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CrossFit Games Boundaries Set For 2021

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The CrossFit Games revealed the continental boundaries it will use for semi-final events, it’s the seventh boundary change in the modern Games era.
  • Affiliate owners learned important lessons in 2020 and look to apply them in the coming year.
  • Josh Mintz, a seven-year CrossFit athlete began taking his nutrition seriously and recruited his son for garage workouts, he’s lost 40 pounds so far.
  • CrossFit settles lawsuit with NSCA for undisclosed sum.

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  CrossFit Announces Season Boundaries For 2021 

CrossFit Announces Season Boundaries For 2021

We are less than a week into the 2021 calendar year and Dave Castro is up to his old tricks again. CrossFit’s General Manager of Sport took to Instagram Tuesday evening to tease some upcoming details about the season, as well as reveal how the world would be divided up structurally for the 2021 Games season.

Continental divide: Castro revealed that the boundaries used to determine six of the world’s seven continents (excluding Antarctica) would be used to divvy up the world into six regions accordingly for the season, making good on comments made during his appearance on the Talking Elite FItness podcast where he hinted that the world would be split up based on “areas in the world…already defined by society,” before letting the word continents slip out later in the episode.

One big thing: The sport is no stranger to change considering the announcement representing the 7th different boundary structure used during the season to organize athletes on their path to the CrossFit Games, and the six continents represent the smallest organizational structure in terms of total groups so far.

  • In 2009, qualification was sorted by more than a dozen regional competitions that included a motley of formats and names including the Hell’s Half Acre, the Northeast, the Dirty South, and the Icelandic Regional Qualifier.
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  • DRIVING THE DAY: The 2021 CrossFit Games rule book drops this morning. Stay tuned. We’ll breakdown the major changes later today.
  • O2 just released oxygenated water in 16 ounce cans, instead of plastic bottles.
  • PRVN Fitness launches affiliate programmingjoining others like NCFit, CompTrain, and Mayhem. It focuses on general physical preparedness and creating an exceptional everyday experience for gym members.
  • Julie Foucher opens up about some personal struggles over the last six months: “I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but the way I’ve portrayed my life to you all and even to my closest friends and family in the past made it seem like I was living an ideal life, while deep down I was experiencing a lot of internal struggle. Over the past six months, my life has been turned upside down.” Read the full post.
  • Jazzercise, Retro Fitness, and [solidcore] joined theCrossFit-led Community Gyms Coalition to urge Congress to provide direct aid to local gyms.
  • Froning and Fraser bury the hatchet and ask that everyone leave them “alone.”
  Affiliate Owners Reflect on 2020 and Set 2021 Goals 


Affiliate Owners Reflect on 2020 and Set 2021 Goals

For many gym owners, 2020 was a fork in the road.

  • “Some were forced to close permanently by no fault of their own which is simply awful,” said Ryan McFadyen, owner of Ohio Strength.
  • “For many others, they’re either realizing how much they love what we do, and this is reinforcing their drive and desire to overcome the adversity and continue to grow and move forward.”
  • “Or it has made some owners realize maybe they should consider looking for a way to sell or get out of gym ownership because this path may no longer best serve them and their families,” he concluded.

Why it matters: For those owners who have pressed on, 2020 has taught them some valuable lessons and they are looking to apply those as they forge ahead with their goals for 2021.

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  You Can’t Outwork a Bad Diet: Long-Time CrossFitter Josh Mintz Fixes Nutrition, Recruits Son and Loses 40 Pounds 

You Can’t Outwork a Bad Diet: Long-Time CrossFitter Josh Mintz Fixes Nutrition, Recruits Son and Loses 40 Pounds

Josh Mintz gained a lot of strength and fitness in the seven years he had been going to Big Mountain CrossFit in WhiteFish, MT, but he never took the plunge to dial in his diet and shed the weight he wanted to lose.

  • “Then 2020 rolled along, and I had gotten to my heaviest I had ever gotten — 206 pounds,” said the 5-foot-10 Mintz. “I was strong, but I wasn’t happy about how I looked or felt.”
  • By August, as COVID-19 was in full swing, Mintz decided “enough was enough.” He also knew being overweight was a serious comorbidity for COVID-19, and on top of that, he suffers from a chronic, persistent cough that started to concern him.
  • So the 48-year-old cut out sugar and dairy, and carbohydrates, like pasta and white potatoes and fastidiously started tracking his calories. “It was really mostly about portion control, and I started to make sure I always ate a good protein…making sure the quality of food is better so my body functions better,” Mintz said.

Today: Mintz is down 40-plus pounds; he consistently weighs in somewhere between 161 and 163 pounds. And after five months of clean eating, his cravings for sweets have largely subsided. Healthy eating has become his new normal, and his mind, body, and performance at the gym, thank him for it, he explained.

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  Saga Ends as CrossFit Settles Legal Case with NSCA 

Saga Ends as CrossFit Settles Legal Case with NSCA

CrossFit LLC wrapped up its six-year-long legal battle with the National Strength and Conditioning Association in a private settlement, according to Andrew Weinstein, CrossFit’s Head of Communications and Public Policy. The settlement, which was made in private, was not issued by Judge Janis L. Sammartino of the  U.S. District Court of San Diego and therefore not in the public record.

  • Weinstein: “The case has been settled in CrossFit’s favor. The payment terms are confidential.  We are very pleased to have this matter resolved, so we can focus on our mission of building the world’s leading platform for health, happiness and performance.”

The news comes on the heels of Law360’s reporting that the NSCA and its insurer, National Casualty Co, reached a deal on Monday. The two were locked in a legal battle since July 2018 when National Casualty sued the NSCA so they were no longer liable to cover NSCA’s damages.

Why it matters: Essentially Judge Sammartino’s ruling a little more than a year ago that the NSCA’s actions constituted “extensive perjury,” and called them “inherently untrustworthy” was essentially the nail in the coffin. Now the legal battle is officially over and CrossFit can go on to doing other things with its time and money.

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  Saga Ends as CrossFit Settles Legal Case with NSCA 

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