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CrossFit Games Prize Purse Still Unknown

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The prize purse for the 2021 CrossFit Games remains unknown.
  • Adaptive athlete Derek Weida hopes the adaptive division is difficult.
  • Camila Castilho is the first woman to earn a CrossFit Level Three certification.

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  The 2021 CrossFit Games Prize Purse Remains Unknown 

The 2021 CrossFit Games Prize Purse Remains Unknown

Over the past few years, the release of the CrossFit games rulebook has left the community with more questions than answers, especially athletes who rely on it as a playbook for the planning of their season. This years iteration is no different, specifically when it comes to earning possibilities in the 2021 season.

One big thing: Athlete payouts have been a staple of the rulebook since the 2013 season, that this year’s iteration of the rulebook is void of this key piece of information raises many questions. Chief among them is, what can athletes expect to earn if they make it to this year’s Games?

Remind me: When Reebok became the title sponsor of the Games for the 2011 season, the combined prize purse jumped from just over $50,000 for the 2010 Games to a staggering $1,000,000 in one year.

  • The growth of CrossFit as a sport coincided with the increase in prize purse and sponsorship. Soon afterwards the television contract with ESPN and later CBS followed helping in the growth and legitimacy to the sport.
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  • Samantha Briggs and Noah Ohlson have partnered with Battle Cancer in its post-cancer recovery fitness program for 2021. The 12-week training program will be hosted at locations in the UK, including WIT, London and Train, Manchester, as well as in the US at CrossFit Invictus, San Diego, and CrossFit Wynwood, Miami.
  • Tech News: Google completed its acquisition of the fitness wearables pioneer Fitbit last week.
  • The 2021 CrossFit Judges course is live now and available in seven languages.
  • Amazing Feat: Nick Anapolsky, the owner and head coach at Polsky’s Strength & Conditioning in Kitchener, ON completed an unbroken set of 1000 double-unders over the weekend.
  • Bear KompleX is now the official knee and elbow sleeve partner of USA Weightlifting.
  • Inspirational Journey: In 2009, Tony Duenas lost his sight due to a sudden retinal detachment. But that hasn’t stopped him from completing marathons, triathlons, and training in a CrossFit gym. Blind runner/CrossFit athlete
  • HYROX Dallas has been postponed a few weeks until April 10, 2021.
  Amputee With 450-Pound Deadlift Hopes CrossFit Will “Make the Adaptive Open Hard” 


Amputee With 450-Pound Deadlift Hopes CrossFit Will “Make the Adaptive Open Hard”

Derek Weida doesn’t relate to many amputees he meets. “So many people I see are down and out when they lose a limb, but for me when I got my leg cut off, I felt like I got my life back,” said the 35-year-old CrossFit athlete, an above the knee amputee with more than half a million followers on Instagram.

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  Camila Castilho Becomes First Female Trainer to Earn CrossFit Level-Three Certification in Brazil 

Camila Castilho Becomes First Female Trainer to Earn CrossFit Level-Three Certification in Brazil

Brazil is currently CrossFit’s second-largest market outside the U.S. and has experienced one of the biggest CrossFit “booms” around the globe. In 2013 the country had something around 10-15 affiliates and by 2018 that number exceeded 1,000. Today, there are more than 2,500 CrossFit Level 1 Coaches in Brazil, but there are only 21 CrossFit Certified Level Three Trainers, less than 1%.

The first Brazilian trainers to earn this title were Victor Morris and Ricardinho Prudente in 2013, since then they’ve been part of the CrossFit Seminar Staff, and today Ricardinho is the Country Manager for CrossFit in Brazil.

One big thing: The most recent trainer to obtain a level three certification in Brazil was announced last week — Camila Castilho — and she is the first woman to earn this distinction.

Castilho’s journey: She found CrossFit “through a teacher who worked at a functional training gym with me. When I joined this gym to work, we met, he saw me training and said that I could do well in Olympic Weightlifting. After that day he taught me everything he knew about it and later about CrossFit.”

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