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CrossFit Announces Semifinal Evrents

Morning Chalk Up

January 24   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Monster signs a ton of new athletes.
  • Mal O’Brien is moving to Vermont.
  • Matt O’Keefe is leaving Loud and Live.
  • Annie Thorisdottir assembles a very, very super team.
  • CrossFit announces semifinal events.
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  Monster Energy Signs Roster of the Biggest Names in the Sport  

Monster Energy Signs Roster of the Biggest Names in the Sport

After making their debut as a sponsor at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games, the multi-billion dollar corporation Monster Energy has signed some of the fittest, most well-known athletes in CrossFit, including reigning champions Tia-Clair Toomey and Justin Medeiros.

Rounding out the drink company’s roster of Games athletes includes eight-time competitor Noah Ohlsen, seven-time competitor Brooke Wells, fan favorites Danielle Brandon and Chandler Smith, and rookie phenom Mal O’Brien.

“We were looking for athletes with compelling stories behind them, that not only live and breathe the ethos of what they’re doing, but they transfer it into other parts of their lives. Our team is diverse, multi-cultural and listens to what our athletes think about how we should market them,” explained Hans Molenkamp, Monster’s director of Combat Sports and CrossFit.

One big thing: Although each athlete’s contract with Monster is different, Molenkamp explained that what makes a deal with Monster unique is that they don’t require athletes to meet quotas, such as “four social media posts a month that promote the brand like some companies do,” he said.

  • Instead they’re focused on creating products the athletes want to consume, so they will become ambassadors for Monster “more organically,” Molenkamp said, adding that not all Monster products are sugar bombs like many believe them to be.
  • “We take a very deep interest in the athletes we’re signing, asking them what their views are on (our products)…We want to be able to highlight the fact that we’re producing products that are inline with the sport to help the athletes,” he added.

The big picture: This is only the start of the Monster, CrossFit relationship, Molemkamp said. Their ultimate plan is to sponsor gyms, as well, and launch the community and the sport to a new level.

  • “We’re going to find gyms that are influential geographically and globally, ones that have helped the athletes and have helped grow the sport,” he said.
  • Molemkamp added: “We’re not trying to come in here and change anything that has already been established in (the CrossFit community). We’re trying to elevate everything that has been built. We want to uplift the sport and the athletes, too.”
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Guess Who's Back

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  • Innovations across Recover, Ignite and CBD product lines.
  • They celebrated surpassing $1MM in donations to the Navy SEAL Foundation.
  • Partnerships with Joe Rogan, MMA superstar Israel Adesanya, and more.

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Mal O’Brien, who recently transitioned to train under Mat Fraser, is now moving to Vermont.

  • “I will be making a move to Vermont in a few short days and it feels so surreal to know I have the absolute best team in the world behind me this season and beyond.”

Status update on Cassandra Moorad who has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer:

  • “Yesterday was the last infusion of phase 1 of treatment! It’s been a long 3 1/2 months, but I’m so thankful to have made it this far with manageable symptoms. I’ll get one more round of the HER2 infusions in 3 weeks, and then I’ll have surgery (a double mastectomy with expander placement) in the beginning of March.”

Sammy Moniz launches a tiny talk show…sorta.

Sean Sweeney hands down had the most epic gender reveal we’ve ever seen.

  Breaking: Matt O'Keefe Announces He's Leaving Loud and Live,  

Breaking: Matt O'Keefe Announces He's Leaving Loud and Live, "Other Plans Ahead"

After four years as President of Loud And Live Sports, Matt O’Keefe announced that he’s leaving the company. This comes just a week after the 10th anniversary of Wodapalooza, an event hosted by Loud and Live.

One big thing: O’Keefe’s departure comes as a major blow to Loud and Live Sports, which has drastically expanded from just one event (Wodapalooza) to four CrossFit events internationally under O’Keefe’s leadership. O’Keefe’s connections and access to brands and athletes has served as a major boost for these events.

  • Loud and Live now own and operate Granite Games, West Coast Classic, Madrid CrossFit Championship and Wodapalooza.

“Today I close a door that I’m incredibly grateful for,” said O’Keefe.

In an interview with Morning Chalk Up, O’Keefe said stepping away from the company wasn’t an abrupt ending, rather, a decision he’s been considering for the past six to 12 months – especially leading up to Wodapalooza.

“Every year you go through that [Wodapalooza] it sort of adds to your love and dedication but it also takes a little piece of you away because it’s such a hard process. Event organizers know events are hard but with the passion and energy that goes into a Wodapalooza, it’s even harder. There’s so much emotionally at stake.”

“There’s a lot of factors…my family, my health, and just you know, looking at cool new opportunities that I have on the horizon and focusing more on things I want to focus on.”

When asked exactly what O’Keefe’s next opportunity might be, he said he wasn’t yet ready to announce it as he wanted to take these next few days to reflect on his time with Loud and Live and express gratitude for the time he spent with the company. However – he did say he will reveal what that next chapter is in the coming week.

“I’ve been an athlete representative for years, it’s an area that I want to make sure that I continue to really focus on. I have some stuff that I’ll want to talk about next week that I’m going to go and do.”

  Thorisdottir Assembles Super Team in Iceland  

Thorisdottir Assembles Super Team in Iceland

2021’s third fittest woman on earth, eleven time individual Games athletes, and two time CrossFit Games individual champion, Annie Thorisdottir will not be competing as an individual this year. Instead, she is assembling an all-star cast of high caliber, and highly experienced, CrossFit athletes in Iceland to make a run at the Affiliate Cup title.

The Team: 

Annie Thorisdottir

Though Thorisdottir has no CrossFit Games team experience on her resume, she has competed in several team settings including:

  • Rogue Team Balck 2016 with Rich Froning, Josh Bridges, and Katrin Davidsdottir
  • WOW stronger, where she won both years (2017 and 2018)
  • Butcher’s Classic where she won with Davidsdottir (2019)

Lauren Fisher

Fisher has competed three times at the CrossFit Games on a team. She was on the Invictus team first in 2013 where they placed 7th, again in 2015 coming in 13th, and she podiumed, taking third place, with Invictus in 2019. Outside of her individual career best Games finish of 9th in 2014, those two finishes are better than any other individual run she’s made. Her prowess for success in team environment, and the fact that despite being so experienced she’s still only 27 years old, make her an excellent fit for any team with podium aspirations.

Khan Porter

Though Porter is largely known for his individual career at the CrossFit Games, and rightfully so with five individual appearances under his belt; he also competed with team Project X in 2019. Not only that, Porter is coming off a tremendously impressive showing at Wodapalooza where his elite men’s team of three placed second overall.

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  CrossFit Announces Almost All Semifinal Events for 2022 Games Season  

CrossFit Announces Almost All Semifinal Events for 2022 Games Season

Today, CrossFit announced eight of the ten semifinal competitions that will serve as the final, in-person competition to earn a spot to the 2022 CrossFit Games, August 4-7 in Madison, WI.

One big thing: Two major North American events are noticeably absent from this list: Granite Games and West Coast Classic, both owned and operated by Loud and Live Sports

  • Loud and Live Sports’ President Matt O’Keefe announced last night that he is leaving the company after four years at the helm but didn’t say what’s next.
  • The question now becomes, which two events are even capable of replacing Granite Games and West Coast Classic.

The events so far: Five of the ten semifinal hosts are new this season. In the event that a competition cannot proceed in-person due to COVID-19, CrossFit will host an online competition.

  1. North American Semifinal #1*
    Venue: TBA
    Dates: May 20-22
  2. CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown
    Venue: TBA
    Dates: May 20-22
  3. Torian Pro
    Venue: Pat Rafter Arena — Brisbane, Australia
    Dates: May 20-22
  4. Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge (North America)
    Venue: Knoxville Civic Coliseum — Knoxville, TN
    Dates: May 27-29
  5. CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town
    Venue: Coetzenburg Sport Centre — Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch
    Dates: May 27-29
  6. North American Semifinal #3*
    Venue: TBA
    Dates: June 3-5
  7. Far East Throwdown*
    Venue: TBA — Busan, South Korea
    Dates: June 3-5
  8. CrossFit Strength in Depth*
    Venue: ExCeL London — London, England
    Dates: June 10-12
  9. Copa Sur*
    Venue: Shopping Vitória — Enseada so Suá, Vitória
    Dates: June 10-12
  10. CrossFit Atlas Games
    Venue: Complexe Sportif Claude Robillard — Montreal, Québec
    Dates: June 10-12

*Denotes a new semifinal host.

One very unanswered question is what will the prize purses be for finishing in a qualifying position.

  • Last season awarded only $5000 to the athlete who won, which pales in comparison to major off season events that pay out between $50,000 and $250,000 for winning an event.


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Celebrating a PR, hosting a fundraiser, this, that, or otherwise. Send us a tip.

  • 🎂 Happy birthday Tessa GarrettHope Murray (Friday), Michele Letendre, and Andie González Farias (Saturday).
  • 👨‍🚒 Congratulations Jeff Guzman from Red Wolf CrossFit in Huntington Beach, CA on completing the fire academy and joining the team at Kern County Fire Department.
  • Congratulations to Yann Philibert from CrossFit WolfSpirit in Lescar, France on the 278 pound/126kg snatch PR.
  • Congratulations CJ Cummings from Columbus, OH on the 529lb/240kg front squat.
  • Chandler McDonald from CrossFit Reaux in Ruston, LA performs a squat while held overhead in her husband Collin’s hands. Woah.
  • 😳 Ibrahim Alshaeri from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia goes for a walk…in the air.
  • Alexandre Caron completed this (insane) EMOM for the first time after attempting for over two years. EMOM 10: (1) 100 Double-unders (2) 30 Chest-to-bar pull-ups.

This Saturday, January 29th, CrossFit Kaiju in Matthews, NC is hosting the Hero WOD “Thompson” as a fundraiser benefitting Gold Star Teen Adventures. The WOD honors fallen US Army Captain David Thompson on the 12th anniversary of the date he was KIA in the Wardack Province of Afghanistan.

  • Thompson’s daughter Isabelle and his wife Emily are both members at CrossFit Kaiju. Isabelle is co-hosting the event as part of her high school senior project, and is extending an invite to the CrossFit community to join her in honoring her father on Saturday.
  • If you donate to GSTA or complete the WOD, send Isabelle a note at [email protected]
  • 10 Rounds for Time:
    1 Rope Climb (start in seated position)
    29 Back Squats (95/65)
    10m Barbell Farmers Carry (135/95)
    Time Cap: 1 hour
3/1 - 3/31: Sit Ups For Pups (Everywhere, Anywhere Online)
3/2: The LKW Games (Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina)
3/9: The Valkyrie Fitness Competition (Tampa, FL)
3/16: Upper Hunter Strongest Novice (Muswellbrook, Australia)
3/16: Oceanside CrossFit 1st Annual Shamwod & Shenanigains (Oceanside, Ca)
3/16: Shamwod & Shenanigains (Oceanside, Ca)
3/16: Shamwod & Shenanigains (oceanside, ca)
3/23 - 3/24: Beach Brawl (Spring) (Pensacola Beach, FL)
3/23: Masters Distinguished Games (Fort Wright, KY)
3/23: CFL Teen Take Over (Lorton, VA)
4/6: Girls Gone Rx Ohio (Lancaster, Ohio)
4/6 - 4/7: SeaDog Summer Showdown (Jupiter, Florida)
4/6: Girls Gone Rx Minnesota (Austin, Minnesota)
4/6: Girls Gone Rx Kentucky (Richmond, Kentucky)
4/6: Best Babes Decatur (Decatur, Alabama)
4/6: Best Babes 608 (Janesville, Wisconsin)
4/6: Best Babes South Carolina (Beufort, South Carolina)
4/6: Best Babes Houston (Houston, Texas)
4/6: Best Babes Wyoming (Cheyene, Wyoming)
4/6: War Off I-4 (Deland, FL)
4/6 - 4/7: No Pain No Game (Legnano, Italy)
4/6 - 4/7: Shack Team Edition (Rome, Italy)
4/6: Best Babes South Carolina (Beaufort, SC)
4/6: Best Babes Decatur (Decatur, AL)
4/6 - 4/7: Landifornian Battle (Seignosse, France)
4/6: Two Peas in a Pod: Mixed Gender Partner Comp (Burlington, MA)
4/6: Best Babes Tampa (Tampa, Florida)
4/13: Queens of Oly Rockledge (Rockledge, FL)
4/13: Queens of Oly East Tennessee (Bulls Gap, TN)
4/13: Fittest on Main (Boaz, AL)
4/19 - 4/21: Crash Crescendo (Spartanburg, SC)
4/20: Barbells For Bullies: Community Workout Savannah (Savnnah, Georgia, US)
4/20: Festivus Games @ CrossFit Plattsburgh (Plattsburgh, NY)
4/20: Festivus Games @ CrossFit Masiphumelele (Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa)
4/20: Festivus Games (Goderich, Canada)
4/20: Festivus Games (Clermont, FL)
4/20: Festivus Games @ The Gym – CrossFit Kilo (Cedar Falls, IA)
4/20: Festivus Games @ CBM Sirens (Caledonia, MS)
4/20: Festivus Games @ Coyote Valley (San Jose, CA)
4/20 - 4/21: Okanagan Valley Throwdown (Penticton, British Columbia)
4/20: The Fittest 4 (Sunshine Coast, Australia)
4/20: Embrace the Challenge (Mentor, Ohio)
4/20: Festivus Games @ CrossFit Pagosa (Pagosa Springs, CO)
4/20: First EVER Adaptive Festivus Games Competition (Waterford, United States)
4/20: Festivus Games (WAUKESHA, WI)
4/20 - 4/21: BGR Contest Spring Edition (Bergerac, France)
4/20 - 4/21: Okanagan Valley Throwdown (Penticton, British Columbia, Canada)

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