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CrossFit Oslo has a deeeeep roster

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In today’s edition:

  • The Able Games and Sam and Jenn Dancer partner to bring together a competition for athletes of all abilities
  • CrossFit Oslo has a deep roster for the 2023 season with six teams and seven individuals in Semifinals
  • Learn how to break in your new gymnastics grips ASAP

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  The Able Games Partners with the Dancer Love Foundation and Brings Together Athletes of All Abilities  

The Able Games Partners with the Dancer Love Foundation and Brings Together Athletes of All Abilities

The CrossFit community has long been well-known for its inclusivity and the program’s adaptability for people of all skill and ability levels. That’s why when Leslie Frie discovered CrossFit in her early 20s, she knew that the increasingly popular fitness regimen would be an incredible opportunity for the special needs gymnastics program her mother ran in Fargo, ND.

  • “It almost seemed like a no-brainer to do the same thing with the functional fitness side to things,” said Frie who had been working with special needs individuals in the gymnastics space since her college years.

Thus, TNT Fitness was born. A program that offered year-round fitness classes for adults with special needs. They also developed a fitness-based competition known as Fargo Mania, which gave those individuals the opportunity to compete and showcase their fitness.

But founder Kim Pladson knew they could do more, and luckily so did her family friend and New York Jets Center, Connor McGovern. A Fargo, ND native, McGovern had worked with the Special Olympics during his years at the University of Missouri and saw the incredible power this program had to enhance people’s lives.

  • “When I was in college, I helped with a powerlifting competition [through the State of Missouri’s Special Olympics],” said McGovern.
  • “And when I watched these athletes, they were all smiling and happy walking up to the bench,” he continued. But as soon as the coach got them on the bench, they were just as locked in and focused as anyone else, crushing lifts. I was blown away,” McGovern concluded.
  • “They are true athletes and they love competition just like everyone else and I wanted to help bring that to people,”

A shared vision of competition: After connecting on their shared vision for bringing competition and athletics to the special needs community through CrossFit, McGovern and Pladson founded “The Able Games.” An inclusive competition that brought together over 150 athletes over the course of two days in their inaugural year.

  • “It was such a natural fit with Connor and we’re super grateful for him and his vision of Able. That every ability deserves to be seen, felt, and heard,” said Frie.
  • “It’s an opportunity that isn’t really out there for everyone,” she added.

The Able Games pairs special needs athletes with neurotypical abilities in a “co-ability” division, where each teammate competes at their respective ability level side by side.

  • This means that one athlete can complete the workouts Rx while their partner competes in a different tier or level.
  • “There is something about the suffering together,” said Frie, adding that when everyone competes in a level that challenges them, it brings those teammates even closer together over the shared bond of suffering.
  • With four levels to compete in, there truly is something for everybody who wants to challenge themselves.
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  How CrossFit Oslo has Become One of the Deepest Boxes in the World  


How CrossFit Oslo has Become One of the Deepest Boxes in the World

Norway’s CrossFit Oslo has made history: They have become the first affiliate to qualify six to Semifinals. Factor in that seven of their individuals will also be competing, and they have undoubtedly become one of the deepest boxes for elite CrossFit athletes in the world.

The Oslo crew: CrossFit Oslo’s individual Semifinals athletes include 2022 CrossFit Games rookies Matilde Garnes and Seher Kaya, as well as 2020 Games athlete Andrea Solberg, while their teams are led by CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue, second overall at last summer’s Games, and whose entire team is returning this season hoping to win it all.

  • Rounding out their Semifinals roster are individuals—19-year-old Leah Storen, Verena Reimers, Nicole Heer and Victor Helsinghof—as well as five other hungry teams hoping to snag an invite to Madison, WI this summer.
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  A Guide to Breaking in Your Grips  

A Guide to Breaking in Your Grips

CrossFitters love new gear–shoes, belts, a new pair of NOBULL shorts, and everything in between. Arguably one of the most useful among them is gymnastics grips, which give competitive athletes and regular weekend warriors alike a protective barrier between their hands and the bar as well as increased endurance.

Background: The idea of grips stretch back to the 1990s, when they became popular among gymnasts. At the time (and to this day in the sport of gymnastics) they were made entirely of leather, which is notoriously tough at first use. While the majority–over 75%, according to Victory Grips’ founder Victor Pellegrino–of CrossFit grips employ a synthetic blend, it can still take a few uses to get your new grips fully comfortable and competition-ready.

Best practices: Pellegrino recommends always having three pairs of grips in rotation–a beaten up, well-worn pair, a brand new pair, and one that’s right in the middle. This way, you’re never caught without at least one pair that’s dependable.

  • It’s also recommended that you buy a new set every six to nine months, depending on the volume they’ve tackled. 
  • Depending on your personal preferences and the amount of training you do, there’s a wide variety of material options from leather and kevlar to rubber and synthetic mixes.
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  • 🎉 Happy 10th affiliate anniversary to Coast Range CrossFit in Gilroy, CA.
  • Congratulations to Sophie Shaft on the 303 pound/138kg front squat PR.
  • Congratulations to Marissa Nichols from CrossFit Lake Travis in Spicewood, TX on the power clean PR.
  • 🙌 Congratulations to Bianca from CrossFit Posted in Brookfield, IL on sticking to a fitness routine for the first time in her life.
    • “I thought it was going to be just like a regular gym workout, but I was wrong […] There are a lot of different movements involved that make you want to learn more. The feeling of getting stronger and better is what made me want to stick to the program.”
    • Words cannot express how grateful I am for finding out about CrossFit Posted.”
  • Congratulations to Debbie Hutchings and Tamara Nelson from CrossFit 4010 in Gisborne, New Zealand on qualifying to the 2023 Torian Pro in Brisbane next month.
    • Though elite athletes qualify through the CrossFit Open and Quarterfinals, the Torian Pro Online Qualifier allows other divisions the chance to compete alongside the elites in the Torian Pro Semifinal.
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