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CrossFit Games Season: Five Unanswered Questions

Morning Chalk Up

January 11   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The five biggest unanswered questions in the 2021 rule book.
  • The Legends Masters Competition announces regional qualifiers.
  • Becky Clements found CrossFit and put her diabetes into remission in six months.

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  Rulebook Review: Five Unanswered Questions 

Rulebook Review: Five Unanswered Questions

It was a big week for the CrossFit Games community with registration going live for the 11th iteration of the Open alongside the 2021 rulebook, drug testing policy, and adaptive athlete policy being published.

The rulebook came with a catch however, and not all of the season’s details were revealed as there will undoubtedly be additions and amendments to the rulebook as some of the nuts and bolts around the competition stages taking place later in the season get worked out.

 Kudos to the CrossFit Games team for getting the most pressing information into the community’s hands more than two months before the season officially kicks off (and coming off a holiday break), but there are still some significant pieces of information that fans and athletes are eagerly awaiting. Below are the five biggest questions left unanswered going forward before the season starts.

1. Which event partners will host the 10 Semifinals? 

  • So far we have the layout for the Open and Quarterfinals, but that is only half of the journey. Who will host the penultimate stage of competition and where dictates (COVID permitting) which local economies get the financial boost from fans, brands, and athletes coming into town, which communities get to see what athletes, and what organizations get to be the torchbearers for CrossFit competition moving forward. In terms of direct impact on the community, one could argue that the Semifinal predecessors of Regionals and Sanctionals had a wider reach across the season than the Games.
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  • Nike presented Mat Fraser with a gold-plated 1 of 1 Metcon (which they have for every Games win) to commemorate his record fifth CrossFit Games title.
  • The CrossFit Open starts in 59 days. Did the Games tweet a clue to the format yesterday, calling it a “three-week, three-workout competition”?
  • Tia-Clair Toomey announces the next 1st-Phorm, $50,000 New Years challenge. Register now.
  • What if every client spent $10,000 at your gym? This is the secret sauce behind high client lifetime value.
  Legends Masters Competition Announces Regional Qualifiers for 2021 Season 

Legends Masters Competition Announces Regional Qualifiers for 2021 Season

The organizers of the Legends Masters Competition have announced new changes to the qualifying standards for their annual championship, creating a season for masters athletes. Among the sweeping changes is that the new season will now include Regional competitions that will serve as a qualifier for the championship event.

  • “It’s been in our plans to expand our season and provide masters opportunities for live, in-person qualifiers,” said Legends Masters Competition organizer Joe Linton. “We are thrilled to be doing this in 2021 in a way that compliments the CrossFit games season.”

The details: The Legends Masters Competition will now have three pathways for qualifying for the championship.

  • The season and qualifying starts now with registration to the 2021 CrossFit Open.
  • The Open results for masters athletes will serve as the online qualifier for the Legends Masters Regionals.
  • The Legends Open, an online qualifier specific to the Championships, returns as the primary qualifying event.
  • The top division finishers at the 2021 CrossFit games will also be extended invitations as the final qualifier.
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  Becky Clements Starts CrossFit Fearing COVID-19, Puts Diabetes Into Remission in Six Months 


Becky Clements Starts CrossFit Fearing COVID-19, Puts Diabetes Into Remission in Six Months

When COVID-19 first hit, 33-year-old Becky Clements’ health suffered. She already lived a largely sedentary life, but working from home made it even worse. “Now going to my office involved going to the other side of my house, and then I’d sit back down again,” she said.

  • At the time, the 5-foot-7 Clements weighed 310 pounds, had high blood pressure — 155/102 mm Hg — high cholesterol, elevated liver enzymes, and her 6.5 A1C — average blood glucose — reading meant she was right on the cusp of being a Type 2 diabetic.
  • “I kept hearing that, you know, people with underlying health conditions, who are overweight, prediabetic or diabetic, were having a harder time with COVID, and I knew I was sitting in a couple of those categories and they were things I could adjust,” said Clements, who was also in constant pain and didn’t sleep well.
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  Becky Clements Starts CrossFit Fearing COVID-19, Puts Diabetes Into Remission in Six Months 

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