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How the “Last In” Semifinal Qualifiers Stack Up

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • How do CrossFit athletes train during Ramadan?
  • How do the “last in” athletes for Semifinals compare across continents?
  • Cedric LaPointe, the Canadian Games athlete who was arrested for working out, moves to Georgia.

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  CrossFit Athletes and Affiliates Give Perspective on Ramadan Training  

CrossFit Athletes and Affiliates Give Perspective on Ramadan Training

From April 12 and May 12, practicing Muslims observe Ramadan, a holy period of fasting dedicated to reflection, community and prayer. During this time, those who are healthy fast from dawn until dusk.

The big picture: Even during this hours-long fast — which includes water and food — CrossFitters across the globe are still training.

  • Ramadan. It’s supposed to be a month to get into worship and everything, yet we try as much as we can [to keep life as normal]. I’m one of the believers that doing sports and taking care of your body and your health is part of the worship, the whole journey in life,” says Ziad Mamdouh Ammar, founder and owner of TNG CrossFit in Egypt.

How they adjust: In Egypt, both Ammar and Riham Masoud, owner of MonkeyBars Egypt, cancel their morning classes and add evening classes after Iftar (the sunset meal).

  • “The entire country follows a Ramadan schedule with less working hours for employees, stores, gyms, etc. If you go out in the streets right after sunset you’ll find the streets completely empty,” Masoud explained in an email.
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  • The West Coast Classic, one of the CrossFit Games Semifinal events for North America, announced its location and venue for 2021. It will take place at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV, June 18-20.
    • Volunteer applications for the West Coast Classic are live now.
    • Accommodations information for the West Coast Classic is available here.
  • The bi-partisan GYMS Act, the proposed legislation to create a federal relief program for local gyms now has more than 100 co-sponsors according to the Community Gyms Coalition.
    • From the press release: “Community gyms and studios are essential to our nation’s health and fitness infrastructure,” said Jordan Holland of Riot Athletics. “The GYMS Act is an important piece of relief legislation that will help fitness facility operators recover from the pandemic and ensure that they can continue keeping our communities healthy. We are thrilled that more than 100 members of Congress have cosponsored the GYMS Act, but we cannot stop until the GYMS Act is signed into law and small gym and fitness studio operators get the support they need to stay afloat. We urge Congress to pass the GYMS Act without delay.”
  • “Reach for the Rings,” a documentary following the 2019 iF3 Worlds event in Malmo, Sweden, is available for pre-order on iTunes.
  • The Scaled Nation CrossFit Spring Classic Week 3 Leaders are: Jason Campos, Jessica Post, Jen Wells. See the full, updated leaderboard.
  • Barbells for Bullies and AbMat have partnered up once again for “Sit Up for Pups” in 2021. The event, which takes place May 1-31 is designed to raise awareness for local rescues and the plight of shelter animals, but also to celebrate fitness and community. The goal is to collectively accumulate five million sit-ups in the month, representing the roughly five million dogs that have been adopted since Barbells for Bullies was founded in 2016. Learn more.
  How Do the  


How Do the "Last In" Qualifiers from Each Continent Stack Up Against Each Other?

Every continent in the Semifinals does not receive the same number of qualifiers, nor do they get the same number of qualifiers from the Semifinals to the Games. As a quick refresher:

  • 120 men and women advance from Quarterfinals to Semifinals in North America.
  • 60 men and women advance in Europe.
  • And 30 each advance from the remaining continents (Oceania, South America, Asia, and Africa).

Today’s article examines the “last in” qualifiers from each continent to see how they would have fared against each other, and also how they would have placed in different continents. Let’s start with the women. Or, given the shifts in the leaderboard, athletes who were close to “last in.”

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  Still Locked Down in Quebec, Cedric Lapointe Finalizes Move to Alpharetta  

Still Locked Down in Quebec, Cedric Lapointe Finalizes Move to Alpharetta

In February, we reported on Canadian CrossFit Games hopeful Cedric Lapointe, who was banned from his gym by police in Gatineau, Quebec when he was training alone at CrossFit 819, an affiliate he manages.

  • Since then, Lapointe’s training life has been uncertain and tumultuous, and with gyms in Quebec still closed, he is making the move to Alpharetta, GA on May 3 to live with his coach Kyle Ruth and train at Training Think Tank amongst a number of other Games athletes, including Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer, Alessandra Pichelli and Lauren Fisher.

The details: After police threatened to fine Lapointe if he returned to train at CrossFit 819, he began training at a friend’s garage gym in the neighboring province of Ontario.

  • Shortly after that, gyms reopened in Quebec, but that only lasted for about 10 days before they were mandated to close again. “All these members brought back the equipment they borrowed, only to close again 10 days later,” Lapointe said of the hassle it caused his community.
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