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Dubai Fitness Championship Women’s Podium Picks and Dark Horses

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Check out our women’s podium picks and dark horses for the 2023 Dubai Fitness Championship
  • Who are the top three female athletes never to win the CrossFit Games?
  • Seven fitness-based organizations to give to this holiday season
  • And, Moritz Neumann’s Workout of the Week

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  2023 Dubai Fitness Championship: Women’s Podium Picks and Dark Horses  

2023 Dubai Fitness Championship: Women’s Podium Picks and Dark Horses

You’ve seen the men’s rankings — now it’s time to take a look at the women.

As always, the field at this year’s Dubai Fitness Championship is stacked with Games athletes, making a podium, or even a top-five finish, extremely difficult. So, we broke down the competitors and divided the women into two main groups: Podium Picks and Dark Horses.

For quick reference, the athletes listed under the Podium Picks section are our choices of athletes who will contend for a spot on the podium. Since more than three names are on the list, not all the athletes in this section can land on the podium.

Athletes listed in the Dark Horses section are athletes we expect to perform better than many in the community believe. These athletes could be fighting for a top-five or top-10 finish.

Let’s begin.

Podium Picks

Karin Frey: Frey dominated the competition en route to a victory in Dubai in 2022, taking first with a 120-point lead over second place Matilde Garnes.

Since she is competing against many of the same women as last year, she has a solid chance to win a second straight championship if she has maintained her level of fitness.

Emily Rolfe: The Canadian lost the tiebreaker for 2nd last year, finishing in third overall.

Dubai is well known for its interesting long-distance endurance events, where Rolfe is always a favorite. Also, with the absence of Matilde Garnes and Jamie Simmonds this year, Rolfe should be able to rack up more points against the field.

Emma Tall: When Tall last competed in Dubai in 2019, she finished sixth overall and won the weekend’s first event. Three of the women in front of her that year are legends of the sport: Sam Briggs, Jamie Simmonds, and Sara Sigmundsdottir. And it just so happens that none of them are competing here this year.

Tall looks to be in the best shape of her career, just in time to make a statement in Dubai. She is coming off of a career-best 11th-place overall finish at the Games, where she had six top-10s.

Jacqueline Dahlstrøm: In 2021, Dahlstrøm was only 19 points away from finishing third place in Dubai. She won one event, landed in the top five in four others, and didn’t have a single finish outside the top 10.

Two of the women who finished in front of her that year are CrossFit Games champions (Laura Horvath and Sam Briggs), and none of the four who beat her are competing this year.

Dahlstrøm might surprise a lot of people this weekend.

Dark Horse Picks

  • Manon Angonese: Angonese finally broke through at Dubai last year (sixth overall) after multiple years spent struggling to break the top 10. She also just had her rookie year at the Games and is picking up momentum. Since she was only 15 points away from fifth last year, she may just do it this year.
  • Mia Hesketh: Back in 2018, Mia Hesketh (Mia Akerlund at the time) stunned the sport when she won the max snatch event with a 104kg/229lb snatch. That year, she finished in 10th overall, only 17 points away from eighth. And only one of the women who beat her that year is competing in Dubai in 2023. She should have a great chance to not only repeat her top-10 finish but even crack the top five.
  • Elisa Fuliano: This might be a wild card pick for some, but let’s not forget that besides the women listed above, Fuliano had the best Games finish this year out of any other woman competing here. This will be her first year at Dubai, and we’ll see if she can crack the top five as a rookie.
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Team Frog Grips Reigns Supreme at the Down Under Championship

Team Frog Grips Reigns Supreme at the Down Under Championship

In a spectacular showcase of strength and resilience at the Down Under Championship, Team Frog Grips, represented by Games athletes Bayley Martin, Jay Crouch, and Royce Dunne, emerged as the dominant force, with an impressive 10 out of 12 podium spots proudly sporting the iconic Green.

As athletes from around the World pushed their limits, Frog Grips proved to be the game-changer. In the competitive world of CrossFit, where equipment can make all the difference, Frog Grips stands as the undeniable choice of champions.

Join the revolution and elevate your performance – because when it’s podium time, Frog Grips reign supreme.

Get a Frog Grip.


🎥 🍿 The Dubai Fitness Championship kicks off today and the long-awaited documentary about the 2022 DFC, “Rising to the Top,” is available for download now.

The mAsh: Every Friday leading up to the Filthy150 mAsh, the organizers are releasing a “taster mAsh” based on John Singleton’s The Progrm mAsh, the new competition format that the Filthy150 will use this January.

  • Registration for this event, happening January 26-27 at the DKIT Sports Arena in Louth, Ireland, is open now.

TYR Wodapalooza continues to announce competitors in its elite divisions and revealed that details for TYR WZA SoCal will be released on January 17.

  • And, if you missed it, check out our conversation with Director of Competition Joaquin Pérez Borrego about programming for the Miami event.

ICYMI: Matilde Garnes and Colin Bosshard win the 2023 iF3 World Championships.

  The Top Three Female CrossFit Athletes Who Have Never Won the CrossFit Games  


The Top Three Female CrossFit Athletes Who Have Never Won the CrossFit Games

If you haven’t read “The Top Three Male CrossFit Athletes Who Have Never Won the CrossFit Games,” check it out now.

In the past decade at the CrossFit Games, just four women have stood on top of the podium and controlled the championship:

  • Laura Horvath: 2023
  • Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr: 2017-2022
  • Katrin Davidsdottir: 2015-2016
  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet: 2014

Because of this dominance, many other top women in the sport haven’t been able to win the crown for themselves, although a few of them have been just a few points away.

In this post, we have determined the three greatest female CrossFit athletes to never win a title, based on years of Games experience, best Games finish, and average Games finish.

Let’s get started.

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  Seven Fitness-Based Organizations to Consider Giving to This Holiday Season  

Seven Fitness-Based Organizations to Consider Giving to This Holiday Season

If fitness is a big part of your life, it can be so much more meaningful to give back to a charity or nonprofit that helps others access fitness or health services, especially around the holiday season. However, it can be difficult to find organizations that serve that mission. Here are seven charities in the functional fitness space that are giving back to their communities and beyond.

1. OUTAthletics: The world’s largest initiative for bringing LGBTQ+ athletes and allies together in fitness.

  • What They Do: OUTAthletics has several initiatives, including OUTAthlete, which provides gym memberships to young LGBTQ+ athletes to give them a community and a supportive network through fitness.
  • Who They Serve: The LGBTQ+ community and allies. According to OUTAthletics, “We strive to create an inclusive community of all walks of life and inspire you to feel good about yourself, your workouts, and your life.”

2. Mayhem MissionFounded in 2020 by CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning Jr. and Brian Nelson, the Mayhem Mission looks to serve those in need, locally or internationally.

  • What They Do: Utilizing fitness as their main platform, Mayhem Mission partners with various organizations to do mission work and disaster relief.
  • Who They Serve: The Mayhem Mission has four pillars as they look to serve those impacted by human trafficking, a lack of access to clean water, unreached communities, and at-risk youth. They have also focused on helping the CrossFit community over the years, giving back to programs like Project Onyx, which provides fitness to underserved Youth in Demoines, Iowa.

3. Forging Youth Resilience: A nonprofit organization that uses fitness “as a tool to teach imperative life skills like perseverance, grit, determination, resilience and confidence to prepare our athletes to face the challenges life throws their way with grace, maturity and strength.”

  • What They Do: With functional fitness at the foundation of their mission, this organization partners with fitness facilities nationwide to bring fitness, nutrition, and mentorship to underserved youth.
  • Who They Serve: Youth who are underserved or facing remarkable challenges that might prevent them from having the same level of access to these services. This includes:
    • Youth coming from under-resourced families or neighborhoods
    • Youth out of school, including youth out of school and facing unemployment
    • Youth in or aging out of foster care
    • Youth experiencing homelessness
    • Youth who may need an alternative pathway educational environment (at risk of leaving secondary school without a diploma)
    • Youth who are involved in the justice system
    • Youth experiencing environmental factors that put their health, safety, and well-being at risk
    • Youth facing socio-emotional challenges exacerbated by being part of an under-resourced environment
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  Moritz Neumann’s Workout of the Week  

Moritz Neumann’s Workout of the Week

Today’s workout is programmed by Moritz Neumann, a 28-year-old Welsh CrossFit Games team veteran and Built For Athletes Ambassador, who most recently competed at the 2023 Games for Team CrossFit Rotherham. He was the only Welsh athlete at the CrossFit Games and only started training CrossFit in 2019; he is also a two-time Ironman finisher.

Moritz Neumann

For time:

30 Front Squats 132/88lbs (60/40kg)
30 Toes-to-Bar
30 Box Jumps, 24/30 inches

Time Cap: 8 minutes

Scaling tips: Adjust the weight of the front squat if you can’t complete the 30 reps within four sets. The number of reps can be adjusted for the toes-to-bar or substituted with toes-to-target or knee raises. The box height can be lowered or athletes can adjust to step-ups as well.

Advice from Moritz: “Make sure to pace yourself on each exercise and don’t go to failure early on as there are lots of reps to complete. Break each exercise into sets that are manageable and choose options that allow you to keep the intensity of the workout without compromising your form.”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.

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  Moritz Neumann’s Workout of the Week  

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