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Lululemon is launching a shoe?

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Lululemon is getting shoes?
  • Could this be the deepest men’s field at Wodapalooza ever?
  • Danielle Brandon reveals she had an asthma attack during event 1 and almost pulled out.
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  Deepest Wodapalooza Men’s Field Ever? The Online Qualifier Seems to Indicate That 

Deepest Wodapalooza Men’s Field Ever? The Online Qualifier Seems to Indicate That

The individual qualification process for the 2022 version of Wodapalooza is wrapping-up as 34 separate divisions only await final video review before invitations are sent. Phase two, for teams, will happen in early November.

While Wodapalooza is still the biggest community festival in CrossFit, it’s also one of the most prestigious off-season competitions for elite athletes in the sport. Unlike both the Rogue Invitational and the Dubai CrossFit Championships, which are invite only this year, Wodapalooza has a hybrid field for their elite division that includes 20 invite-only plus 20 earned spots. Taking a look at the leaderboard following the individual qualifiers, the men’s field, in particular, are quite impressive and we haven’t even seen the list of invited athletes yet.

Notable Men’s Qualifiers: While final results and invites are pending video review here is where things stand so far.

  • Phil Toon (1st): 6th LCQ; 9th Atlas Games online Semifinal. Toon is a young and very strong upcoming athlete in the spot and this will be a great opportunity for us to see him compete in a live competition against a host of Games level athletes.
  • Peter Mason (2nd): 11th West Coast Classic Semifinal; 27th at WZA in 2019. He’s 26 years old and is making a push to qualify for the Games as many of these guys are. 2022 WZA will be a chance for us to see where he’s at heading into the season.
  • Dallin Pepper (3rd) and James Sprague (8th): This pair of under 20 years olds continues to make a push to be relevant amongst the elite men in the sport. Pepper was one execution error in a D-ball workout away from making it to the Games this year, while Sprague also had moments of brilliance at the West Coast Classic. They’ve been hard at work since missing the Games and it will be fun to see them in action once again come January.
  • Reggie Fasa (4th): Fasa was the European champion coming out of quarterfinals before faltering in the Semis. He was at WZA last year where he racked up an event win en route to an 18th place finish.
  • Anthony Davis (5th): Anyone who watched the Granite Games will know him from his insane snatch of 340 lbs. His strength is unquestioned, but it’s nice to see him do so well across the board on these qualifiers. If he has elevated his gymnastics and cardio even a little since last spring he could be dangerous in Miami.
  • Fabian Beneito Seles (6th): Like Pepper, Beneito Seles missed the Games by one spot (and only 8 points) in the German Throwdown online Semifinal last season. He was 17th in Dubai in the last year of Sanctionals and will be there once again this year; meaning we could have two chances to see where the Spaniard is at in high level competition.
  • Ricky Garard (7th): We will get to see Garard in Dubai prior to WZA, but many of the top names in the sport, including the entire top six from the Games this year, will not be there. It seems probable that at least some of those names will be on the yet-to-be-released invited athletes roster for WZA. Meaning if Garard competes in Miami it would likely be a better indicator as to where he is relative to the best in the world.

Other notable men in the top 20: Devin O’Neill, Scott Tetlow, Jorge Fernandez, Drew Wayman, Josh Woodhull, Kaique Cerveny, Jake Berman, Josh Gervais, Jeremy Vigneault.

One VERY big thing: This is only half the field as there are still twenty elite invite only spots available, which could include all 2021 Games athletes and former Games podium finishers.

  • That list could include athletes like Justin Medeiros, Patrick Vellner, Saxon Panchik, Guilherme Malheiros, Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer, Jeff Adler, Jayson Hopper, Chandler Smith and whole bunch more.

Dark Horse Pick: There’s one other name on this list in Benoit Boulanger who finished 10th that might be worth paying attention to. He’s a 22 year old Canadian who is starting to make moves in the right direction. He was 16th last year in the RX division of WZA. He was 161st in the Open last season, and 151st in the Quarterfinals (coming up just short of the semifinal cutoff at 120). This will be an opportunity for him to line up in live competition against what it sure to be an extremely impressive field and test himself in a very competitive environment prior to the 2022 season.

The big picture: Keep in mind this is only half the field of competitors that will be on the floor in Miami. Once again Wodapalooza is deviating from Rogue and Dubai here. While those competitions will feature a smaller, select group of 20 men and 20 women, WZA will have 40. As we know from past studies the men’s field in particular is constantly rotating in new and relevant athletes, which makes a field of 40 very enticing for an elite level off-season competition like this. It’s refreshing to see so many intriguing athletes both participate and do well in this qualifier, once again upholding the narrative of how prestigious Wodapalooza is as both a competition and festival in the CrossFit space.

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Lululemon was awarded a patent to launch a new shoe brand. Their first shoe could hit retail stores in early 2022.

MUST WATCH: Tasia Percevecz sits down with Dr. Kelly Starrett to discuss transitioning from an elite, world champion athlete to coaching the Fittest American Woman, Haley Adams.

  • Two other notable female coaches of top athletes: Michelle Letendre (Vellner and Turner) and Caroline Lambray (Adler).

Take a tour of Mat Fraser’s new home gym.

Victor Castro, fourth in the men’s upper extremity division at the 2021 CrossFit Games, is seeking help raising legal fees for sorting out his U.S. visa to remain in the U.S. to coach and compete in several high-profile adaptive competitions like WheelWod Games, Wodapalooza, Wodcelona, and Granite Games.

  • Castro currently interns and helps adaptive athletes at Neuse River Crossfit in Raleigh NC.
  • Castro: “as an adaptive athlete, from South America, I had a responsibility to bring this empowerment to both my athletes, and my country. It was then I knew that in order to maximize my education and exposure to adaptive athletics and coaching I needed to stay here in the United States.
  • Castro: “This organization boasts dozens of adaptive athletes and a highly skilled group of coaches that have taught me so much about being an athlete as well as a better coach.”

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  Deepest Wodapalooza Men’s Field Ever? The Online Qualifier Seems to Indicate That 

Deepest Wodapalooza Men’s Field Ever? The Online Qualifier Seems to Indicate That

Since bursting on the scene at the 2019 CrossFit Games, Danielle Brandon has shown the potential to be one of the top up-and-coming stars of the sport. She has competed in the last three Games placing in the top-15 in all three appearances.

This past year she placed 11th despite facing many obstacles on and off the competition floor that her fellow athletes did not.

The Morning Chalk Up was able to sit down with Brandon and discuss some of the challenges she faced, particularly one that almost ended her 2021 Games..

How she almost withdrew from the Games after the first event:

  • Brandon disclosed that she suffers from asthma and that she had pretty much had the respiratory disease under control during her competitive career until the Games.
  • “Not until the Games this year. On that swim. Which I didn’t realize but I was talking to my doctor and she said the shock of the water, because it’s so much colder than here in Vegas, she said the shock of the water caused me to have an asthma attack.”
  • “That was super shitty because I was so emotional about Kari (Pearce) and the first swim event which I was so ready to crush it because I’m a great swimmer and I was really excited to finally swim at the Games.”
  • “Then I had an asthma attack the first half of the swim, and I was considering pulling out.”

We also discuss some of the other challenges she faced due to her being isolated and competing with the fear of her Games ending due to COVID-19, her fellow athletes rallying around her during the 550-yard sprint, her favorite event and least favorite event at the Games and her upcoming off-season competition plans.

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  • 🎂 Happy 10th anniversary to CrossFit Unstoppable in Jefferson City, MO
  • Matilde Garnes hits five power cleans from the blocks at 165 pounds/75kg post knee surgery.
  • Congratulations Diego Roldan from CrossFit Big Rhino in  La Rioja, Spain on the 440 pound/200kg clean grip deadlift PR.
  • Congratulations to 15-year-old Rodrigo Candeias, 10th at the 2021 CrossFit Games 14-15 division, on the 180 pound/82kg snatch PR.
  • Tiffany Beaupré hits some bottom-up overhead squats at 209 pounds/95kg.
  • 17-year-old Azariah Price hits a 500 pound/227kg deadlift PR.
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