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Police Ban Cedric Lapointe Because CrossFit Isn’t a Sport?

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • CrossFit VICE celebrates the life of Laura Schwartzenberger with “Live Like Laura” WOD and fundraiser.
  • Games veteran Cedric Lapointe apprehended by police for training (alone) at his Quebec gym.
  • Fraser’s Top Five: The 2019 Clean.

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  Live Like Laura: CrossFit Community Mourns the Loss of Laura Schwartzenberger 

Live Like Laura: CrossFit Community Mourns the Loss of Laura Schwartzenberger

The CrossFit community is in mourning this week after the loss of Laura Schwartzenberger, a Florida-based FBI Agent killed on February 2 while executing a warrant related to crimes against children.

Schwartzenberger joined the FBI in 2005 and started her career in New Mexico, according to a local Florida news channel. She was 43-years-old and is survived by a husband and two children.

For the past three years, Schwartzenberger has been an active member of CrossFit VICE in Florida.

  • “Laura was a light in this world. A true warrior, a long-time CrossFitter, a wise woman, wonderful mother and beloved by our CrossFit VICE community,” wrote Michelle Brown, who owns the gym with her husband, Justin, on the Live Like Laura Fundraiser page.
  •  Michelle continues to say that, “Laura has been a mainstay on lacrosse sidelines over the years as she did whatever she could to support her two lacrosse boys. Always on the go, running from field to field, and sometimes back again to watch every minute.”
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  • JUST LAUNCHED: Mat Fraser’s new YouTube channel debuted its first video yesterday shot last weekend from inside the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI, home to three of Fraser’s five individual titles.
  • LIFEAID is covering 2021 CrossFit Open registration for qualifying customers and gyms, while supplies last. Customers who order two cases will receive one free registration, gyms that order six cases will receive six free registrations.
  • Open scaling clues? CrossFit’s Thursday Email of the Day listed all the CrossFit Open scaling options that will be available during the Open for the daily WOD (a retest of Open WOD15.3). These include Rx, Scaled, Foundations, and Equipment-Free.
  • GYMS Act Introduced: U.S. Congressmen Mike Quigley (D-IL) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) introduced the GYMS Act yesterday. The act is specifically tailored to provide relief for struggling community gyms and boutique fitness centers.
    • From the Community Gyms Coalition: “By passing the GYMS Act, fitness facilities could recoup as much as 45 percent of 2019 revenue to replace revenue lost in 2020 due to COVID-19. For especially distressed fitness facilities, the GYMS Act also offers an opportunity for owners to apply for a supplemental grant in addition to the initial grant.”
  • WIT Fitness will release a limited edition set of t-shirts from the “WIT Made You Draw It” competition last year. Seven winning designs will be released in the UK starting February 10.
  • Registration for the Rogue Fitness Bear Hug Challenge is now open! The goal: hold your sandbag for longer than any other competitor in the world. Register now and complete the challenge February 12-15.
  Police Ban Cedric Lapointe From Training in Gym on Grounds that CrossFit Isn’t a Registered Sport 

Police Ban Cedric Lapointe From Training in Gym on Grounds that CrossFit Isn’t a Registered Sport

On January 31, as Cedric Lapointe was training alone at CrossFit 819, a nearly 9000 square foot gym in Gatineau, Quebec, three police cars showed up, and six policemen stormed the gym.

  • “They kept me for 90 minutes outside in shorts and a sweaty bandana in minus twenty degrees,” said Lapointe, who was 25th in the 2020 CrossFit Games Open and qualified to the 2020 Games until the pandemic jostled the qualification process.

The big picture: Only professional athletes, or the owner of a gym, are allowed to train in Quebec right now. Lapointe, whose gym has been closed since the first wave of the pandemic last spring, is the manager of CrossFit 819, thus disqualifying him from being allowed to workout.

  • Lapointe showed the police that he’s a member of the PFAA (Professional Fitness Athlete Association), and produced a copy of a letter written by CrossFit LLC explaining he’s a professional athlete.
  • Because CrossFit isn’t registered as an official sport in Canada, Lapointe doesn’t qualify for a professional athlete exemption.
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Good News is our weekly round-up of positive stories around the affiliate community. Are you opening a new gym, expanding a current location, offering new classes, or is your box running a fundraiser? Send us a tip to be featured. 

  • In Pensacola, FL, Revolve, a fitness studio created by CrossFit affiliate owners Tyler and Whitney Bennett will open in May.
  • The fundraiser in memory of Jeff Giosi, the owner of CrossFit Morgantown who passed away unexpectedly on January 23 has raised over $150k so far. The money will be used to support his family.
  • The community at CrossFit Steadfast in Savannah, GA is holding a fundraiser to help the owners, Brian and Sabrina Nedab cover personal expenses and to fill the gap left by the pandemic and a rough year of business. The fundraising goal is $15k and they have already raised $11k.
  • EagleWing CrossFit in Orange, CA is hiring coaches to join their team and community. For more information, drop them an email.
  • CrossFit Argyle in Argyle, TX is now offering classes for adaptive athletes on Mondays and Fridays at 1 PM. Athletes who are interested should drop Coach Jake Myers an email to learn more.
  • Zackery Wilson, a 22-year-old Special Olympics’ athlete with Down Syndrome, found a home at FSFIT in Hattiesburg, MS. And, he’s not only inspired the community, but he also designed the gym’s t-shirt.
  Mat Fraser's Top 5 Moments -- 2019 Clean 

Mat Fraser's Top 5 Moments -- 2019 Clean

The 2019 season brought change on all fronts. A new system, a slew of new qualification paths, and a new approach by CrossFit that generated uncertainties about what the future of the sport might hold.

Mat Fraser’s place as the fittest man on earth was a key binding agent that kept a sport suddenly cast into a state of flux centered around something that was certain. After three consecutive titles won in record setting fashion, it seemed inevitable that once the full scope of the new season system was known, Fraser would be well on his way to making history yet again.

#2 – 2019 Clean

The road to Madison unfolded as most people expected with Fraser winning at Dubai, Rogue, and winning a record setting fourth career Open worldwide. Things carried over into day one of the CrossFit Games where Fraser got off to a perfect start, winning First Cut and Second Cut to become the first athlete to sweep day one in the Open era.

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The Buttery Bros Celebrate Mat Fraser's Career

Heber Cannon, Marston Sawyers and Julien Marquez take a quick run down memory lane to honor Mat Fraser's career. Catch all the highlights and memorable moments.




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