Holiday Gift Ideas for the CrossFit Lover in Your Life

December 4, 2023 by
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The holidays are fast approaching, and *some* of us like to wait until the last minute to do our shopping. If that’s you and you have a fitness lover you need to shop for, here are our top picks for this year’s holiday season.

Editor’s note: Some of these deals are exclusive to Morning Chalk Up. Order fast while supplies last to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Your Holiday Shopping List

XWERKS Products


Unleash the power of premium nutrition this holiday season with XWERKS, the ultimate destination for science-based and performance-driven supplements. Whether you’re shopping for a fitness enthusiast or someone on a wellness journey, XWERKS has you covered. Explore their diverse product line, from protein powder to pre-workout and more, and give the gift of optimized health and peak performance. This holiday, make every workout count with XWERKS – the perfect present for those committed to reaching new heights in their fitness journey.

FitBiomics Nella Gut Health Probiotic


Elevate the well-being of your loved ones this holiday season with the gift of optimal gut health. Introducing FitBiomics’ Nella, a next-gen probiotic capsule clinically validated to enhance digestion, improve sleep quality, and boost energy. This scientifically crafted probiotic makes for a thoughtful and health-conscious present, providing the gift of holistic wellness. This holiday, show your care with Nella – the perfect stocking stuffer for those seeking a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

30% off with promo code CHALKUP30 at checkout.

Oxters Charcoal Grit In-Shower Underarm Wash


Most Popular: Oxters Charcoal Grit is the first of its kind easy to use, in-shower underarm wash for women and men. Oxters Charcoal Grit is carefully crafted with ingredients to remove odor-causing bacteria and pore-clogging impurities, including deodorant residue and sweat, leaving you with a fresh start for whatever comes next. With Oxters’s Flaxseed and Pumice infused stick, you exfoliate while you clean. Fight odor at its source with Oxters In-Shower Underarm Wash. Use Oxters as a deodorant enhancer or alternative.

Reyllen Grips


Unleash the perfect holiday gifts for the fitness enthusiasts in your life with Reyllen’s cutting-edge grips collection. Elevate their training experience with grips designed for superior comfort, durability, and performance. Whether it’s for CrossFit enthusiasts, weightlifters, or anyone serious about their fitness journey, Reyllen’s grips make for thoughtful and practical gifts that will be appreciated all year round. Don’t miss out on Reyllen’s exclusive holiday deals – give the gift of enhanced workouts and elevated performance this season

Haven Athletic Large Organized Duffel


Are you tired of dealing with a smelly gym bag or rummaging through it for what feels like an eternity to find your grips? Haven Athletic understands the struggle, which is why they’ve introduced the ultimate solution – the Large Organized Duffle. This spacious duffel has six separate compartments, each designed to keep your gear neatly organized, and keep you moving quickly from home, to work, to the gym, and back. Outside you’ll find a mesh side pocket for your sweaty gym clothes and a separate vented compartment for your shoes, to keep your bag smelling fresh. Say goodbye to the chaos and take control of your day with the Haven Athletic Large Organized Duffle. It’s not just a gym bag; it’s a game-changer. Treat yourself or make someone’s day by gifting them this organized bliss!

Earth Fed Muscle Ca Cow Chocolate


CaCow Chocolate Grass-Fed Protein: All-natural? Check. Made from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk? Check. Clean, delicious and easily digestible? Check, check and check. For years they were told we couldn’t make whey protein the Earth Fed way, and for years they pushed back. With their smooth, chocolatey Ca-Cow!, you can forget the bloating and unpronounceable ingredients and focus on intense recovery.

Earth Fed Muscle combines grass-fed whey with clean, quality ingredients to inspire reviews like this: ‘I can’t believe this protein powder is real. The taste is unreal. It is hands down the best protein powder I have ever used.’

Beverage: Cowbell Performance & Recovery

Price: $72.00 $57.60

Tired of not knowing what’s in your drink? Or actually finding a drink that has effective ingredient levels? So were the guys at Cowbell®. That’s why they spent over a year developing Cowbell Performance & Recovery. With 5,000 mg BCAAs and 1,000 mg BetaTOR HMB, Cowbell provides comprehensive muscle building, muscle repair, and overall recovery in one simple can. Cowbell is stacked with Omega-3 DHA, Turmeric, Glucosamine, Green Tea Extract, Vitamins and Minerals. There are no proprietary or hidden formulas in Cowbell. Everything in Cowbell is right on the label. So if you are searching for a gift for the active person in your life who cares about what they put in their body, look no further than Cowbell.

Recover Faster, Train Harder with Unbroken’s Free-Form Essential Aminos


Looking for the ideal gift for fitness enthusiasts or friends wanting to kickstart their training journey? Unbroken’s free-form 9EAA play a crucial role in stimulating muscle protein synthesis, a fundamental process for repairing and rebuilding muscle. Bid farewell to muscle soreness and welcome peak performance! Treat your loved ones the joy of optimal health and enhance their fitness journey, setting the stage for 2024.

UNBROKEN tablets: Natural free-form faster-absorbing 9 EAA, Vitamin B12, Zinc and Selenium for faster recovery. Best to take pre-, during or post-workout. 10 tablets per tube, available in lemon lime or mango flavor. Made in Norway. Tested by Informed Sport. Backed by clinical studies.

Tickets to the TYR Wodapalooza Miami 2024


Searching for the perfect gift to fuel the passion of a fitness enthusiast? Look no further than tickets to TYR Wodapalooza Miami 2024! Give the gift of an unforgettable experience where athleticism meets excitement. Elevate their fitness journey with access to the premier fitness festival, competition, and community gathering. Make this holiday season extraordinary with the gift of TYR Wodapalooza Miami 2024 – where strength, endurance, and celebration come together!

The TYR Wodapalooza Miami Fitness Festival 2024 brings together a diversity of fitness enthusiasts from all over the world into a jam-packed weekend of health, fitness, sun, and fun. Join us for our 12th celebration of Fitness. Community. Life.

Get 10% off two (2) Elite Passes from 12/5-12/22 with code “CELEBRATE10” at checkout.

Swolverine’s Pre Workout


Unleash the power of gifting with Swolverine’s Pre-Workout – the perfect present for the fitness enthusiast in your life. This non-stim pre-workout is made with superfoods and proven sports nutrition to elevate their training sessions, enhancing energy, focus, and endurance. Make this holiday season unforgettable by giving the gift of optimized workouts and unparalleled results. Shop Swolverine’s Pre-Workout and let the fitness journey begin!

Spacer Mobility Toe Spacers


Give the gift of mobility this Christmas with Toe Spacers from Spacer Mobility. Also check out their other stocking stuffer deals including Toe Socks, Revive Balm and the EI8HTBALL.

Shop 20% off today with code HOLIDAY

Bear KompleX No Hole Pinnacle Speed Grips


The Bear KompleX Pinnacle Grips are the perfect gift for the CrossFitter on your holiday list. Built to last, our Pinnacle Grips won’t stretch much over time, providing consistent support during every rep. Versatile and adaptive, they excel on rough or steel bars, powder-coated bars, and rings, making them an essential addition to your workout arsenal.

Redmond Life: Re-Lyte Hydration


Help your loved ones hydrate like the pros this holiday season with Redmond Re-Lyte. It’s the electrolyte drink of choice for professional CrossFit athletes Ricky Garard and Dallin Pepper, and it’s the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiasts in your life. From clean electrolytes to ancient sea salt to natural toothpaste, Redmond Life has a wide range of thoughtfully crafted products that are ideal for all your favorite wellness seekers.

Use “MCU20” at checkout for 20% off.

Yeti Tote Bag: Camino 20


Why Gift It?- The Camino® 20 Carryall is ideal for everyday carry. Bring it to the gym, toss in cooking essentials for an outdoor barbecue, or reserve it for muddy riding boots after a day in the saddle. The new compact Camino® 20 Carryall is built for daily hauls. Tough inside and out, the bag features deployable dividers and two interior zippered pockets. Made from the same waterproof, ultra- durable, and easy-to-clean material as the Panga® Duffel, this tote bag will keep muddy boots contained and provide a tough barrier against your trusty grill set. Designed for everyday carry, the Camino® 20 Carryall is the go-to bag for all of life’s small adventures. Please note: This product is not a cooler.

Yeti Water Bottle: Yonder w/ Tether Cap


If you can get there, now your water can too. The Yonder™ 1L / 34 oz Water Bottle was strategically engineered to be both lightweight and shatter resistant, allowing you to haul essential hydration further and higher. Plus, our water bottle is made of durable and safe BPA-free material. But a bottle is only as good as its cap, which is why the 100% leakproof Yonder™ Tether Cap features an ultra – strong, always attached leash, so you can keep your bottle in one piece. Spin the top off when you need a drink from the controlled spout, twist off the bottom when you’re ready to refill or wash it.

Yeti Jug: The Rambler®


Thirst is not something we take lightly. The Rambler® One Gallon Jug is designed to be damn near indestructible while keeping every drop of precious water perfectly cold. Or if it’s a gallon of coffee you and your crew need, this jug handles the heat, too. Like all Rambler® Drinkware, the one-gallon reusable jug and its lid are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Available in stainless and Dura Coat™ colors.

WASP Fitness: Kodagenix Pre-Workout Gummies


Give the gift of unstoppable energy and performance this holiday season with Kodagenix Pre-Workout Gummies from WASP Fitness! Crafted for peak performance, these delicious gummies are a game-changer for any fitness lover on your list. Elevate their workouts and spread the joy of enhanced endurance and focus with this perfect holiday present!

BOGO! Buy a Pre-Workout or Pump Gummy box AND get a 6 pack of your choice of Pre-Workout or Pump Gummies Free.

*Must add to cart for discount to apply. Mix and match is not only allowed, but encouraged!*

RESN: Hydration Sticks


Unwrap the perfect gift for athletes with RESN’s Endure Variety Pack! Elevate your hydration and energy levels with our stacked formula, featuring 780mg of electrolytes, 150mg of natural caffeine, 250mg of L-theanine, 750mg beet root powder, 1250mg of coconut water powder, and more. This holiday season, give the gift of enhanced performance and endurance. Shop now and energize the fitness enthusiasts in your life!

The Alpha Box Book


Give the gift of fitness fun with The Alpha Box Book! This vibrant and colorful kid’s board book is the perfect introduction to a fitness vocabulary, inspiring the youngest athletes in your family. Now on sale for the holidays, and enjoy free shipping to make this season extra special. Spark a love for movement and health with The Alpha Box Book – the ideal present for active little ones!

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