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Get to Know 2023 Games Rookie and FitFest Team Captain, Ella Wunger

Morning Chalk Up

November 15   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Ella Wunder competed in her first CrossFit Games in 2023, now she heads up a team at FitFest UK
  • The Open is coming, are you ready? Well, you still have three months, and we have a list of things for you to work on
  • CrossFit helped Ian Day along his sobriety journey and he just celebrated 10 years
  • And, learn more about how Gorila Fitness pairs innovation with environmental stewardship

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  Getting to Know FitFest Team Captain Ella Wunger  

Getting to Know FitFest Team Captain Ella Wunger

Out of the stacked roster of elite athletes who will be attending FitFest this December 8-10, 2023 CrossFit Games rookie Ella Wunger from Sweden was chosen as one of the three team captains along with Danielle Brandon and Emma Lawson.

Wunger finished 34th at the Games, with her best event being a fourth-place finish in Test 5” “Ski-Bag,” and now with Games experience under her belt, she has a newfound confidence heading into 2024.

With FitFest less than a month away we decided to catch up with Ella and ask her about her time at the Games as well as her role as team captain at the upcoming athlete showcase.

Let’s take a quick look at her team and then dive straight into the questions.

Team Wunger

  • Ella Wunger
  • Patrick Vellner
  • Jack Farlow
  • Alex Gazan
  • Kels Kiel
  • Jelle Hoste

How did you get chosen to be a team captain at FitFest?

Ella Wunger: “To be honest, I’m wondering the same thing. 😅 But I’m very happy about it, I look forward to it so much!”

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  • On this week’s episode: Joe and Niki discuss some of the high and lowlights of the 2024 CrossFit Games season announcement, tips for getting ready for the Open (just about 100 days away), fundraisers around the community and more.

ICYMI: FitFest UK 2023 gears up for exciting Pro Athlete Showcase and much more.

  With 15 Weeks Until the 2024 CrossFit Open, Here are Ten Movements to Practice  


With 15 Weeks Until the 2024 CrossFit Open, Here are Ten Movements to Practice

Last week, CrossFit HQ released the season dates for the 2024 Games season. And, now that we know 24.1 drops on February 29, 2024, what can we do with the time remaining to get as prepared as possible?

There are very clear trends dating back to the 2011 Open that we can use to make sure our skills and training are setting us up for success heading into the new year. Today we’re reviewing the most common roadblock movements from previous Open workouts and aiming to educate you on how to prioritize your training approach.

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  CF-L3 Coach Ian Day Celebrates Ten Years of Sobriety  

CF-L3 Coach Ian Day Celebrates Ten Years of Sobriety

On November 3, 2013, Ian Day woke up at home, hungover and confused with no memory of how he got back safely after a night out.

It was a wake-up call after years of heavy drinking that at various points had left him in jail, in a car crash, and without any self-confidence or way forward in the world. He had been sober before but had always come back because of the party environment of his cheer team at Northern Iowa University and his social life. November 3, though, was it.

Exactly ten years later, this holds true. Day is celebrating ten years of sobriety with the new community and social group he’s built for himself at CrossFit Fringe in Columbia, MO. Though Day and his wife, Semifinals athlete Ali Thomason, moved to Missouri only a year ago, he has close to a dozen people gathered at 7:30 AM to do a grueling workout he created to memorialize his journey over the past ten years.

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  Gorila Fitness: Brothers Build A Premier Fitness Equipment Brand  

Gorila Fitness: Brothers Build A Premier Fitness Equipment Brand

In an oversaturated market of copycats striving to be like the larger-than-life brands, Gorila Fitness is a disruptor.

The company is built on a story of hard work, perseverance and environmental consciousness.

The Canadian-based brand is family-owned and operated by two brothers who had a vision to redefine the industry standards. With the upcoming release of the 3″ Rack Series and the highly anticipated November Hunt, Gorila Fitness is looking to make a big splash in the fitness industry this fall.

Grassroots Grind: Hard Work and Humble Beginnings 

Imagine being in a sauna hand-drilling holes and painting fitness equipment without ventilation. That is what brothers, Martin and Vincent Roy did at the infancy of Gorila Fitness in 2012. The brothers started in a small shed on their parents’ property, venturing to bring their home workouts to another level.

The Roy brothers would travel to CrossFit competitions to set up installations all night followed by manning the Gorila Fitness booth to promote their gear all day. These humble beginnings were a grind, which eventually caught fire and helped the brand grow from a small private shed to a 25,000-square-foot facility in Saint-Pie, Quebec.

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