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From Four to 82, CrossFit is For All Ages

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Carianne Meti has four-year-old daughter Ivy to help keep her fitness goals in check
  • Four-year-old Winter Duboc loves squats and clean and jerks
  • Cate Guttman still going strong with CrossFit at 82 years old
  • Watch Tia-Clair Toomey complete the final 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open workout while pregnant
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  Gym Owner Carianne Meti Gets Fitness Boost From Her Four-Year-Old Daughter Ivy  

Gym Owner Carianne Meti Gets Fitness Boost From Her Four-Year-Old Daughter Ivy

Like many, Carianne Meti struggled to motivate herself to workout during the height of the worldwide pandemic, when her gym Deka CrossFit in Blainville, Quebec was closed for the better part of two years.

What kept Meti committed to continuing to work on her fitness was her training partner: Her now four-year-old daughter Ivy Meti.

“During the pandemic, she was the only reason I continued moving. She would ask me to do the Zoom class with people at the gym…We have dumbbells at home and I would do it for her, because for me it was so hard. I didn’t want to train,” said Carianne, who purchased Deka CrossFit from five-time CrossFit Games athlete Michele Letendre.

“She was the motivation…and she made me fitter,” Carianne said of her daughter’s push.

Beyond the Pandemic

Today, Ivy—who is doing the Open for the second year in a row—continues to inspire her busy gym-owning mother to prioritize her own fitness, something Carianne isn’t sure would be the case without her daughter’s push.

“Sometimes she’ll ask, ‘What time are you going to workout? And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have no time to workout today. I don’t think I’m going to workout, Ivy.’ And she’s like, ‘No, no. Which class are you going to do?’ ‘OK, I’ll do the 3 o’clock class,’” Carianne said laughing.

Most recently, Ivy’s drive has led the two to hit the CrossFit Open workouts together during their busy Friday Night Lights event, something both mother and daughter value as quality time together.

“She loves it. For her, it’s our mommy, daughter time,” Carianne explained of the bonding time it gives them.

During 23.2, Ivy asked her mom when they were going to take their shirts off to show off their muscles.

“When we get hot, we’ll take our shirts off and show off our muscles,” Carianne replied.

“OK, we have to do it at the same time,” Ivy replied.

Not only has Ivy helped make training more enjoyable for her mother, but Carianne said coaching has also become more fun again, especially when it comes to the CrossFit Kids program.

“I enjoy coaching the kids even more…It’s just so fun,” Carianne said. Having Ivy there “makes my job so much better.”

Ivy’s CrossFit Journey

Though only 4 years old, Ivy is already a veteran and feels right at home at Deka CrossFit.

“She knows everybody’s name in the gym. I have 300 members (and) she welcomes everybody…She has seen people do this for four years, so it’s normal for her,” said Carianne, who purchased the gym when she was six months pregnant with Ivy.

It’s also normal for Ivy to workout every day, sometimes multiple times a day, which often leads Carianne to try to hold Ivy back.

Still, all the training Ivy has logged already means she is a proficient weightlifter and can do pull-ups, toes-to-bar, handstand walking and handstand push-ups, jumping bar muscle-ups and rope climbs, although Carianne monitors how high she lets Ivy climb.

But Carianne insists the driver and competitive nature comes from Ivy.

“When the workout 23.1 got out and she saw that there were ring muscle-ups, she was very mad. She didn’t want to do the workout because she can’t do muscle-ups…She’s a very competitive kid and I’m not a competitive person, so I’m trying to balance her (competitiveness),” Carianne said.

Ultimately, though, Ivy trains as much as she does, not because of any push from her parents to be good at CrossFit, but because she loves it.

“She’s good because she loves doing it,” Carianne said.

And as her mother, Carianne couldn’t be happier watching her daughter’s drive and work ethic grow, and most importantly, watching her establish healthy habits for life.

“I love watching her grow in the sport…and I love seeing her love this and be part of the community,” she said.

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The Open is over: The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open is done and dusted as scores for 23.3 were due yesterday at 5pm PT. Wednesday keep your eyes on the Morning Chalk Up as we will have instant analysis and a recap of the winners.

Awesome: 3-46 Grit CrossFit in Portland, Oregon, is hosting the Working with Larger Bodies Seminar Saturday, March 25th, from 9am to 5pm.

Wowzers: Watch Sasha Nievas set the time to beat for 23.3 with 7:45.

Super cool: An anonymous donor has paid for four months of CrossFit for local fire cadets in Texas Panhandle. 👨🏻‍🚒

International love: Great story out of Asia about how Singaporeans, young and old are also loving CrossFit.

  Meet the Fittest Four-Year-Old You’ve Ever Seen  


Meet the Fittest Four-Year-Old You’ve Ever Seen

This is her second straight year doing the Open, yet she has another decade to wait until she’s officially eligible to compete.

Her name is Winter Duboc, the daughter of Franco and Michelle Duboc—the owners of CrossFit Unbounded in Miami, FL—and she has been dabbling with CrossFit movements since she was just a baby.

“Squats and clean and jerks,” said 4-year-old Winter without hesitation when asked about her two favorite CrossFit movements. That being said, she also has a hankering for gymnastics and has been doing cartwheels since she was a baby, she said.

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  Eighty-Two Year-Old Amputee Cate Gutmann Finds New Strength Through CrossFit: “I don’t feel handicapped”  

Eighty-Two Year-Old Amputee Cate Gutmann Finds New Strength Through CrossFit: “I don’t feel handicapped”

Twice a week, 82-year-old Cate Guttman either hitches a ride from a friend or calls an Uber to take her to CrossFit Local in Chapel Hill, NC. There, she meets affiliate owner and personal trainer Chad Edwards for a personalized workout.

The two have been working together for a few years now, since Guttman became frustrated with her situation and lack of mobility. Since she lost her leg in 2015–including an above-the-knee amputation–moving around her house and doing tasks had become increasingly difficult. Her care team referred her to Edwards, and she says that while she was hesitant at first, it’s been a great decision for her long term.

  • “It’s improved my feelings of well-being, and that’s incredibly important,” Guttman said. “To be able to move around the house and do things around the house, I live alone so it’s nice having a feeling of well-being, being able to do these things.”

Edwards has also found a great deal of fulfillment from their partnership. Though he owns and operates his affiliate with his wife and that keeps his hands and mind busy, he says that challenges like Guttman’s make coaching feel “fresh” again. Her programming focuses on strength and mobility. Aside from her amputation, Guttman has also had both shoulders replaced.

With things like this in mind, Edwards has her focus on directly applicable movements, like being able to stand up from her bed or chair and move to her wheelchair. They’ve seen great improvements, and Guttman says it feels so good to just stand up sometimes, something she couldn’t do before.

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  Eighty-Two Year-Old Amputee Cate Gutmann Finds New Strength Through CrossFit: “I don’t feel handicapped”  

Tia-Clair Toomey Redefines Fitness Once More, Completes 288 Reps of 23.3 While Six Months Pregnant

Just when you think Tia-Clair Toomey can’t possibly get more impressive, at roughly 30 weeks pregnant she came only four reps shy (unofficially) of finishing the final workout in the 2023 CrossFit Open—a workout that the majority of the CrossFit community is thrilled to extend beyond the initial six-minute time cap.

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The Oly Open by Girls Gone Rx

Calling all the ladies- are you ready to test your strength in an all-female weightlifting challenge? In the Oly Open, each week for five weeks a new lift will be released and participants will have from Wednesday to Sunday to submit their lifts. Bonus: if you enter before March 10th, you’ll automatically be entered to win a Barbell Babes $50 gift card! Grab your girls, the fun starts March 22nd.




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Barbell Tall Jerks

Lauren Fisher is no stranger to a barbell. And if she’s recommending barbell tall jerks for improved timing, technique and power, then we’re definitely going to try it.



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The Ten Pillars for Trusting the Process

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  • 🎂 Happy birthday, JJ Ator and Mekena Lothschutz.
  • 😱 Argentina’s Sasha Nievas has the (unofficial) best 23.3 time for Rx women worldwide with 7:45.
  • Congratulations to Ken from CrossFit Aspinock in Putnam, CT on finishing Open Workout 23.3 at 60 years young.
  • 🔥 Congratulations to Underdogs Athletics’ Kyra Milligan on her new back squat PR of 340 pounds/154.2kg.
  • Congratulations to Melissa from CrossFit Cobalt in West Babylon, NY on her snatch progress over the last six years. #keepshowingup
  • 🦷 Weird Flex, But OK: Mike Foley, a dentist from Tampa, FL, hopes to someday break the Guinness World Record for fastest 30m car pull… with his teeth.
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11/11: War of the Masters (Elkton, MD)
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