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Comp Corner Tech Helps Filter Banned Athletes

Morning Chalk Up

November 23   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • What does the president of Live and Live Sports think about athlete payouts?
  • Competition Corner makes it easier to flag banned athletes.
  • Imagine being 16, living the van life and competing in CrossFit.
  • Get ready to shop till you drop on these Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.
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  Event Organizers: Competition Corner Made it Easier to Identify Banned Athletes at Registration  

Event Organizers: Competition Corner Made it Easier to Identify Banned Athletes at Registration

With the new format of the CrossFit Games season, athletes have the ability to compete in more off-season events — including non-licensed CrossFit competitions, of which there are thousands held annually across the globe. As they take advantage of this in hopes of another potential earning opportunity, those serving a ban from the sport are too. But Competition Corner is making it easier for event organizers to know if an athlete currently serving a drug-related sanction registers to compete.

The details: Competition Corner is one of the largest event management and leaderboard technology companies in the CrossFit community, used by events like Wodapoolza and Dubai CrossFit Championship. During registration setup, event organizers can include a question that asks the athlete whether they’re currently serving a CrossFit drug sanction.

  • “We’ve had the option since the inception of Competition Corner,” Michael Huynh, the founder of Competition Corner said.
  • Event organizers can do this through “custom fields” in registration which will allow them to learn more about the athletes who sign up — in this case — whether they’re serving a drug ban.
  • Those using Competition Corner also have the ability to retrospectively amend leaderboards if they learn about an athlete’s ban after the event. This was the case at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge in 2019 with Elite Team Invictus X, for example.

How it works

  • Event organizers can add this question within their event under Event Setup > Custom Registration Fields.
  • When enabled, it will be presented to the athlete at the time of registration prior to checking out and/or the Athlete may update their response afterward if the event organizer allows athletes to edit their response.

Remind me: As independent non-licensed events, allowing a banned athlete to compete is entirely up to the event organizer — however — what Competition Corner is doing could help create more transparency. This is a topic that’s brought controversy in recent months as some athletes take home prize money.

  • Alanna Fisk Colon competed as an individual at the Pensacola Beach Brawl. She stood on top of the podium and took home $4,000.
  • Fanny Solis competed on a team at Crash Crucile and took second place earning $2,000.
  • Janelle Stites competed at the 2021 Heart of America Team Competition, but did not podium or take home any prize money.

In Colon and Solis’ case, event organizers told Morning Chalk Up they were not aware the athletes were serving a drug ban — and voiced the challenges of looking into athletes who register. Allowing event organizers to openly ask the question from the moment the athlete registers seems like a feasible solution for competitions moving forward.

  • “Fair play and good sportsmanship is critical to the integrity of this sport. Every athlete should have a fair chance to achieve their best on that competition floor,” Huynh concluded.
  • To help inform organizers, Morning Chalk Up curated a list of all athletes currently serving a drug-related ban from competing in CrossFit.
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MUST WATCH: Matt O’Keefe, President of Loud and Live Sports, weighing in on building more financial opportunities for CrossFit Games athletes in a sit down interview.

  • “It’s essential to build earning opportunities for athletes to make this a professional sport, create long-term viability, we always want to pay deeper.”
  • “[Wodapalooza is] going to give more money this year than we ever have, pretty level with what Dubai has given in the past.”
  • “That piece is a lot of my why, and Loud and Live is an athlete first business. We look to give back when we progress.”
  • I would like to see [prize purses] progress more in the Semifinals. We don’t really have control over that. I think we can get there.”

Eik Gylfadottir receives backfill invite spot to compete at Dubai CrossFit Championship, replacing Danielle Brandon.

The Mill Valley High School student newspaper profiled Olivia Kerstetter, the 15-year-old CrossFit Games champion and high school sophomore from Shawnee, KS.

  • Kerstetter: “I feel like it is worth it, especially this year whenever I won the games, it’s kind of hard to believe because that’s all you train for, and then when it finally happens, it’s surreal. I have a lot of fun in the gym. I really enjoy it. I’ve made so many new friends, it’s definitely worth it.”
  • Jill Glasenapp, Olivia’s coach: “Olivia’s mental toughness and competitive edge definitely separates her from competitors. Olivia is an extremely smart athlete, in that she knows exactly what she is capable of, and what she needs to continue to work on. She is not afraid to do extremely hard work to reach her goals, and she is a gracious champion.”
  • Watch our interview with the fittest 15-year-old on the planet.

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  Teen Spotlight: Living the Van Life, 16-Year-Old Landen Ryan Thrives on Challenges of Road Life  

Teen Spotlight: Living the Van Life, 16-Year-Old Landen Ryan Thrives on Challenges of Road Life

Most CrossFit Games athletes are notoriously routine-oriented, training at the same box, time and with the same crew day in and day out. In fact, most elite athletes don’t like to travel because it disrupts their training and nutrition. However, for 16-year-old Landen Ryan, consistency is the one thing he doesn’t enjoy, because for the past twelve months he’s been living the RV life with his parents and six other siblings.

“It’s definitely been a journey,” Ryan admitted on a Zoom call with the Morning Chalk Up. Behind him, the webcam is catching a beach cabana from where he joined the call on a beach in Florida, the latest of his homes since starting life on the road, which has included everywhere from Los Angeles to Arkansas to Colorado.

“Some people probably look at it like ‘oh, that kind of stinks, he doesn’t have a home gym,’ but if you change your mindset and, say, maybe there’s something at a competition you’re not used to, you’re already so good at adapting and that’s definitely something that has helped me.”

Ryan is quick to admit that during the 2021 Open, which he completed in the Florida Keys, and the AGOQ, from Arkansas, that traveling took a toll on his performance. He finished the AGOQ in 50th, missing the 20th place Games cut-off by a healthy margin.

Then, his family took a break from constant travel and Ryan spent two months training consistently in California. He showed up at the Pit Fitness Ranch Elite Teen Throwdown an entirely different athlete, finishing second to the current reigning 16-17 boys champ, Nate Ackermann, even beating him in two events.

“Placing second will definitely boost your confidence,” Ryan admitted shyly.

In a stacked field with 18 of the fittest 16-17 boys on Earth and three 2021 CrossFit Games athletes, Ryan racked up two first-place finishes with an additional two second-places, both of which were just behind Ackermann.

“I definitely wanted to push (Ackermann) because he is the best, and just having him as the bar to hit it was pretty cool to chase after him or have him chase after you.”

It’s no secret, to both Ryan or spectators, that the Throwdown programming worked to his advantage. Ryan acknowledged that two events that heavily emphasized running, including a 500m obstacle sprint, by laughing and admitting, “I’m a runner!”

Ryan says he approached The Pit completely different than competitions he’s attended in the past, a needed perspective shift that he says not only led to success over competition weekend but also added immensely to the enjoyment.

“You never know with this sport, you could be (competing) forever or this could be your last event,” Ryan said. “This wasn’t just about me (performing well), I wanted to enjoy the time I have, and I just tried to have fun.”

  The 2021 Ultimate CrossFitters Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday  

The 2021 Ultimate CrossFitters Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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  • Ricky Garard does five back squats at 400 pounds/181kg.
  • Santiago Sanchez, the Fittest 14-15-year-old in Canada, hits a 205 pound/93kg snatch.
  • Congratulations Sierra Tjelmeland from CrossFit Sua Sponte in Raleigh, NC on the 220 pound/100kg clean and jerk PR.
  • Congratulations Andrei Petcu, a 16-year-old from CrossFit 19.05 in Moscow, Russia, on the 308 pound/140kg 2RM front squat PR.
  • Congratulations Preston Breece of CrossFit Abundantly More in Miramar Beach, FL on the 500 pound/226.5kg deadlift PR.
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