-Year-Old Delaney Wade Manages Type 1 Diabetes, Qualifies for the CrossFit Games Teen Division

Delaney Wade is what you’d call an extremely active 15-year-old. Currently ranked 6th in her CrossFit division and a competitive soccer player, losing weight isn’t much to raise an eyebrow over. But losing one to two pounds overnight, alarm bells start going off.

  • “In the middle of the night, I would have to pee… and before I even walked out of the bathroom, I would have to pee again. I was like ok, maybe I’m just super hydrated or whatever. [But] I was hungry all the time. I would eat, and I would want to eat again, and I could just not get full,” said Wade.

In 2019, Wade finally went to the doctors and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. That day, her blood sugar levels were in the high 600s, which, according to her doctor, should have landed her in the ICU.

  • “They came to us, and [said], ‘we want to warn you she’s probably going to be in the ICU for a while because when they started running tests, [and found] her sugar levels had been over for several months,” her father Bruce said.
  • “CrossFit and soccer, that’s probably what saved me from going to the ICU, because that helped my sugars stay good enough,” Wade adds.

Living with Diabetes: “Just the fact of me giving myself shots, or even pricking my finger, it took me a while. My dad would prick my finger or give me every shot or my siblings would, because I couldn’t do it at the beginning.”

  • “It’s a rollercoaster,” adds Bruce. “Trying to pattern it and track it, and we’ve done well considering, but trying to understand what causes highs, what causes lows… we know carbs cause highs, but if you’re lifting heavy, at a slower pace, then you tend to go up. If you are doing a lot more cardio, fast-paced stuff, it tends to fall.”

Journey to Madison: Wade started CrossFit about two and a half years ago, but she said competing this year was different.

  • “I’ve done the Open before… but I wasn’t where I needed to be to qualify. I was hungry then, but I think that made me want it more,” Wade said.

Now, on her way to compete in the girl’s teen division, Wade is filling her days with training, fitting CrossFit around her competitive soccer schedule, and “making sure to throw in the hard workouts so maybe once I get [to the Games], I can be ready for them.”

  • “I definitely want to put my mark there, but I also want to use this process to inspire people with diabetes,” the young athlete continues. “I want to make sure I can inspire people and have fun with it, but I will put in the work.”
  Putting in the Work: 15-Year-Old Delaney Wade Manages Type 1 Diabetes, Qualifies for the CrossFit Games Teen Division 

Alison Scudds Demo Team Captain for 2021 CrossFit Games | The Bottom Line

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Chalk Up Highlights is our section dedicated to celebrating our community’s wins in the gym. Follow @ChalkUpHighlights and submit your highlights to [email protected] to be featured.

  • Happy birthday to Shane Orr.
  • Happy belated birthday to Frederik Aegidius.
  • Luis Perales from Elite Fitness Center in Spain behind the neck split jerks 305 pounds/138kg.
  • Sena Erickson from Training Think Tank deadlifts 280 pounds/127kg for a PR.
  • Adaptive athlete Amalia Ortuño from Santa Ana, Costa Rica deadlifts 315 pounds/142kg for a PR.
  • Dex Hopkins from Conquer Athlete overhead squats 350 pounds/158kg.
  • Clint Quesinberry snatches 220 pounds/99kg.
  • 5-year-old Mikey from Great State Fitness PR’s his box jump at 23 inches.
  • CrossFit Kids Juliet is ready for the Games…someday! She’s already practicing her pig flips.
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